How Long?

September 29, 2006

I arrived home from work a short while ago and as I tend to do, looked up at the sky while on my way to the house.  There was cloud cover in the southwest; thick enough that they were illuminated by the lights of Elkhart Indiana which is 25 miles southwest of here.  The rest of the sky was crystal clear; one of those nights that you can see into forever.  One of those nights that you love to just “be still and know that he is God.”  He who inhabits all of eternity and yet knows the number of hairs on the head of each person on earth.  The wind wasn’t blowing at all; in fact it was almost “too still” and “too quiet.”  The question came to mind “how long O Lord” before all of this comes to pass. 

A christian has a whole eternity to look forward to in a new heaven and a new earth, where all will be peace for ever and Jesus will be the light thereof.  Pure light with no shadows in a realm beyond time and space.  Where everyone will love the Lord and worship him and have continuous fellowship with him.  When you think about the world to come, this crazy place down here loses its appeal.  Do you know what this world is?  The things that you see and interact with daily?  It’s accelerant.  It’s all going to melt with a fervent heat and be no more.  All of our great accomplishments; all of our monuments, all of our cities, the pyramids, the great wall, the priceless treasures, all of it is going to pass away with a great noise.  But those who are washed in the precious blood of Jesus will abide forever. 

His return is at hand and it’s ever so important to remember that for a number of reasons.  For one, he’s coming for a bride without spot and without blemish.  Thinking on this will keep you on the strait and narrow path; the path that Jesus said leads to eternal life.  Another reason is that when you think about the Lords return, you’ll be ever so much more determined to not allow the fearful sights taking place in this world to get to you.  It will keep your affections on things above.  Where is your heart on this most peaceful early morning?  I hope that it’s on the Lord Jesus; that you love him completly and without condition.  I pray that when the roll is called up yonder, your name will be there.  Even if we never make contact in this world, I want to see you there, in the new Jerusalem.  As Revelation 21:4-6 reads:

 “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.  And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.  And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.  And he said unto me, It is done.  I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.” 

Praise God for such a blessed hope and for such a great salvation.  “Thank you Jesus for loving us when we were lost and undone!”  And as Revelation 22:20 says “He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly.  Amen.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”



  1. Hi there timbob,

    Since you won’t be posting as often, this gives me an opportunity to browse your older posts! Your heart for things of heaven and your longing for the return of the Lord Jesus is so inspiring. My 7 year old son yesterday was making a little journal of drawings of all his favorite things so that someday he would remember to tell his children. 🙂 It was so sweet. In the middle of showing me his drawings he stopped and said ‘you never know, Jesus may come back before I ever have children’. He had such a twinkle in his eye at the thought of Jesus return. I was amazed at his comment and so pleased that my son views the thought of Jesus return as a greater event in his young life than growing up and having kids. I pray that all God’s faithful will continue steadfast in their faith and to have the faith of a child when it comes to the sheer joy of thinking about Christ’s return.

    God Bless!

  2. This is very nice and informative post. I have bookmarked your site in order to find out your post in the future.

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