Be Careful for Nothing

March 20, 2007

This is going to be a quick bloglet for three reasons.
( 1 ) I’ve had very little sleep in the past couple of days and the effect is notable.
( 2 ) I have to take Matthew to the doctor this morning.
( 3 ) The portion of wordpress where writing is done is acting up; in fact I’m not sure if this will even make it through or not. Such is the case with the arm of flesh which has no power to deliver.

Last night after returning home from work, I was sitting in the truck for a couple of moments; looking into the stars, as I tend to do on clear nights, and thinking. (Well-no wonder you’re tired timbob; you spend all night gazing into the host of heaven! lol) I was thinking about just how much we tend to take for granted. For example, last night I left work, travelled down US 131, until I reached the village of Constantine. Here I turned west onto N. River Rd, travelled two miles, turned again onto Quaker st, and travelled two more miles until I came to the house. No big deal. Just like I’ve done thousands of times. Yet this routine could have been interrupted in a moment and the course of events forever altered by falling asleep at the wheel and hitting a tree. Or by an intoxicated driver crossing into my lane. One little moment can forever alter the future. One single incident and suddenly the status quo is but a memory.

We tend to take everyday occurrances for granted without thanking God for his supernatural hedge. Just like Job, each of us have a certain amount of hedge about us. Given the space to do so, Satan would go about eliminating each of us in a moment as he continuously seeks to kill and destroy. He would have loved to have a semi cross into my path last night which would place my family into the throes of uncrtainty. So last night I thanked the Lord for a safe trip home. This is something that I need to grasp in greater detail. To be thankful for all that the Lord has done. To praise him each day for protecting this family and keep praying for then salvation of this household. To not be discouraged when things don’t progress as fast as we would like. To have a continuous heart of gratitude and contentment.

I quote Isaiah 26:3 a lot because it really is true. Contentment and peace are the result of having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and keeping our thoughts on him. This is in complete opposition to what the world offers which is “you need this. You need that. You cannot possibly be happy until you have more of these or attend this event. How can you possibly be happy when you’re sober?” The world offers a neverending list of “needs” which never satisfy. Jesus offers rivers of living water springing up from within. A supernatural life in abundance which is in no way dependant upon the devices of this world.

I Timothy 6:6-8 “But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and rainment let us be therewith content.”

Contentment with thanksgiving. Whether we have much in this world or only the clothes on our back, Gods perfect peace transcends all in this life. This is going to sound nutty, but I remember the lines from a Janis Joplin song (I’m old) “Freedoms just another word for nothng left to loose.” If you’re under the age of forty, this may not ring a bell. It speaks of contentment that’s not dependant upon material possessions, even though it’s secular in nature and is referring to the companionship of another person. (These spontaneous bloglets are dangerous. I’m all over the map this morning. Sorry)

Philippians 4:6-7 “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

I need to be going for now as the day looks to be a hectic one. Nonetheless, Gods peace passes all understanding as the above passage says. I pray that we all would draw in so close to the Lord Jesus that nothing in this world would shake us. The joy of the Lord is beyond awesome as Jesus has promised to be with us always.

I wish all a great day in Christ.



  1. I am the first to comment on your blog today? I am usually a day late and a comment short! I do try to always check in here because all of your posts are so encouraging to me.

    Yes, we need to be thankful in all things! For each new breath we are allowed to take. We may never know about all the things from which we are being spared moment by moment. Praise the Lord for His protection and sustaining life-giving water!

    Well, get some sleep. You know even Jesus slept – even in the midst of a storm at sea.


  2. I enjoyed this post. It is so easy to take God’s daily blessings for granted. I believe if God would open up our eyes and show us just exactly what He does for us each day and the things that He has kept us from that we would be on our faces weeping in thanksgiving. Thank you for this reminder to be content with our blessings and develop a greater spirit of thankfulness.



  3. This was just what I needed to hear this morning timbob, thank you! The Lord was speaking to me about this yesterday as well, the need to be thankful and content, and flexible.

    Try to get some rest please! I am all too familiar with the effects of sleep deprivation. In time, 4 hours a night just doesn’t cut it and the brain gets so very tired!

    We are praying about summer! It would be great to meet should the Lord will. I’m not familiar with the cities you mention often, do you mind if I ask what state you live in? 🙂

    Peace and rest to you this day timbob, in Jesus Christ our Lord!



