Take a Walk on the Wild Side (links)

March 3, 2007

James 5:7-8  “Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain. Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.”

I place this verse in here to remind us of a most comforting thought.  JESUS IS RETURNING!  This is a simple fact and I pray that we would keep this in continual rememberance.  After referring to this coming event, I Thessalonians 4:18 states “Wherefore comfort one another with these words.”  This post may be disturbing to some in that it links to some “out of the ordinary” sites.  I bring them up, hoping that none will simply believe everything on them, (because some of them have questionable elements in their content) but will ponder some of the issues that they address.  I really believe that things are soon to be shaken in a way that will take everyone by surprise to one degree or another.  It’s a feeling that, try as I may, I can’t shake it.  In such times discernment is an absolute neccessity.  It’s imperative that we remember that the Lord Jesus Christ will never leave us and that whatever takes place, his grace will be sufficient for the situation.  (Psalm 91 comes to mind)

 For those who have been born again; washed in the blood of Jesus and walking daily with him, we should rejoice in that his return is at hand.  My hope lies not in what’s going on in this world but in the one who died for our sins that we could be with him forever throughout the eons of eternity.  Our redemption draws nigh; of this I have no doubt.  Well here it goes.

David J Meyer www.lasttrumpetministries.org   At the beginning of each month, I print this newsletter out.  It makes some incredible claims at times, but always makes a reference as to the source of the information.  David is a former witch who was saved several years ago and is now a pastor in Wisconsin.   He brings a unique perspective to the table.  This site is updated at the beginning of each month. 

Steve Quayle  www.stevequayle.com  This site has two parts.  If you click on the giant “Q” it will take you to a list of news stories from various sources concerning current events.  Events that rarely find space on the major news outlets in this country.  The other side of the site has information that’s more controversial, but brings up some intereting points to ponder.  In all things, discernment is a must. 

Cumby brought this site to my attention www.earlychristianwritings.com  A very interesting site containing writings of the early church.  It gives us a glimpse into the happenings of those long ago times. 

Berit Kjos www.crossroad.to  A site that’s loaded with information concerning trends in the church and in the world.

News/commentary  www.newswithviews.com  Stories that you wont find on CNN

News/commentary www.raidersnewsupdate.com  A good site.  The first time that I went to it, I missed a letter and ended up at the Oakland Raiders website.

News/commentary www.worldnetdaily.com  Another source for information on current events.  That was weird.  I just checked to make sure the link works.  They have a poll on there with the same title as this post. 

Erwin Baxter www.endtime.com   This site discusses a number of end time events.  I dont go here very often, but the issues presented are worth pondering. 

Nat. ID www.nonationalid.com Another site of Erwin Baxter, this site discusses the moving ahead of plans standardize the identification proceedure.  Such programs have been underway for years worldwide and one only needs to read revelation chap 13 to know where it’s all leading to eventually. 

Cathrine Albrecht www.spychips.com  This site follows the implementation of RFID chips.  Again, it’s plain as to where this will eventually lead.

Chipping livestok www.nonais.org  This talks about the marking and controlling of all livestock in the country.  We get mailings from the state of Michigan every so often because of the goats.  I never know what to do with them and so they tend to disappear.

Alex Jones  www.infowars.com  www.prisonplanet.tv  Alex is the king of conspiracy theories.  He brings up some good points but tends to go nutty at times.  These sites fall into the “out there” category”

New World order www.poicestate21.com  Another conspiracy site.  I bring these up becaue I do believe that a global governing entity is manifesting, step by step.  Nonetheless, one simply cannot believe everything concerning this.  Again, discernment is a must. 

George Noory www.coasttocoastam.com  This site is “way out there” along with the radio broadcast that aires every night from 1:00 am-5:00am (eastern time)  Nothing is too strange to be discussed on this broadcast.  The majority of the guests will proclaim things contrary to scripture, however, they occasionally have a notable guest.  Erwin Baxter, Cathrine Albrecht, Hal Lindsey, Benjamin Baruch, and Chuck Missler are a few who have appeared.  I monitor this for the news stories that are brought to light and to prayerfully monitor the mechanics of deception in these final days. 

Well, I’ll end this for now.  There are a lot of sites that one can glean from, including some in the blogroll that aren’t listed.  We must be mindful of the times that we’re in and that the enemy would seek to deceive the very elect, if it were possible.”  I’m hesitant to post this because of the controversy on many of the links, but will do so.  (If it causes too much trouble, or if I can’t sleep tonight, I’ll pull it)  Our hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ; knowing that soon we shall be with him for all of eternity. 

Mark 13:31  “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.”



  1. We must be in similar tune. Last night, before bed, I was minding my own business when the thought came to find some Christian sites and share them on the blog. I compromised and finished it this morning. 😀 Thanks for all the work you did on this post!

  2. Timbob, I feel like I attend Bible study when I come to your Blog. I just love it!
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Thanks for the link to Early Christian Writings. Interesting to read, even though we maybe cannot trust the stories written in for example The Acts of Thomas totally. But I like links 🙂


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