Ponderings in the Night

June 12, 2007

The past few days have seen some struggles on a number of fronts.  While at work last night, I was able to ponder over the various aspects; despite the change of personnel in the department.  Due to the personnel changes, we now have more radios tuned to more stations, thereby creating more undecipherable noise.  Last tuesday, I had some dental work done, the effects of which were with me until Friday.  Saturday, the flu bug which the kids had all experienced finally hit me.  During such times, I just want to hibernate; crawl into a bed and take a long journey into the land of Nod.  Yet during this time of not being at 100% the Lord has been ever merciful to reveal some things; a few of which were not pleasent but nonetheless needed to come to light.  Three basic areas have been dealt with in recent days.

Philippians 3:15  “Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded: and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you.”

This is a very comforting verse.  To know that if we get nutty in our thinking, the Holy Spirit will let us know.  This has been happening to me as a few attitudes had set up shop and had to be “adjusted.”  In fact one was so disheartening (that I had allowed it to slip beneath the radar) that it seemed embarassing to ask forgiveness.   Yet it’s imperative that such things not be allowed to linger and grow.  To get them under he blood of Jesus and go on from there; being all the more mindful to not allow the situation to develop again.  Of the three things in this list,  getting my attitude back in check was the most critical. 

Revelation 3:22  “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.”

Being atuned to the Holy Spirit is ever so imperative and as such we need to minimize the distractions as much as possible.  During a conversation over the weekend, Susan said something that didn’t register until almost a day later.  She mentioned that she doesn’t tune into news or other such distractions too often (please correct me if I’m missing something) as to be more atuned to the Spirit.  Later, I got to thinking about all of the distractions in our lives.  The radio problem at work is a great example of a distraction.  Although the fact that several tastes in music are now represented and that they tend to drown each other out is a blessing in hiding.  Before the personnel changes, all of them were tuned in to the local station which plays 70s and 80s music.  In other words,  stuff that I used to like when I was unsaved.  Songs that have “memories” attached to them. 

Today, it seems that many need a constant supply of noise in order to cope.  The problem is that when were listening to noise; even informative noise, we’re less atuned to the Holy Spirit.  We need quiet time for prayer and bible study.  I can, and do, pray at work, but a quiet place away from it all is to be desired and sought after diligently.  Susans comment got me to thinking about this and thereby striving for more quiet time.  Very rarely do I have a radio on while driving or a television on at home during the day.  For me, quiet time is a premium as my life is filled with non-stop distractions.  Lord willing, I’m minded to take a quick trip out to Minnesota this summer during the plant shutdown.  The primary reason is to meet Phil, ( www.abmi.wordpress.com ) however, a second motivation is in play as well.  It’s almost a ten hour drive to Albert Lea, (approximately)which means ten hours of prayer and just being with the Lord Jesus.  That is, unless I get distracted along the way, an all-to-common occurrance.  (Oh wow! Corn!) 

Matthew 10:36  “And a mans foes shall be they of his own household.”

Yesterday, I was reminded of the incredible spiritual warfare that goes on relentlessly in this household.  I had arrived home from work and laid down to snooze when Matthew started terrorizing Megan.  Matthew is 12 years old and has autism.  His medication no longer works as it once did.  (This in itself is a spiritual situation and I’m not certain as to the scope of it.)  This caused Megan to come unglued and suddenly Ryan and megan were fighting as well.  Megan; our younger daughter is a “staight “A” student and normally has a very pleasent personality.  That is, until she becomes angry.  Then she explodes into an uncontrollable rage and everyone is a target.  Then she’s back to normal.  Usually, it ends as fast as it begins.  Yesterday, the whole situation between Matthew,  Megan Ryan reached such a fever pitch that it was as though gates of hell were coming against this household and that it would explode into fragments.  I lost my temper when I probably shouldn’t have as the intensity took on a level that’s only seen on rare occasions. 

I was reminded all the more of the souls that hang in the balance.  That this is not a time for being shallow or carnally minded, but to be walking in the Spirit at all times.  To be continuously upholding this family in prayer and being ready always to share the truth of Jesus Christ.  As mentioned before, I love my wife and kids more than words can proclaim.  As such I need to be mindful of the spiritual situation that’s in play at the moment and pray without ceasing for the salvation of all in this home.  Currently, our daughter Morgan has been living at her cousins; although she did come home last night.  Nonetheless, she’s running with a crowd that is of a somewhat riotous nature and this is just one more facet of this many faceted battle.  Souls in the balance are of the highest priority as Jesus shed his blood on an old rugged cross to pay for the sins of all. 

Well, I have to get to bed as I’ve been balancing parts for general Motors all night.  I wanted to post this, however, because time is really tight at the moment and I may not have a chance later.  This is likewise the reason for not commenting as often as I like to.  Until the next time, I wish to all a great day in Christ.