  4. Greetings Scotti. I likewise find a lot of encouragement on your site. I have never had a poetic ability but you are very blessed with this. Just like some folks are blessd with the ability to write songs. It’s always a joy to read that which is on your heart and it always conveys biblical truth. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Greetings Carol. Indeed there’s so much that we don’t even think about that we have daily. Things that ae so common that if they were suddenly not there, it would rattle us some. Two years ago we had some serious straight-line winds and most of the county was without power. We only went for four days but my wife became edgy. (I actually found it to be fun but I’m not normal) Down the road we could see the tree that was over the lines from which we got our electricity. On the last day of the outage, when tempers were getting short, we drove by again. Now a second tree had fallen on the line. I told Kimberly (my wife) “Hey look. We’re going backwards.” She came unglued at my light-hearted remark. That night the power came on but one appreciates things when they’re gone for a time. The Lords grace really is sufficient in all situations. If the power had been out for months, it would have been equally sufficient. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Greetings Susan. We live in southwest Michigan; thirty miles or so south of Kalamazoo and 5 miles north of the Indiana border. On cloudy nights one can see the glow from Elkhart Indiana off to the southwest. On clear nights one can see into forever.
    Before I was saved, I used to be fascinated by astronomy and the host of heaven. Often I would ponder “extraterrestrial cicilizations” and other vain imaginations. Now I see the God who created all. Skeptics will ask “”How can one entity possibly create all of the hundreds of billions of galaxies?” Well, eternity past is a lot of time to make things. It’s so long that there’s no mechanism for measuring it. We sing “Our God is an awesome God” but in reality, be’s so beyond awesome that we don’t have words to even begin to grasp it.
    Thanks for commenting and I’m definately keeping things in prayer. Please pray for this household also. In two weeks my wife and I are planning to head up north for our 15th anniversary. Souls in the balance which means I need to walk wisely and in the Spirit always.
    Have a great day in Christ. Blessings in Jesus name also to Scotti and Carol as I forgot to say it when replying.

  7. TIMBOB, what a wonderful reminder that we should be thankful for everything we HAVE and everything we DONT HAVE. Things we want and Dont get, we need to praise Him, for it isnt what we need.

    Praise the Lord

    Blessings Andrea

  8. Oh to discover the Lord in the now, despising not the small things and to in all things be thankful, grateful and contented in the Lord Jesus Christ. Good words and truth to live by.

    Blessings in the Lord Jesus Christ!

  9. When I moved back to Sai Gon, I was horrified by the traffic. It’s worse than NYC. There weren’t a lot of cars, but most people rode vespas, push bikes or cyclos which meant there wasn’t a lot of protection if there was a collision. In fact, car insurance doesn’t even exist there. Most people just ride off and you’re left bleeding on the ground, and forget about the medical treatment. But anyways……… b/c of this, I would always pray every time I hired a driver on vespa or cyclo. When I returned to the US, this became second nature. Even today, I realised as I started to drive, automatically, I prayed that God would keep me safe with his angels all around me. A few weeks ago, I almost crashed with a car that was pulling out of their driveway onto the busy street that I was driving on. Instantly, the wheel pulled off to the left quickly avoiding the crash. It was totally not me but an angel.

  10. Yeah, it could all be over in the twinkling of an eye. It’s too intense to always be thinking about that but it’s good to be reminded of it in posts like this.

    I suspect that when we cross over to the other side, we will be presented with thousands of examples where the Lord kept us from perishing and we weren’t even aware there was danger.

  11. “We tend to take everyday occurrances for granted without thanking God for his supernatural hedge.” Amen.

    We also often complain to God when He doesn’t answer our prayers the way we expect Him to. At least I know I used to.

    BTW the new page design is much better. 🙂

  12. Timbob, I will pray!!!
    May the Lord give you the fullness of His heart and expression of His love for Kimberly and your children! May you have a blessed and joyous anniversary together and may everyword you speak bring life into your relationship!
    Have a blessed time together!!!

    We will likewise keep things in prayer before the Lord regarding this summer. May the will of the Lord be done!!!
    And by the way… you don’t live too terribly far from Phil, and he is doing a meeting in Elkhart next month 🙂
    something you could pray about!

    Bless you Timbob! and Kimbob too! 😀


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