Two New Links

October 12, 2007

Greetings.  These newly discovered links have been added to the blogroll, however, I make mention of them here as to bring attention to them. 

www.mikeboldea.blogspot.com   (Listed in blogroll as “Michael Boldea”)  This is the grandson of Dimitru Duduman who does extensive ministering in Romania and recently started a blog.  I found it yesterday afternoon.  This is one to monitor on a regular basis as much of the discussion concerns prophetic events. 

www.hollywoodfreepaper.org   This is a site by Duane Pederson whom I haven’t heard from since before I got out of the navy.  It was a real blessing to hear from him after such a long time and, once again, I find myself longing to be back on the streets preaching the gospel.  As mentioned in the post “Philadelphias Freedom,” I contemplated a move to California in the 80’s for the purpose of street ministry.  It never came to be, and one must remember Romans 8:28. 

This is something that I’m praying about; I cannot shake this desire.  We know that there are no barriers to the perfect will of the Lord.  We may feel completely tied down and overburdened by the daily grind, and yet God can alter the flow of events with a word.  We need to be mindful of just how awesome our God is and know that he will sustain us in any situation.  (Hmm…suddenly the proverbial “be careful of what you ask for” comes to mind.) 

Psalm 37:25  “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.”

Well, I’ll be going for now.  I wish to all a blessed day in Jesus.



  1. Good morning,

    Your comments about the desire for street ministry are unusual, I believe. You have understood something very important; there is absolutely nothing like telling other people about Jesus…and to do it in a venue where you are physically close to people…brings much joy.

    God’s blessings always.

  2. Wow, timbob, to want to be so much in touch through Jesus with others as to join them on the streets… what a marvelous testimony!! It has long been on my heart to minister to and help sustain the homeless… It’s heartbreaking to think of anyone living without God’s Love. God Bless and Keep You and Keep Writing for His Glory!

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