Iraqi Christians Reference

January 20, 2007

This is a long address, but I’ll try to get it right.  This is a situation in need of much prayer.


If that doesn’t work, just try www.bsimmons.wordpress.com  and it should be close.  This situation is a most tragic one as souls; priceless souls are entering eternity.  We need to pray ever so fervently for the saits in that land and that folks would come to faith in Jesus Christ.  These are very perilous times indeed.



  1. Thanks for bringing attention to this! It is ironic that Iraqi Christians were safer under the leadership of Saddam. His right-hand man, Tariq Aziz, proclaimed himself to be a Christian so Saddam seemed to trust them not to cause trouble in his nation. The Bush administration either didn’t foresee this persecution or didn’t count the cost.

  2. cumby’s right, thanks for this articel. thanks also for your comment on my site!
    I hope the christians in Iraq will recieve new courage and strenght this year. They must not give up!
    Iraq will not always be a “closed” nation. When some nations shut their doors other nations open up. Iraq may be the next! amen

  3. Christians are suppose to be safe in Muslim lands. The Christians and Jews are garunteed complete protection under the Islamic state. If an enemy country attacks the Islamic country, the Islamic country has a duty to defend the Christians and Jews and the Christians and Jews are not even obliged to fight!

  4. Tim ( is it tim or actually timbob? ) we smuggled bibles through open doors back in the eighties ( we were young and daring 🙂 and I would trust their reports anyday.
    Back then, before the wall came down Brother Andrew was shown that Islam posed the greatest threat to the world, and to the Body of Christ, many years before anyone else gave it a thought…

    God is so faithful.. He is always speaking to those who have ears to hear what His Spirit is saying .

    Bless you for your faithfulness!


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