Coming Attractions:

March 29, 2007

Mark 13:36-37  “Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping.  And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.”

Last night, as I was thinking on things, one recurring thought kept coming back; that of establishing our hearts.  Laying aside every self-serving motive and anything which we know to be displeasing to God.  To prepare ourselves for some very tumultuous times.  This is not a time to be fearful; it’s a time to draw nigh to the Lord and “know” that he is our refuge.  To know that the righteous will “never” be forsaken and that Jesus has promised to be with us always; even unto the end of the world.  To know that he is a very present help in trouble.  There’s some things that I want to link to which are quite insightful concerning the times that we’re in and being prepared for such.  Here’s the first.


This is a great post which deals with having faith to just “let go” of the things that we tend to cleave to and move into the fulness of Christ.  To “be strong and of good courage” knowing that God knows them that trust in him. 


This post talks extensively about the pitfalls of this age.  One notable quote, made by Phil, is when he discusses the night when the disciples were asleep at the time when Jesus was betrayed.  he states “The time had come and there was no more time to prepare.”  This sentance really grabbed me as I read it. 


This is Pastor David Meyers monthly newsletter which always documents current happenings and is a great source of prophetic insight. 

If there’s been one primary thing on my heart lately, it’s this need for being aware of the times.  I’m concerned greatly at the number of folks who seem to think that the status quo will just continue on unabated.  We live in a time when it’s easy to just follow he crowd.  To get comfortable and proclaim to ourselves “I am rich and increased with goods, and have need of nothing.”  This form of thinking is every bit as dangerous today as it was when the Laodiceans were likewise minded.  It’s imperative that we place our complete trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and not cling to the chariots of Egypt; that being the things of this world which cannot deliver.  To get so close to him that this all of this worlds empty promises lose their hold on us.  To proclaim, as did the apostle Paul, “To live is christ and to die is gain.”  I pray that we all would move into a place where we are 100% commited to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

This isn’t what I wanted to post on right before taking off for the weekend, however, it’s what has been on my heart.  This may sound strange to some, but I have no fear concerning those things to come.  This is the grace of God who has granted such peace to one who was a perpetual worrier in times past.  (anyone who has known me in times past will know how profound this is.)  Truly the joy of the Lord passes all understanding and if we abide in him, he’ll keep us in perfect peace.  His peace is steadfast and not dependant upon the ambience. 

John 16:33  “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace.  In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

What an awesome Savior we have.  Jesus truly is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.  My wife and I are going to be up north this weekend and so I’ll not be around until Monday morning.  I do, however, have a request that I would ask anyone who stops by to please feel free to comment on. 

What’s on your heart?  As you spend time with the Lord in prayer, what seems to stand out?  Looking down the road what do you see transpiring?  I ask this because these are trying times and I really want to know what others are seeing. 

Thank you in advance for any coments concerning this.  I need to close this up as I have go tend to some things around here.  One blogger, whom I greatly respect, is taking a leave of absence so that he can tend to other pressing matters.  His site is filled with very insightful postings which will be a blessing to any who stop by.  Here’s one more link before I close out. 

 www.cumby.wordpress.com  Since he’ll not be posting for a time, this is a good opportunity to read up on archived material.    Until Monday, I wish all a most blessed weekend in Christ. 


Daniel 12:3  “And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.”




  1. it must have been a while since i last took the time to really read anybody’s blog having had too many things to ponder over. what has been on my heart lately is how people are not being true to what God made them to be, settling for the easy way out in life (professional career, loads of money, etc) to fit in with the world. i struggle with that as i do what i feel i am called to do yet face uncertainties everyday whether i can pull it off and that He will still give me my daily portion of providence and strength to go through it all.

    thank you for this post. i too will miss cumby while he presses on with his other urgent matters.

    have a blessed week!

  2. Thanks for this relevant and timely post. The last part of the verse from Mark 13 is powerful: “Watch.” What a statement. He is coming and all the signs point to Him. God bless, brother.

  3. Greetings inhisgrace. (That’s a great screen name) I know that Gods grace is sufficient in all situations. I think of how the apostle Paul rejoiced in trials because the power of God rested upon him during such moments. He’sl likewise there for each of us; when it seems that we’re in over our head. Thanks for stoppping by.
    Have a blessed weekend in Christ.

  4. Greetings Storbakken. Indeed to watch always. It’s amazing just how easy it is to get caught up on the present; oftentimes without even realizing it. Thanks for stopping in.
    have a blessed weekend in Christ.

  5. Timbob, thank you for the post and the link. Have wonderful weekend with your gift from the Lord Jesus Christ, your lovely wife.

    Every Blessing in the Lord Jesus Christ!

  6. Timbob, I was gone most of the weekend too and hope your time with Kimberly was wonderful!

    Thank you for the link and for sharing your heart for the Lord with all of us out here in blogworld.
    This weekend it struch me again the need for the Body of Christ to be awakened and move from a place of mental assent to to true faith, obedience, and action, but most importantly of all into a place of true intimacy with Christ Jesus so they may love Him, know Him and hear His voice.

    Every blessing to you dear brother, and keep pressing in. This truly is a day to seek know and love the Lord with everything within us!

    Blessings again!


  7. […] Admin wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptMark 13:36-37 “Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping. And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.” Last night, as I was thinking on things, one recurring thought kept comming back; that of stablishing our hearts. … […]

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