Thanks For The “Meme”ry

July 18, 2007

I was recently one of five people tagged by Pastor Scott of www.pasturescott.wordpress.com to answer the following questions and then to formulate five additonal questions to send on to others.  So here it goes.  The following five questions come from Pastor Scott.

( 1 )  What teacher has had the most influence in your life? Why? 

Answer:  A hard question because ther have been so many.  I think that the group of brothers that I knew in the navy had the most profound influence as I was new in the Lord and much growth came about while in fellowship with them.  It has seemed that over the years there has always been someone to offer the necessary instruction at the needed time, including many from whom I’ve learned a great deal in the blogger realm. 

( 2 )  If you could write the “Great American Novel” what would the first line be? 

Answer:  This is the hardest of the five questions.  First, the title: “A Nafta Highway Runs Through It.”  It would open as such:

“Six Lanes Running south, Six lanes running North.  A globalist scheme, across the land goes forth.  Agents of logic and flesh loudly say, Here’s to our kingdom of iron and clay.” 

This is why I’m a factory worker and not an author.  lol

( 3 )  What job would you prefer?  The guy holding the slowdown sign in a work zone, a ring announcer at a world championship boxing match, or the person serving sample snacks at Sams grocery?

Answer: The ring announcer at a boxing match.  Then I could say “And in this corner weighing three hundred and ten pounds; which will mean absolutely nothing on the last day, Billy So and So!”

( 4 )  You have awakened from a coma.  Who would you like to see first and why?

Answer:  My family first of all.  Not only because I love them dearly but also that they might realize the temporal nature of this realm and that we never know what a day may bring forth.  Nobody wakes up in the morning and says “I think I’ll go into a coma today.” 

( 5 )  If you could get a do-over in high school what would you change? 

Answer:  To come to Jesus before I reached high school.  I was kind of a mean-spirited kid and ever so confused during those teenage years.  Praise God for loving us when we were completely rebellious and contrary. 

I guess now I need to tag five others and ask questions.  Here it goes, however, it’s going to be more than five probably.  (I’ll limit it to ten)

www.heaintthroughwithmeyet.wordpress.com   (Andrea)

www.totaltransformation.wordpress.com  (J. Kaiser)

www.writeathome.wordpress.com   (Carol)

www.scotti.wordpress.com   (Scotti)

www.code6.wordpress.com  (code…I only know her screen name) 

www.gritsngrace.wordpress.com  (David) 

www.cumby.wordpress.com  (Peter)

www.iluv2prshim.wordpress.com   (Rhonda)

www.rjperalta.wordpress.com  (Richard)

www.faithwalk.wordpress.com  (Susan)

www.inhisgrace.wordpress.com  (inhisgrace…I only know her screen name)

Oops.  That’s eleven.  I REALLY want to tag about thirty more, but I’ll stop for now.  Anyone is welcome to answer these . 

And now for the questions. 

( 1 )  “Turn the World Upside Down”  If you were called to become a missionary, however, given liberty to choose any place on earth, where would you go and why?

( 2 )  “Just Tagging Along”  What old testament person (or persons) do you think it would have been the most fascinating to have travelled alongside on the journey through life?

( 3 )  “Catch phrase”  What passage of scripture do you seem to hear others make mention of to the point that it really stands out in frequency?  For example, I find myself quoting Isaiah 26:3 quite often, while the pastors at a church that I used to attend mentioned Philippians 4:19 so often that I almost started a tally in my notebook of each time it was mentioned.  (Both veses are really good by the way, as is all scripture.  Yet we all tend to gravitate toward certain passages)

( 4 )  “Extended Forcast”  As you ponder the next year; looking into the days ahead, what do you see transpiring?  Is this conclusion:

a. direct revelation (Thus saith the Lord)

b. an estimate based upon current trends and circumstances

c. an unexplainable hunch (gut feeling as it were)

d. just a wild “shot in the dark” guess.  (these answers are good too, so let em fly)

( 5 )  “A Song of Degrees”  What particular hymn or spiritual song do you, upon hearing or singing, find yourself “launched beyond the stratosphere” as you ponder the sheer awesomeness of God and the price that he paid at Calvary to redeem us from everlasting death.  I imagine that each of us have our favorite songs; those select melodies that just seem to take us into the heavenly realm whenever we hear them. 

“Bonus Question”  What person (or persons) were very influential in your decision to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord?  For me, it was the aunt and uncle of the girl next door.  Throughout the summer of 1983, while Teresa was living with them, the Lord used them to bring me to the realization that I was lost and undone.  I am forever grateful to the Lord that Dennis and MaryAnn were a city set upon a hill. 

Well, I’ll be going for now.  I’m back on second shift and so middle-of-the-night blogging is back also.  (It’s 3:00am right now)  This is a good thing because third shift was physically draining.  Until next time, I wish a blessed day in Christ to all. 



