Rescue the Perishing

October 2, 2006

Greetings in Jesus name.  This weekend, I visited a different church from where I had been attending.  It’s a very small church with a new pastor who’s been there for only a month.  It’s always awesome to gather with folks who really love the Lord Jesus Christ and they seek him wholeheartedly.  To lay aside earthly cares, let go of our self serving designs and just worship God in spirit and in truth.  We had a time in the Lord, the likes of which I haven’t partaken of in quite a while.  The preaching was equally needful; a two fold message, dealing with seeking Gods will as opposed to our own and the need for salvation as many can sit in a pew for years and still be lost and undone.  (even in a pentecostal church) The entire day was awesome and I look forward to visiting again. 

As good as it was though, something far better took place there two weeks ago as a lady named Linda came to know Jesus as her Savior.  I talk much about the end times, yet I praise God for each day that he holds back as each day, someone somewhere will come home.  If the end had taken place three weeks ago, Lindas name wouldn’t be written up in glory tonight.  This is where the term “betwixt” comes to play.  We long to be absent from the body and present with the Lord, and yet there are so many who are lost and we don’t want time to run out for them.  Even more heartbreaking is knowing that most won’t come to Jesus that they might have eternal life; even though it’s theirs for the asking.  Further disheartening still, if you look at numbers alone, a lot fewer people come to Jesus these days than in previous generations and for those who do the pitfalls are far greater.

  We live in a generation where strong delusions fly around the world in a split second via the vast network of communications available today.  Linda is very much on my prayer list and I know that the Lord will guide her in all truth as she seeks him.  The great commission is still in effect so long as we’re in this earthly tabernacle and we need to give it our utmost attention.  There are lost folks that we all run into every day and we need to lift them up in prayer continuously while being ready to present them with the gospel of Jesus Christ; the only name under heaven, given among men, whereby we must be saved.  It’s so important to remember the lost souls hanging in the balance all around us.

  As in all of my posts, I’m getting on my own case more than anyone elses as I’ve not taken this as seriously as I ought to at times.  I remember a song that came out years ago entitled “You’re the only Jesus some may ever see.”  This song is very acurate and ought to make us strive more fervently to reach the lost.  It’s a serious task and it warrents all diligence on our part. 


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