Oh What Fellowship

October 4, 2006

The joy of the Lord is truly awesome.  The rivers of living water, the peace, the blissful contentment that comes with knowing Jesus as your Saviour is far beyond anything that this world can offer.  Peace that will always be, so long as you keep your eyes on Jesus and don’t give undue attention to the storm.  There are many who are quick to point out that we “don’t go by our feelings.”  It is indeed true that we dare not mistake feelings for truth.  It is the truth of Gods word that makes you free.  Nonetheless, I praise God for the songs; for the euphoria that comes with having a personal relationship with him.  I praise him for his word which never fails and is able to make one wise unto salvation through Jesus Christ.  I praise him  for his promise to be with us always; no matter what befalls us.  He’s always with us and when our time here is over, we’ll be forever with him. 

That’s so incredible when you think about it.  If you know Jesus as your Savior, you are going to spend all of eternity (that means for ever and ever) with the Creator of all things.  The one who created every star, every galaxy, every planet; everything that is.  The one who has no beginning and no ending.  The one who took upon himself a body of flesh, came into the world that he created, and shed his innocent blood for sinners like you and me.  The one who rose from the dead and is alive for ever more.  His name is Jesus Christ and he is soon to return.  What a truly awesome God we serve.  What a great salvation he has provided for us. 

Do you remember the day that you met the Saviour?  The day when you woke up a sinner on your way to a devils hell and went to bed, washed in the blood of the Lamb.  He is wonderful, longsuffering, loving, merciful and compassionate far beyond our ability to comprehend or adequatly proclaim.  We’ll never be able to praise him enough, but we can certainly praise him forever.  I wasn’t going to post after twelve hours at work, but I had such a time in the Lord tonight; just rejoicing while welding and later while balancing parts.  In fact I’ve been rejoicing ever since Sunday when I visited the Church of God in Sturgis.  I can hardly wait to join them again.  Well it’s really late and the time that you will see listed with this post is off by a few hours.  Right now, it’s 4:18 am in Constantine Michigan.  Praise the name of Jesus who gave his all for us; that we could be with him forever.                                                                


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