  1. Hi timbob,

    The title of this post cracks me up! 🙂 heehee

    This is my favorite list of ‘Meme’ questions I have seen yet in the blogosphere! I will ponder these and reply soon. Thanks for including me on your list. If you don’t mind, I will probably post my responses right here in your comment box since the focus of my blog is strictily to share poetry about the Lord Jesus Christ. Ok? I would love to hear your answers to your own questions as well! 😉

    Blessings in Christ,

  2. Thanks for the tag. These questions will require a little more thought than usual. Might be a couple of days before I get them up.

    Think, think, think…

  3. Okay, here goes:

    1) I have a heart for mission work in a foreign country and would especially love to teach bible studies and disciple new believers in a muslim nation. I have a heart for Turkey primarily because our church has missionaries in Turkey. I would go wherever the Lord sends me and, for now, he has given me a very important mission field in my own home.

    2) I would love to have lived alongside Daniel. Throughout his long life, he remained so faithful to the Lord. He was blessed with dreams, interpretations, the gift of prophesy, he saw angels and I believe he saw the pre-incarnate Jesus. He lived a life of courage, integrity and steadfast faith even in the midst of Babylonian perversion. He was so full of Godly wisdom even as a young boy and throughout His life.

    3) I find myself saying, “He will never leave you or forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5). The ones I tend hear others saying a lot are “God has a plan for you” (Jeremiah 29:11) and “God works all things for good” (Romans 8:28).

    4) This question makes me the most uncomfortable as I do not feel called/gifted to prophesy. The Lord has impressed upon my spirit the urgency of training my children in the ways of the Lord and to be a constant example to my family. Unfortunately, I fall short often and so my task is to remain close to the Lord through prayer and reading His Word. I believe we must be prepared to remain steadfast through ever increasing strife. My trust is in the Lord Jesus Christ and I try to live each moment as if this could be my last here on earth. It is my prayer that I am ‘going about the Lord’s business’ in all things whenever and however He chooses to call me home.

    5) I have so many worship songs that I love. I did not grow up around traditional hymns and so the worship music I am familiar with is that which I hear at church and listen to on Christian radio (102.3 The River here in Austin). My favorites include “Holy, Holy, Holy”, “How Great is our God”, “Nothing But the Blood”, “Give Me Jesus”, “If You Say Go”, “I Love You, Lord” (my kids and I especially enjoy the Go Fish version of this song), this list could go on and on and on! 🙂

    6) I joined a bible study at work at the persistent invitation of a friend. I attended on and off for about a year before fully trusting in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. The bible study leader continued to shine the Light of the Lord by answering my many questions with scripture and sharing the Truth of the gospel with me. Of course, I can look back now and see all the ways throughout my life that I have been ‘wooed by the Holy Spirit’. More of my testimony can be found at

    Looking forward to the responses of others.
    God Bless!

  4. Hi Timbob,

    You know, I said I wasn’t going to do any more of these meme things, but I like this one, because it requires some serious thinking, and I know I will be able to share some things about my faith. I’m not sure how long it will take me to get it done, but I want to try and have it done within a week. I’ll let you know when it is posted.



  5. Okay. I have posted the meme on my blog.

  6. I haven’t been doing too much blogging lately just popping in to say hi….

    off to see how the tagged ones have responded..:}

  7. A blessing indeed. A tag AND enough time to answer it.

  8. If you want swing by my site and accept the challenge of a meme I created


  9. “www.cumby.wordpress.com (Peter)”

    Ummm….Tim…you know Cumby is gone, right?

  10. Timbob, love the questionare!! Here are my answers and please scroll down to the bottom of my post. http://heaintthroughwithmeyet.wordpress.com/2007/07/20/meme-tag-your-it/

    Love and Blessings

    PS this was a well needed distraction from “my daily Life” since my mother in-law passed monday morning.


  11. Timbob, look through your comments, cause I commented just now and left a link to my post about Meme. And it doesnt show here! 😦

  12. […] by totaltransformation on July 21st, 2007 TimBob sent this my way, so I figured I would answer (primarily because I couldn’t think of any […]

  13. my first meme 🙂 thanks for tagging and yes i’ll need a few days to mull over the answers. be right up with it soon. my name is Enqi 🙂 blessed week to you.

  14. WAY. TO. GO.

    Thanks for obliging me, Timbob! I loved the answers. So thought-filled and your questions are something else! I say again, way to go, brother!

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  16. […] I’m so ashamed that I took forever to get this Meme done! Thanks again to Timbob for tagging me. I finally have some time to myself to sit down and just blog half the day away […]

  17. i FINALLY got down to it. hope you’re doing well 🙂 blessed week and thanks again for tagging me! 🙂

    Enqi @ inhisgrace.wordpress.com

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