Taking Up Our Positions

June 14, 2007

Ephesians 5:17  “Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.” 

Phil took a great question and used it as the title of his most recent blog. (As of June 13, 2007)  “Where Do We Go From Here?”  It’s post which acknowledges the times in which we live and ponders this question.  With things being as they are and the end-time senario quickly manifesting before us, it’s ever so imperative that each of us be in the place where we are in the Lords perfect will for us.  Not where we think we should be, based on careful analysis of all the physical data coupled with our own desire, but where the Lord Jesus would want us.  Laying aside self-serving itineraries, imaginations, and even the will of others, we should wholeheartedly seek the will of the Lord through prayer and fasting.  We should also be prepared for the real possibility that this may well be somewhere that we don’t like very well.  It could be a situation as uncomfortable as that which Dimitri Duduman faced when he came to the United States. 

It seemed to run completely contrary to the flow of events.  Dimitri came over from Romania  in the middle of “Glasnost” when the cold war was over and “everybody was friends.”  He was instructed by the Lord to prophesy a number of things; one of which concerned a future Russian attack on the U.S.  It had to be a most awkward situation, compounded by the need to have his grandson, Michael interpret.  (Just a general guideline, when someone says “thus saith the Lord” and it runs in total opposition to appearances, it should at least be noted.)  Yet as awkward as this was, it was the Lords will that he sound the alarm for anyone who might have ears to hear and understand the lateness of the hour.  

A listing of dreams and visions from both Dimitri Duduman and Michael Bouldea can be found at www.handofhelp.com/index.php 

One could also do a search on “Henry Gruver” to whom the Lord gave a vision of Russian submarines launching on the United states.  This is the re-shuffling of nations and the coming together of events which will culminate in a global governing entity, the abomination of desolation, battle of Armageddon and the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ.  One only has to listen to the rhetoric coming from Vladimir Putin, Mahmoud Ahmadinajad and a host of other folks to know that these are incredibly strange times.  One should also know that if we are born again, we are here for such an hour as this.  May we all be obediant to the Lord Jesus Christ and have our affections set firmly on things above. 

This post is so far off the original track that I’ll just run with it and see what happens.  Sadly, most folks cannot fathom the idea of the status quo coming to a screeching halt.  The media in this country has done a superb job of dulling our senses and downplaying significant events.  The majority of Americans are tragically unaware of whats coming together against us; not only from abroad, but also from within as the globalist agenda is moving ahead.  Ever wonder why President Bush signs one trade treaty after another, works to keep the borders wide open and defends government intrusions into the lives of the citizens.  (NSA, Wire tapping, ets)  Ever wonder why he was the first president to need “clarification” of the Geneva convention?  (This should send chills down the spine.)  Ever wonder why he seems so unconcerned about the bloodbath that is Iraq and continues to pursue his agenda of decimating the middle class?  (I just had a thought.  Following this post I could suddenly stop blogging and freak everyone out.  lol)

Here’s a link to a site that Steve Quayle listed today and may shed some light on some of the things that are taking place.  www.policestateplanning.com/id19.htm  

It’s imperative to understand that we no longer live in the paradigm that we grew up in.  The events transpiring around us are prophetic in nature and we need to be in our place of refuge.  I’m referring here to being in the Lords will; although I know that places of refuge are very much in play as well.  Of these Susan and Phil have written extensively.  We need to get rid of anything that hampers our hearing from God.  My weakness in this area is an overactive imagination which I must wrestle with on almost an hourly basis at times.  Yet this is such a serious matter that we dare not lean to our understanding but trust in the Lord Jesus who is with us always.  To know that if he leads us to go somewhere that he will not stay behind and wait for our return.  He will be right there with us.  And if a situation arises where we must love not our lives unto the death, the measure of grace will be there to remain faithful.  Steven could have never endured under his own strength, but he was more than a conqueror through Christ. 

Well I’m going to close for now.  More may be added later as a lot of things were running through my mind during work.  As for now sleep is a must before I write something that comes out wrong and I return later to find a firestorm.  I pray that this post won’t cause any to become rattled but rather to get in close to the Lord Jesus as he is our life and peace.  As for now, I’ll close out with a very familiar and yet very needful verse. 

I Peter 4:7  “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.”


  1. Timbob, the Lord’s word to me the past couple of days has been, as you referenced, “Let him that has ears to hear…” I am being quite intentional about putting myself in a place of hearing. I do not want to miss the “Thus saiths” He is speaking…isn’t it marvelous? He is speaking! The One who spoke worlds into existence and shared His mind with Moses, et al, is talking today! He STILL speaks! No cold shoulder from Him. Are we listening?

