Take a Trip to Heavenly Places

February 10, 2007

It must have been nearly a year ago, as was a several months prior to entering the blogosphere.  Returning from work around 2:30 am, I came out here to do some quick browsing.  I stumbled across a site which contained the most incredible testimony.  Here’s a link to it:


This involves a man named Peter tan, whom I still know practicaly nothing about.  Nonetheless, as I was reading this testimony, my mind went  into heavenly places as I pondered the aspects of this vision of the throne room.  It was a night that I’ll never forget and this is why I share it here.  That we would have our eyes fixed on that which is to come; an eternity so beyond our most fantastic imaginations that words cannot even begin to frame it into paragraphs.  It reminded me of II Corinthians 12:1-4  Here’s a link to the site which had this testimony:


While there are a lot of good topics covered here, these following two links also really encouraged me on a night when the ordinary was unexpectedly altered by thoughts of the world to come and a Savior who gave his life for us so that we could be with him forever.

www.geocities.com/doxa.geo/appear.html  “Loving Christs Appearing”

www.geocities.com/doxa.geo/bestill.html   “Fervent prayer”

This site is listed in the blogroll under “The Return of Christ” and I would seriously encourage any passer by to check it out.  To keep our affections on things above and to be watching with joy unspeakable.  I pray that these links will be a blessing to all as they were to me.



  1. Hello, I just stopped by to view your site and say God Bless You.

    Here are my sites.



  2. Thanks for this timbob! I read the testimony of the throne room. Am planning on spending some time on this link for Eagle Vision Ministry also.

  3. Will stop by…

    Bless you!

  4. The links were very interesting.
    Also thanks for stopping by at my blog.


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