Soul Searching

November 24, 2006

Without a doubt, we have much to be thankful in this country.  Things are changing fast and and the end time senario is steadily coming to fruition.  But today, on November 23, 2006 it was a day in which the tranquility of life in America prevailed.  Although I talk much about the end of all things, I praise God for each day that he prolongs judgment.  Not because I love this world, but because somewhere, somebody will have an opportunity to come to Jesus and be saved.  Somewhere, a soul will wake up lost and go to bed a new creature in Christ Jesus.  This is the one event which causes the angels to rejoice more than any other.  This is the very reason that Jesus came into the world.  Without a doubt, he sought us out when we were everything contrary to the nature of God.  (I know that I’m being really basic tonight, but it’s needful that we remember this and not get caught up on things which have no eternal value.)

In the midst of being with family on this thanksgiving day, I didn’t see any news until I came out here.  The top story on the Netscape homepage told of 161 people being killed in Baghdad as he result of sectarian violence.  Last month, an estimated 3500 Iraqis went into eternity in one of the deadliest months to date.  To put this in perspective, Constantine Michigan, where we live, has 2300 residents.  Add 1200 to that and you have an idea of how souls went into eternity last month.  The press tends to adjust the size of their headlines in relation to the body count.  Every single one is priceless.  If one Iraqi goes into eternity, (or anyone for that matter) it’s a tragedy if the person doesn’t know Jesus.  Each one made in the image of God.  Each one had a first breath, took their first step, and uttered their first word.  Each one was very much like you and I.   We get so caught up in numbers that we forget that each of those numbers has a name, has a story, has a lineage, and for a brief span of time, interacted with this present world.  They loved, laughed, cried, and dreamed.  Every night, the number of Americans killed in Iraq is updated.  Behind each of them is a grief stricken family and a community that wonders why this young person was taken from us.  This post is not designed to take a political stand on the war in Iraq one way or the other.  It’s merely to shed light on the fact that every single casualty, regardless of what country they call home, is priceless. 

This world is coming to a cataclysmic ending much sooner than is realized.  We, as ambassadors for Christ, must do everything that we can do to reach the lost.  In Iraq, like so many parts of the world, anger and hatred is flowing like a river.  Many of these people are taught to hate from the age of two and it’s all that they know.  Only Jesus Christ can deliver one from the bondage of hatered or any type of sin for that matter.  Whaterver sin is besetting you, he can deliver you from it if you’ll submit to him.  My standing prayer for Iraq is for the gospel to go forth and for souls to come into the ark.  The things prophesied concerning the middle east, along with the rest of the world will come to pass at their appointed time.  Our primary focus should be getting the gospel out to a dying world while time is still left.  I pray for the saints that are over in these areas; that God will grant them protection and that the good news of eternal life through Jesus Christ would go forth unabated.  Politicians can make laws and, policemen can enforce those laws.  But only Jesus Christ can make you free. 

As I close out tonight, I pray that we would be thankful for the many blessings that we have and soberminded about the job that’s ahead of us.  As stated so many times, when a person goes into eternity and they have never accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, there’s no remedy.  That person will go to a devils hell needlessly.  This is serious serious serious and we need to be about our Fathers business more than ever.  Soon this age will be ended and we will be forever with Jesus Christ, the alpha and Omega; the beginning and the ending.  Keep this in the forfront of your mind always.


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