Saints in Myanmar (Burma)

January 22, 2007

This report caught my eye a few moments ago and is definately worth checking into.  I found it on Steve Quayles site.  Here’s the long address:


Prayer for all of the saints in such countries is very much in order. 


One comment

  1. We have a friend who raises support for orphanages, and trains christian pastors in Burma; the Lord has done so much there in the Body. Of course there is much discretion as they minister, but this concerns me to see persecution increasing.
    It is a very real threat and danger to the christians there.

    We had planned on being there (in Asia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Burma / Myanmar )next month, as well as working in a Refugee camp run by a christain Doctor on the Thai Myanmar border, but God had other plans.
    We hope for the Fall, should our Lord be willing.

    Thank you for the update Timbob and may the Lord bless you always!


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