A developing story:

September 18, 2006

Greetings in Jesus name.  This is primarily a blog to put down thoughts as they come to me.  It is my sincere belief that Jesus return is at hand and every eye shall behold him. It’ll take a while to get a feel for this forum.  I have a site on blogger also if which has been in place since July.  I plan to keep both sites updated as much as possible. 

Generally, I comment on events of prophetic significance, scripture, and generally strive to lift up the name of Jesus Christ.  I don’t go into great detail; in fact most of my posts are somewhat spontaneous in nature.  Even when I plan them out, they end up going in other directions when complete. Jesus is coming and the last days events foretold in the bible are coming to pass before us daily.  I would ask that anyone seeing this would take these things into consideration as eternity is forever.


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