II Corinthians 3:18  “But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.”



  1. We all need to grow in the discipline–and yes, I believe it is a discipline–of shutting out distraction and tuning into the Holy Spirit. But we can grow in that. The stuff of life does not need to drive us away from the Lord.
    I, personally, find the right kind of music to aid in shutting out competing noise.
    Blessings in Christ

  2. Greetings Tim. I totally agree concerning the right kind of worship music. Some music almost seems to transport one into heavenly places; just with the melody alone in a few instances. At work, however, the whole place is an unrelenting roar as competing tastes must drown out all of the other competing tastes. (Last night the rappers won.. lol) By the grace of God I can handle it and even have a great time in the Lord while doing my thing. Yet I would much prefer a wide open space somewhere with no sound except for a gentle wind blowing and a wide open sky above.

    I have a post in my head but not typed out yet concerning the heavenly chorus. I’m convinced that the supernatural music from the realm of the everlasting is so far beyond anything that we have here that it simply wouldn’t fit into any of the common catagories. I’ve never heard it in the way that the man did whom Paul writes about in II Corinthians chap 12, but am certain that it’s “out of this world.” It’s something to look forward to when this corruption puts on incorruption. Thanks for taking time to leave a note.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus.

  3. Parenting is one great spiritual struggle from beginning to end and it doesn’t end just because they have moved out of the house. Then comes the grandchildren and so on and so forth. We are called to faithfully cover our children and our children’s children, etc. until the Lord comes to take us home. The good news is that it is always worth the struggle and investment, spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and economically. Besides which, grandchildren are the greatest! They are like icing on the cake. Hmmm, good!

    Be encouraged, the Lord is forever faithful. I took and take great comfort in the reality that as the Lord was and is faithful with and concerning me, He will also be faithful with and concerning our children and our children’s children, forever.

    So, be encouraged, He really is faithful, even when we are a mixed housed hold, we totally do not know what we’re doing and especially because that is who He is, forever faithful!

    Be Blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ brother, Be blessed!

  4. […] love him, I know it, because of what and how he writes his posts. He is a amazing Man of God! Click HERE to read his blog, which will be a total inspiration to you all […]

  5. I am blessed to live in a household where all of us are saved, however, even with this happy case, there still come times where there is friction and battles. I think this is probably true in every household, just because we’re human, we don’t see things eye to eye at all times and sometimes we just have plain, lousy attitudes. The important thing is to keep praying and seeking God’s help. We are in a spiritual battle, but it is not one in which we can’t be victorious, and it is worth the fight!! God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him, and HE is there to give us strength when we need it.

  6. Life doesn’t stop for learning. I wish it did sometimes.

  7. Timbob, you have my prayers! Being a parent is always a wonderful challenge, but indeed trying at times even when both parents are saved. Being the only christian in your household and having an autistic child takes a lot of divine grace. But be encouraged! The Lord hears your cry for them and knows your heart; and Yes! He truly is forever Faithful and True!

    While there is nothing as beautiful as heavenly worship, and that of the wind blowing through the trees or across an open field as you behold the starry sky, or the birds singing praises to God in the early morning, sometimes some good music of this realm can be a great blessing as well. It has the ability to stir our hearts and spirits. Can you take a radio to work to listen to something more uplifting?
    Just a thought…

    Bless you Tim and be encouraged in the Lord! Jesus is always with you.


  8. Timbob – wow…you’ve sure been busy writing! I’ve been out of “blogworld” for over a week now so I need to catch up! I am always blessed reading your posts, so I know it’s not time wasted when I read what you have to say…thank you for that! The same goes for Susan and Phil as well…you guys are my “core” group..ha ha… I do read others, but when I’m short on time I’ll just read yours….:-) I know what spiritual warfare is like. And believe me…even if your family was saved, you can still have spiritual warfare with them involved. If they aren’t totally yeilded to God 100%, Satan can use them as well. I know this from experience. (myself included) My daughter is in CA right now staying with her dad, and she is going through one of the first “faith tests” she’s ever had to go through. Her dad and live-in fiance are not saved. I’m having to do some bigtime praying for her right now. Anyway, I agree about the “noise” thing. So many times I go into Christians’ homes, and all it is is noise!! No peace and quiet! I love our home, it is a haven to us of quietness and peacefulness where we can just meditate on God’s Word and in prayer, and we don’t have to hear the blaring T.V. in the background. Sometimes I really dread family gatherings…..sigh.

    Bless you brother. I used to listen to Christian radio at work, in my cubicle and when I had my own office, it was a great encouragment to me, especially since everyone else wanted to play their radio, it helped me drown out their noise…but I must confess….I do think even some “Christian” music is just empty noise too….so hopefully you have a good station in your area that plays more worship-type music instead of the contemporary stuff.


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