Be Still and Know

March 26, 2007

This morning, the temperature must be in the mid sixties.  After getting the kids on the bus, we take care of the growing numbers of goats with Bouton (I didn’t name her) still a ways off from her due date.  Oftentimes, after my wife goes to work, I hang around here as the goat barn is a favorite prayer closet.  This morning, however, I visited my true favorite.  With the weather mild, I traversed the field behind the house.  In the middle of this field, northwest of where we live, there’s a small pond which is continuously fed by a small stream.  This stream originates from a spring that lies still farther northwest in the low lying hills which contain a number of springs. 

Just getting there gives one a sense of the awesomeness of God; even though one would normally think of a corn field as being a place of inspiration  An open field with nothing but sky above gives one the understanding that our space in creation is ever so insignificant.  One cannot help but find their mind on heavenly things; should this be the desire of their heart.  A moment to just be still and know that God “is.”  He always has been, and he always will be.  Such a comforting truth in a world where nothing stays the same for very long.   A truth that defies logic and all earhly comprehension, and yet it’s the very foundation of understanding.  The first four words of the bible declare:

“In the beginning, God”

In the very beginning of all that we see, God already was.  Just as he has always been, he is today, and he will be the same ten thousand million eons from now.  Such are the thoughts that come to mind down by the pond.  Usually, I don’t bring an array of petitions during such moments.  It’s just a time to think upon the Lord and the awesome salvation that we have through Jesus Christ.  A few moments to just meditate on that which really matters and to let all earthly cares of a temporal nature drift away for a time.  It’s like a time of reconnecting to reality; that being a drawing closer to the Lord and just enjoying his everlasting presence.   A time of remembering just how insignificant the trappings of this life really are and that soon, we’ll be in the presence of the Lord forever. 

Soon, we’ll no longer have to leave the mountain and return to the wilderness of sin.  Soon, if we hold fast the profession of our faith, there will be a moment when he tells us “come up hither.”  Soon, all that we see and concern ourselves with will be but a distant memory as we take up residence in our eternal home.  Where God himself is the light thereof and nothing sinister can ever again bring about anguish. 

One thing that did come to mind this morning, was the thought of being transformed into the image of Christ.  Today we have manuals, classes, ten-step programs, and an array of other devices all designed to make us better christians.  This is not a problem, as long as truth is being taught.  The Lord does give us pastors, teachers, and evangelists, but ultimately, the Holy spirit will lead us into all truth and bring all things to our rememberance.  He lets us know when we’re starting to drift and always warns us when error is being proclaimed.  If were in prayer and in the word of God, we’ll know when we’re hearing truth and when we’re hearing the thoughts of men.  All truth will line up with the Word of God. 

Last night in Galatians, I was revisiting Pauls telling of how he receied the gospel, not by mans wisdom, but divine revelation.  The Galatians had been “persuaded” by others to follow a distorted version of the gospel and Paul had to, once again, put out a fire. 

Galatians 4:19  “My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you.”

Galatians 5:7-8  “Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?  This persuasion cometh not of him that calleth you.”

The world today is filled with persuaders.  Folks who will hold up the traditions of men or vain philosophies in the place of sound doctrine.  Folks who will proclaim “he is Christ” and will then go about proclaiming a different Christ.  Folks who will demand that we get on board with their program instead of seeking the Lords will in all things.  Persuaders who will employ the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life to assemble a following.  They construct collosal buildings with all the allurements of this world to bring in greater numbers, and then offer them a fleshy gospel to keep them coming back for more.  (I’m sorry.  Perhaps I should stay away from the pond.)

To simply seek the Lord Jesus with a pure heart.  To just be still and know that he is our strength and peace.  To know that when all of the worlds treasures have gone the way of all the previous treasures, Jesus will still be with us.  This post wasn’t even planned.  I had planned to post tomorrow on a different topic in keeping up with the “every-other-day or so” program.  This morning however, was a needful interlude and “I just felt like blogging.”  I’ll try to hold off tomorow. 

I wish all a great day in Christ Jesus.


Greetings again.  It’s now 12:30 pm.  Below is a link to a post that was done back in January that has just stayed with me.  I pray that Susan wont mind a link to it.  It reminds one of the important things in life; that being our relationship with the Lord Jesus.  It has, since the first time that I read it, inspired me to strive in drawing ever closer to the Lord and rid myself of every little thing which is contrary.  Every little weight and sin has to go; a task which is ongoing daily.  Here’s the link:


When we read of such accounts, it should make us all the more determined to seek the Lord Jesus with all that is in us.  Such should be the case anyways.  This post really did something to me when I first read it; a change which is still present in my life took place.  A greater determination to finish the race that is set before us and a greater focusing on the world to come.  I’ve never seen the third heaven like the man that Paul writes about in II Corinthians 11:1-5 and I rarely have dreams.  (not even the cold pizza variety)  Nonetheless, I’m always encouraged by such accounts and in such testimonies, I glorify the Lord Jesus.  I appreciate all who place their wisdom and insight out here.  To all I say “thanks.”  And to all, have a blessed day in Christ.



  1. Bless you timbob and may you find even more to be reflective of and concerning our awesome and holy God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ!

    No, there is nothing like those kinds of times, alone and apart with He who is our very love and life, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I too, long for the day when they will never end.

    Blessings in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. My blessings to you as well dear brother, it seems we all long for the eternal Day which will never end…
    To be in the presence of our dear Savior where we will all be with Him together forever, such awesome wonder and joy, such peace, such perfect love and purity, such completeness.

    May we all “simply seek the Lord Jesus with a pure heart. To just be still and know that he is our strength and peace. To know that when all of the worlds treasures have gone the way of all the previous treasures, Jesus will still be with us.”

    I really enjoyed this post Timbob, and please, rest in the peace of God; posting whenever the Holy Spirit leads you to, ( just be sure and get enough rest! ) 😉

    Jesus grace to you always,


  3. can i go home today? — then i can see my mates elijah and shadrach!

  4. The pond and Iona seem like perfect places to “be still and know that He is God.”

  5. i enjoyed this post. i enjoyed seeing another side of the world where Nature is uninterrupted, as compared to the urban jungle where i am and am constantly surrounded by. but our Lord is mighty and He is everywhere, as long as we pursue Him with all our being.

    bless you!

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