Blissful Thinking

September 22, 2006

How often do you think about the world to come?  As you go about your daily routine between work, projects at home, and taking the kids to their soccer games, do you find yourself earnistly desiring to be absent from the body and present with the Lord?  Jesus Christ should be our meditation day and night.  We are currently a society that’s in continuous overdrive.  We’re always short on time, it seems, so to compensate we take “power lunches” and “power naps” to free up more time to get everything done. 

 Unfortunatly, we also tend to do “power bible study” and “power prayer” so that we can get back to “our agenda.”  We tend to forgo the quiet time; especially if it means getting up earlier.  We run a serious danger of leaving our first love as we find ourselves moving ever faster with no end in sight.  I’m as guilty as anyone and as such this post is more in the “confessing your faults” catagory than anything.  You can rest assured, that when you determine to set aside a speciffic time for bible study, something will come up.  You’ll have to work late, one of the kids will get sick; a million things will pop up to keep you from being still and knowing that he is God. 

They’ll never be frivilous things.  It’ll always be something serious that has to be tended to such as the power venter on your furnace going out or your daughter stranded with a flat tire thirty miles from home in the middle of a blizzard.  (Although don’t have blizzards now like we did twenty years ago)  Despite the hecticity, (I know that it’s not a word) of the day, it’s more urgent than ever to find that quiet time.  To stay in a continuous state of prayer and take advantage of every opportunity to get into the word of God.  Jesus is always as close as the mention of his name and his word never fails.  Isaiah 26:3 is mentioned often on the other blog site.  It reads:

 “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” 

That verse is true regardless of the physical situation that you may face.  Trials will come and faith will be put to the test.  Fiery trials play an important role in growing into the fulness of Christ.  But Gods peace will be ever present; so long as we look to him and not the storm.  I can praise him today that his peace is in my heart more than at any other time in the years that I’ve been one of his. If Jesus is your Savior and Lord that peace is yours also.  When you love him wholeheartedly, you’ll truly have contentment like you can’t imagine.  Please don’t let the enemy take your peace.  He’s a thief and he’s seeking whom he may devour; don’t give him an inch.  I pray that the Lord Jesus would be the meditation of your heart day and night.


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