    Thank you for your dedication and passion for the Only and True Lord!

    God bless you real good!

  2. Great post! May it fall on listening ears and willingly open hearts and souls.

    Lord have mercy on us all and being ever present in the midst of whatever and however that which is before us, unfolds.

    Keeping our eyes and ears, hearts and souls, totally focused upon the Lord Jesus Christ!

    Every Blessing in the Lord Jesus Christ!

  3. Timbob, I need to clarify my endorsement of this post. I do endorse the warning, the call to readiness, the need to have ears to hear and the eyes to see what it is that the Lord is and would be saying and revealing to us.

    However, I am not on board with the political aspects of this post.

    “Ever wonder why President Bush signs one trade treaty after another, works to keep the borders wide open and defends government intrusions into the lives of the citizens. (NSA, Wire tapping, ets) Ever wonder why he was the first president to need “clarification” of the Geneva convention? (This should send chills down the spine.) Ever wonder why he seems so unconcerned about the bloodbath that is Iraq and continues to pursue his agenda of decimating the middle class?”

    Our hope is not a political one and the warnings of the Lord are not either. What will be and is the undoing of our nation isn’t ultimately politicians, it is our sin, rebellion, immorality, selfcenteredness, selfish corruption, hedonism, narcissism, etc. etc. etc. It is also in part the Church failing to genuinely be salt and light in the earth. That which is ahead of us is the fruit of our sin and the judgment that comes upon us because of this sin, our sin and sins as a nation and as the church of this nation. Our only hope is the Lord Jesus Christ, period.

    Sorry timbob, but I am just not on board with this political stuff, and especially I do not believe that we need to mix that which the Lord is truly saying, with our own personal political views and suspicions and or distrusts.

    Sometimes writing when we are really tired isn’t the best time to write clearly or even discerningly.

    Every Blessing in the Lord Jesus Christ!

    If you feel this comment is in appropriate, then please delete it as I will understand.

  4. Greetings Phil. It’s totally understood as indeed our hopes ae not in the political realm. Without a doubt the sin in the land is parmount in our demise , just as it has been for countless other nations. The things which transpire in the political spectrum, the wickedness in high places are a reflection of such.

    I pray that as things unfold that we would look to the Lord Jesus Christ at all times and not be rattled by anythng that takes place down here. Thanks for the comment. I always take them seriously and ponder that which has been stated as to stay focused on that which is needful.

    have a blessed evening in Christ.

  5. Greetings Pastor scott. This has been on my heart a lot lately; a need to eliminate as much of the background noise as possible and hear what the Lord is saying in these days. In my case, the most distracting background noise is often of my own making as the imagination likes to run amock. It’s so imperative that we get into a place of being atuned continually.

    Thanks so much for taking time to write. have a blessed day in Jesus.

  6. Hi Timbob!

    Interesting post! I do pray that I am in the “right” position whenever the LORD brings judgement to the US. I have been pondering what that may look like and how things will transpire for Christians.

    I try not to think about the political scene too much. It is too disturbing!!! There was a time when politics was huge to me, much like the Atlanta Braves. Yep, just last night I got upset that the Braves lost a game in the BOTTOM OF THE NINTH!!! I told my husband, after the game, that I needed to stop watching their games because I was still too attached and my flesh rears its UGLY head when they lose! LORD help me get over this flesh and the Braves!!! 🙂

    Anyway, the LORD is opening my eyes to see things more from His perspective. Nothing looks the way I would want it to – so I have to simply trust.

    Thank you for being on the alert for those of us who may not be as discerning as you. Your heart shines through with purity and beauty.

    Blessings to you, friend!

  7. Greetings Marie. I know exactly how you feel. In times past I was a dedicated neocon and a huge football fan. Both would cause incredible reactions in the flesh. By the grace of God, we all are being changed from glory to glory and Philippians 1:6 is so very true. Thanks for stopping by.

    Have a blessed day in Christ.

  8. Keep pressing in Tim and rest assured that as you say if Jesus asks us to go somewhere or do something He will always be with us. That’s why I don’t read end time websites etc…

    Too many opinions of what it will look like and the bottom line is, as long as we are following hard after Jesus, and loving Him with our all whatever happens “He is our refuge and our strength, a very present help in time of trouble”.
    Praise God for His faithfulness!

    Blessings to you timbob, and get some rest brother!


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