Rags to Riches

February 14, 2007

John 7:24  “Judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment.”

If you were granted an opportunity to look through Gods book of rememberance, you would go through the names of saints throughout all of the ages.  Abel, Enoch, Noah, Ruth, Elijah, Daniel, and countless others.  Many whose names were never recorded on earth, but were written down in the one place that matters.  If you searched long enough, you would come across the name of “Lazarus.”  Lazarus was all but unknown in the world.  He was not a “whos who” among the children of Israel.  He was one who had to resort to begging in order to survive.  Many citizens of the day would have gone out of their way to avoid such a one.  Or they would pass by quickly; unable to deal with the sinister nature in their heart which was being exposed by his presence.   

He laid at the gate of a certain rich man, desiring to eat of the crumbs which fell.  He was most likely in a continuous state of hunger as he depended upon the the rich mans “leftovers” so to speak.  To make matters worse, he was covered with sores.  This had to be incredibly uncomfortable.  To be covered with sores and then to have dogs licking the sores.  (I’m not trying to be any more graphic than what we find in scripture)    Witout a doubt, his days were spent in suffering and uncertainly.  Outcast by the in crowd, but very precious to the Holy One of Israel.

The day came, when he left the realm of the temporal.  The sorrows of this life were forever gone as he was carried by the angels to Abrahams Bosom.  Here, everyone knew his name.  In life, most would simply pass him by; not knowing where he came from or why he was in the situation that he was in.  But God knew him.  He knew the number of hairs on his head and he knew how many tears he had shed during the course of his days under the sun.  He was one of whom the world was not worthy and I believe that his daily presence at the gate was Gods method of trying to get the rich mans attention.  A daily opportunity to look past the shallow realm of self-indulgence and show kindness to one who is far less fortunate. 

The rich man never took the hint.  He had Moses, he had the words of the prophets, and he had one of the children of Abraham sitting daily at his gate.  But he was so wrapped up in his own affairs that he never took this into consideration.  Just like so many today who tragically go about doing their own thing.  Heaping treasure together for the last days and never considering that there are millions in the world at this very moment who are living as refugees or in want of a simple bowl of rice.  Millions, created in the image of God and for whom Christ went to a cross to redeem, lying down with their families each night wondering who will awaken the next morning.  

God knows exactly how many will go into eternity because of malnutrition each day and he knows exactly how many half eaten big macs end up in Americas trash cans within the same time frame.  He knows every injustice, every heartache, and every cry that went unanswered under the sun.  (This is definately not where I was intending to go.  I’m realizing my own neglect in some important areas, even while writing this.)

The name of the rich man is nowhere to be found.  It’s not in scripture and it’s not in heaven.  His earthly kingdom, which he held in such high esteem, has vanished into the mists of time.  His treasures scattered to the wind.  Yet he remains, along with all who chose not to know the Lord.  He will forever remember the man who sat daily at his gate.  He will forever wish that he had considered his ways while time could still be recorded. 

I’ve squandered a lot of opportunities in my days. If I were to see an exact number I would most likely be unable to function from the despair.  We can all rejoice in that Jesus is able to save us to the uttermost and right now, at 4:55am, I’m reminded of just how much I need his uttermost every hour.  This post is quite different than what I expected as I always strive to be encouraging.  I don’t want to cause grief.  I only desire that we all would be about our Fathers business.  That we would really seek his will for our lives; being willing to cast aside all of our best laid plans if necessary.  (If they go contrary to what God wants us to do then they aren’t the best laid plans.) 

Well I need to close this up.  We have quite a bit of snow and I almost didn’t get home from work earlier.  This means that my normal blogging time will possibly be spent shovelling snow.  Amen.  To be content in all things. 

I Peter 4:8-10  “And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover a multitude of sins.  use hospitality one to another without grudging.  As every man hath received a gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of god.”


  1. Yes, amen, be content in all things, at all times and for his greater glory, honor and praise!

    Enjoy the snow 🙂

    Blessings in Christ Jesus!

  2. Yes, enjoy the snow. (Some people get all the fun! 😉

  3. Thanks Phil and Diana for stopping in. The snow was fun.

  4. I was just re-reading through this post. It seems to have a sharpness to it that I always strive to avoid. This is one of the reasons that I usually wait until morning to post. There are issues that weigh heavily on my heart and if I’m not careful, I tend to bring them up before I should. One thing that blogging does is to make you think. Because once it’s out there, it’s “out there.”

  5. Timbob, I don’t think there is a sharpness to this post, but then again I may not have even noticed it if there was. I am not very sensitive 😉

    However, there is always the editing tool. I will read and re-read my posts and then once I put it out there as you say, I discover changes I need to make. So, I edit the post making whatever changes that I need to make. I see my posts as, always a work in progress. I have edited posts months down the road because I became aware of something I didn’t like in them. It is good for the soul to edit and re-edit what we write. No harm, no foul.

    It is just like us, right? The Holy Spirit and the Word of God is always at work, bringing about an editing of our lives and their messages being read by all who will. So, Holy Spirit, edit away, whether it is in our hearts and lives or in that which we have written here for all the world to read.

    Blessings in Christ Jesus!

  6. Thanks Phil.Your words are always encouraging.

  7. I agree with Phil. Nothing sharp about your post at all. I found it ot be quite poignant; an eye-opener (or RE-opener…). You wrote:

    “God knows exactly how many will go into eternity because of malnutrition each day and he knows exactly how many half eaten big macs end up in Americas trash cans within the same time frame. He knows every injustice, every heartache, and every cry that went unanswered under the sun.”

    We really do not realize how great we have it in this wonderful country. I’ve been to Honduras a couple of times with our youth group and seeing the abject poverty affected even the most jaded teens in our group. What affected them the most was how grateful and joyful the Honduran people are despite the conditions.

    Sorry, this is turning into a post of my own! Anyway, I was truly blessed and had my eyes RE-opened by this post.


  8. You brought up some very good points to think about, and I didn’t feel you were being sharp either. Thank you for this post.


  9. Spent a few hours, yesterday and today chipping ice and shoveling snow. I must admit that it wasn’t with an attitude of gratitude. We did meet up with two lost dogs and got them back safely to their owners. When I asked “Lord, use me today in whatever way pleases you and brings you glory,” I was expecting something major. But then I’m constantly missing the point. It’s not about what or how much we do, but whether or not we were obedient. “Lord, open up our eyes to the need around us.”

  10. Such a good Post timbob! Thank you. It was not sharp, but timely and a good reminder.
    There are needs all around us, if only we have eyes to see them and hearts to respond.

    May the Lord help us all!

    Jesus blessings to you always,


    ps… I have found edidting very helpful as well, and sometimes I just wish I could edit my comments!

  11. anybody that even has a chance at blogging lives in comfort. thank you for this reminder. and sometimes i feel ashamed when i don’t give to the needy enough (eg doubt if they are pretending or really need it). i’m still struggling with that somehow.

  12. […] sometimes and it’s always good to be gently nudged towards the right direction. thanks to timbob’s post, i thought it’s time to take action and to contribute to an organisation that i […]

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