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November 16, 2007
Matthew 9:37-38  “Then he saith unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into the harvest.”

My church in Virginia was a small one.  They met in a storefront, and a large percentage of their members were in the military making for a continuous turning over of those in the fellowship.  The one thing that stood out about true Vine was their heart for evangelism.  Not only a consistant local outreach via visitation and street preaching, but also their support for missionaries.  The number of missionaries that they gave to simply exceeded that which was taken in and yet they were faithful.  I never saw a missionary come through whom they neglected to add on to their support list. 

The need has never been greater to get the gospel out.  The night truly is coming when no man can work.  Yet with so many outreaches it’s imperative that we hear from the Lord on such matters as who to support and what we should be doing in our own neck of the woods.  I remember Susan stating words to the effect that we can involve ourselves with many good things, but “is it Gods thing?”  (I tried to link to the post where she talked of this, but it didn’t work for some reason.)

Like most, I come across ever so many needs in ever so many venues.  Legitimate needs from homeless shelters where the those in need can be given refuge in Jesus name and hear the truth that will make them free, to a missionary in Jakarta whose continually under the watchful eyes of a hostile government.  (such should cause reflection on the array of frivilosities that most of us in the west sink resources into)  While it would be impossible to link to information concerning every legitimate need, this ministry, I just learned of last week and am compelled to share the contact information.  First, the web address:


Started by missionaries, Jim and Sandy McCann, this ministry reaches out with childrens homes, chrisitan schools, and an array of outreaches throughout the Ukraine and surrounding countries.  (This is so incredible when we consider that a mere twenty years ago, this area was incorporated into the USSR, well behind the iron curtain.)  This ministry can be contaced at info@joshuahouselifecenters.org  or by their phone number 1(888) 994-5452

Again, I wish that it were possible to list all of the needs that are prevailant today.  Nonetheless, this one is on my heart like words cannot explain which is why I make mention of it here. 

One more link before closing.  Peter has brought forth a post that I read sometime back, but cannot remember where.  It should cause any who read it to more fervently hunger for the deep things of God.  Here’s the link:


Our God is real.  We don’t worship an impersonal god whose far removed and takes vacations.  We worship and love the living God who created all that is, and yet, became flesh and dwelt among us.  This post on Peters site, I pray will cause be an exhortation to all who read it.  I wish to all a most blessed weekend in Jesus.



  1. This is what we need brother TimBob a heart for evangelism. We need to pray for the body of Christ to have a God given passion for evangelism. God Bless you brother TimBob

    God Bless

  2. Amen Brother!
    Let it ring out!
    God bless you for this,

  3. hi!

  4. Glad you liked the link, though it came from Michael Boldea.



  5. Hi everybody!
    Really was surprised to see the ministry I grew up with!!! Great thanks to everybody who is supporting us!
    Little correction on telephone number: 1-888-884-5452
    May God bless you all! Ulyana

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