Have We Trials

October 13, 2006

Greetings in Jesus name.  This post is going to womewhat mirror the one just completed on philippians 320 concerning the temptations of the days that were in.  When the idea of “perilous times” comes up, images of wars, famines, and natural disasters usually accompany it.  I would venture to say that times of peace and safety are far more dangerous from a spiritual perspective than anything that can take place in the natural.  Do you remember how churches became “suddenly filled after the 911 attacks.  Everyone was singing “God Bless America.”  (We’ve killed 70 million unborn babies and yet, we want God to bless us.)  It was a time when folks pulled together for a time.  In times of trouble, people often will realize the fragility of life and will seek the Lord.  Yet in times of peace and safety, they’ll go about their business as if nothing is wrong and nothing will ever happen.  Christians also get comfortable and lazy.  Laziness leads to “letting down the guard” and then, watch out!  If you give the devil an inch, he’ll go after a mile every time; just slow enough so that you don’t notice it happening.  The perils of this age are unparalleled in history.  Please don’t think to yourself “I’m alright; I pray daily, I have a good church, I have nothing to worry about.”  You probably would never admit to such attitudes; even to yourself, but they can be in your heart “hiding in plain sight” if you will.  As for me, when I moved back home from Virginia, I remember thinking to myself, “When I get around old acquaintances, I simply won’t allow myself to backslide.”  The problem was that I actually thought in my heart that I had grown past the danger of backsliding.  Well backslide I did and it led to a long season of rebellion.  I praise God for bringing me to a place of repentance back in March of 2004.  If you go to the other blog site, there’s a number of scriptures concerning this and many more that I could bring up now.  The conclusion of this whole thing is to get as close to our Lord and Savior as you can get.  “Lay aside EVERY weight and sin” as Hebrews 12:1 admonished us to do.  Cast down every single imagination, no matter how insignificant it may seem to be, if it is contrary to the gospel of Jesus.  This is serious time; this is why I’m posting about it on both sites.  (a link to philippians320 is in the blogroll)  I speak these things as one, who in times past, didn’t take heed to the words in this post.  The Lord Jesus has forgiven me and I priase him for it, however, things would have been easier if I had been obediant in earlier years.  I pray that our hearts would be fixed, steadfast, not wavering for a second as this age is concluding before our eyes.  JESUS IS COMING!  Please keep your heart with all diligence. 


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