Goat Theatre

May 15, 2007

Ecclesiastes 1:8  All things are full of labour; man cannot utter it: the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.”

This may seem to be a strange verse for a bloglet, however it’s fitting in that it sometimes seems as thought the goats consume an increasing portion of our daily life.  Of course the current “pressing” situation; one that is so involved that I should take a blogger break to tend to, has been coming for quite a while.  (A normal person would just take a break from the blogosphere and get things taken care of, but “normal” is a train which, in my case, left the station years ago.) 

We have, on our property, an old country school house which served as such up through 1966.  Today, the main part has been gradually deteriorating while the small addition on the back is used to keep the goats.  Finally, last Saturday, the roof on the main part collapsed and only trees are now keeping the side walls from hitting the ground.  The back wall is still up but about to collapse which will render the back addition useless.  I have to put a secondary wall up while clearing debris as a giant chunk of remaining roof dangles overhead.  This will support the roof over the shed and keep the goats from escaping.  It’s a time consuming endeavor and time is something that I have very little of. 

Meanwhile, I have a garden to get in and Ryans boy scout camp outing this weekend which I am involved in.  Not to mention all of the other things which need to be tended to.  In other words, I really don’t have time to blog this week and yet I’m here.  I really don’t want to disappear for a week or two; even though it’s a normal way to take care of pressing business.  So I’ll resort to short postings like this one as I really want to stay in touch with all.  The many saints whom I’ve met here, I feel really close to.  Whenever we come across folks who love the Lord Jesus wholeheartedly, there’s a special bond that cannot be forged with those who harbor an attachment for this present realm.  Not only is the fellowship awesome, the encouragement to completely die to self is needful as we exhort each other. 

Sorry if this sounds a little goofy, but I’m trying to “blog on the run” so to speak.  I’ll try to get to my normal rounds tomorrow if possible.  As for now, I have to go take care of things before things get even more out of hand than they are now.  Until next time, I wish all a great day in Christ. 

P.S.  In the catagories list, I tagged “spiritual warfare” because when things in the present realm become so involved, there’s an increased temptation to lose sight of things eternal and as a result, more diligence must be taken.  All of the things in this realm “will” come to pass, but the Lord Jesus is from everlasting and to everlasting. 



  1. Hi Timbob,

    I know what it feels like when you’d rather be blogging than taking care of other responsibilities. However, I know that we can’t be so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good. I think it would do all of us good to ask the Lord to give us wisdom in setting our priorities and achieving a balanced life. I will pray this for you.



  2. There must be something in the air – susan, abmi, peter, and now you’re off. WHO’S BLOG am I going to read?????????????????? 🙂

  3. We live in hectic times in which we must all keep our eyes fixed on the Lord Jesus Christ in all things. We will miss your more frequent posts but I am sure every one of your faithfull readers will understand your need to tend to other priorities. Providing for the needs of our families physically, emotionally and spiritually is one of the greatest blessings and responsibilities from the Lord. Sometimes we feel like we cannot do it all, but we know that Christ can! I am praying for the Lord to bless your time in your current endeavors and that you will work at them as if your are working for the Lord. Thank you for your faithfulness to this blogosphere and for your prayers.

    God Bless!

  4. Even the “goats” have to be tended to, how else will they know it’s way better to be “sheep”? 🙂

    Praying your repairs will go smoothly and quickly so that “no goat will be lost”! I’m not very funny am I??? 😦

    Have a very blessed week in the LORD, Timbob!!!

    BTW, did you know that the Global Days of Prayer start Thursday (May 17-27)? Like you need something else to think about! 😉 You may not be able to get together with anyone to pray, but your prayers would be in unity with many, many Saints across the globe!!!

  5. Greetings carol. It often seems as though the everyday things “gang up” on us. Things whic need to be tended to, but seem to take up every available minute. Balance is a must. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to be so absent as of late.

    Have a great day in Christ.

  6. Greetings Code. I’m still blogging, however, because of the hecticity of the next couple of weeks, they may be shorter. I’m trying to keep things going as much as possible. Especially with the times being as they are. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    have a blessed day in Christ.

  7. Greetings Scotti. It does seem as though the times are hectic. Like currently, a lot of things are at hand; all of them needing attention. One very critical one is this weekend as Ryan and I will be with his boyscout pack at camp. Ryan and I don’t always have a lot of time to do things together and i pray that the Lord will do a work in his heart. (Along with granting me wisdom in this and all situations.) Thanks for stopping by.

    Have a great day in Christ.

  8. Greetings Marie. Thanks for the information. I hadn’t heard of the global days of prayer, but the dates are now in my little book that I carry everywhere. The goat barn is going well and the huge piece of dangling roof came down. It’s a blessing that the building didn’t come down on top of anyone. In any case, the support wall is partially up; enough that if the back wall of the school collapses, it will survive. Thanks for stopping by.

    have a great day in Christ.

  9. Timbob, it appears there is only ONE Global Day of Prayer on the 27th of May. I guess it’s just my church that is turning it into a 10 day thing leading up to it! Here’s a link if you’re interested…


    I pray the LORD will pour out His wisdom and discernment on you as you prepare for this big weekend with your son. Also, that He would stir up your son’s heart and woo him to Himself through his earthly father’s great love and devotion that so speaks of the Father’s love. Have Your way with this precious child, LORD, and bless Timbob with the desires of his pure heart.

  10. I think your church has the right idea. Thanks Marie

    Blessings always in Christ.

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