Happily Ever After (axl)

January 4, 2007

This is the first time that I’ve ever posted from work, so it’ll be short as is our lunch break.  The work here is of a monotonous nature which gives one plenty of time to think about the Lord and matters of everlasting significance. 

The term “happily ever after” implies a conditon in which one will never again experience unhappiness.  This is the blessed hope that is shared by every saint of God.  That glorious moment when we are all gather around the throne with the Lord Jesus who gave his life for us that we might partake of his everlasting kingdom.  And so shall we ever be with the Lord.  Every saint from every nation and every generation, together in that heavenly place just beyond the realm of time and space where righteousness and peace abound.  No more sorrows; no more saying goodbye one to another, no more disappointments, and no more heartache. 

This all sounds very basic, and it is.  Yet it’s never been more important to keep our eyes on the world to come.  In this life we’re certain to have trials and tribulation.  Folks will seperate us from their company and speak of us in ill-favored tones.  Yet we have a Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, who has promised to be with us always.  And we have fellowship with each other.  These are the things that I like to think on whenever I’m here, or anywhere for that matter.  This has been on my heart a lot this evening.

Many folks who post in this venue; I know them only by a screen name and I always enjoy browsing various sites and taking in the ponderings of others.  But I look forward to the day when we’re no longer seperated by borders and itineraries.  I pray that any who passes by here will share in this longing. 



  1. Amen! and a great hope, in Christ Jesus!

    Blessings in Christ Jesus!

  2. thanks for commenting on my blog! 🙂 be blessed!

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