Dreams and Divisions (?)

November 18, 2007

While this account will most likely be posted next week, (and probably removed shortly thereafter) I’m writing it on Saturday morning while this thing is fresh in my mind.  A dream that may have no other message than to not eat too many fish fillets and french fries, or may have more significant meaning of which I am not aware.  For this reason, I’ll offer it up and pray that I’m doing so out of sincerety. 

The first part of this dream is obscure; only that it involved a house or building that I was in that seemed like a labyrinth of rooms and passageways.  I’m not even sure if this is an accurate description of this first portion, but is the best that I can remember.  The final segment, however is very memorable as it entailed my oldest sister who has been a Mormon since her early twenties, has multiple personalities and talks to dead people.  (That’s not a joke; she is really in a serious condition and in need of prayer.) 

We were in this room along with a relative whom I do not recognize at all, however, I had the understanding that this lady was a relative.  This relative was in a bed and I also had the understanding that she was dying of cancer.  This was to be her final night on earth and I was with her along with Sally.  (I don’t know if I should even go here.  Its SO OUT THERE!)  She appeared to be almost middle aged; possibly late forties or early fifties. 

Sally and I were at her bedside, when suddenly, Sally arose, took two sticks, began talking as though performing some form of a ritual, and commenced hitting this lady over the head.  The sticks were each a little over two feet long but thin.  They also had grooves in them at regular intervals, as though they had been formed on a lathe.  These sticks were also connected by a cord about three or four feet in length.  The whole apparatus was covered in a golden substance.  Well, upon seeing Sally go to work on this ladys head and the lady, naturally not liking it, I rushed over, put myself between her and Sally and yelled “What are you doing?”  I had to physically force an end to this ordeal with the sticks.

Let me interject this.  In times past, Sally has been involved with holistic medicine and other things of that nature.  I don’t know if she still is or not. 

This incident ended and there was almost a repose for a time; kind of as though I was napping in the course of the dream.  When I came to, I decided to go and check on this relative to see how she was doing.  While going down the hallway, there was a person lying in a blanket there whom I thought to be this relative whom I wish had a name so that I could stop calling her “this relative.”  In the blanket was a much older lady with very white hair.  However, also in the hallway a few feet over, was the lady who was a relative, wrapped up in an orange colored blanket.  I went over to see how she was doing.  She was still with us, however it was now almost morning.  A lot of information in this dream, I just seemed to “know.”  I then heard a disturbance.  Looking up; here came Sally with the sticks again.  “Oh NO!”

I jumped up and headed her off at the pass.  Pushing her back until she finally fell backwards onto a couch where I pinned her down.  She exclaimed “I must finish the ceremony!”  I loudly replied “You’re going to have to show me that in scripture!”  I kept her pinned to the couch, lest she go to work on the ladys head again.  Going through my mind was the fact that Sally is involved with some really strange things and also hoping that I hadn’t missed some obscure verse that one could use to condone beating a departing relative over the head with sticks.  Sallys response was really bizarre.

The response was in the form of a well constructed rhyme and it had to do with hitting the person four times so that they could get to the other side.  If only hit two times, (that’s all that Sally had managed to get in before I interrupted the ordeal earlier)  they would be stuck in between worlds.  Well, this is where I awakened and, as one can imagine, I pondered “WHAT WAS THAT?”  I have no idea as to what any of this would signify.  The sticks that Sally was using seemed very detailed; as though made precicely for the purpose of performing some sort of ritual.  I can still see the face of the relative and also the much older lady who was in the hallway.  I can hear the rhyme in my head, but not remember the exact wording; only the message contained therein.  I seriously don’t know if I can even post this.  (this may not be here very long) 

One serious thing has already come from this.  I need to be keeping Sally in prayer.  She has involved herself with some really strange things over the years and needs a deliverance.  She really “needs a deliverance!”  We know that Jesus came to set the captives free and to save us from an eternity of everlasting death.  We know that God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.  We also know that Jesus Christ is God, manifest in flesh, and is from everlasting to everlasting.  He is the same yesterday, today, and for ever.  That’s such a comfort; to know that God doesn’t change.  He is a sure foundation and we can be certain that as he was in the times when he established the foundations of the world, so he is today.  As he was in the days of Abraham and Elijah, so he is in 2007.  As he is in 2007, he’ll continue to be 200 million years from now.   

Well, I’ll end this for now.  It’s still Saturday morning, but I don’t plan to post this until  tomorrow or Monday.  (I’m still not certain if it should be out there and input is definately requested)   I know that this post is “out there.”  Currently on the other blog,  www.timbob2.wordpress.com/2007/11/16/a-number-and-a-man/  is a more average post.  I’ll conclude with an awesome passage of scripture and wish to all a blessed day in Jesus.

Matthew 4:23-24  “And Jesus went about all Galilee teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.  And his fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those which were posessed with devils, and those which were lunitic, and those which had the palsy; and he healed them.” 



  1. Hey Timbob! Wow, what a dream! I am no interpreter, but my first thought when you said Sally was beating your relative over the head with a stick sure did make me think of the lies and deceptions that are being beaten into the lost world’s heads. And you (the body of Christ?), being the intercessor, are standing in the gap to protect some from those lies as they have no power over you.

    Just a thought. But it would seem to me that maybe our prayers are more powerful than I ever imagined. Standing in the gap and taking the abuse for another because the Victor who resides within us has already conquered and NOTHING can touch Him or rob us of the deposit He has made in us. He can take the abuse if we will but throw our bodies over those who are being abused and misled and pray His mantle of protection over them.

    LORD, give us courage to march out in Your Great Name and stand for those who cannot stand. Let Your Spirit be so bright within us that nothing can come against us. Place Your burden upon us that we might know Your heart and speak Your Truth in power to overcome the evil one who would like to kill, steal, and destroy.
    So be it. Amen.

  2. Amen, Marie, and thank you. God’s Blessings on you and your efforts in His precious name.

    timbob, I will indeed lift up your sister in prayer. It’s difficult enough for a lost world but I can relate to close relatives and friends we know well. I praise God that you follow Jesus and bless His name with all you share with us.
    In His Love.

  3. Greetings Marie. Something that you mention here has me thinking. Jesus tells us how we ought to always pray and not faint. It also seems that the enemy will throw everything in our path to distract us from prayer time. I was thinking this morning of how to make time every hour for prayer; even if its a few minutes somewhere. Our live can be so busy and events almost seem to carry us away at times. Thanks so much for stopping in.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus.

  4. Greetings Odale. Sally definately needs prayer. She became involved with the mormon church at a very early age. The other things, I’m not sure how it all came to be. When folks dabble in spiritual matters thgat are apart from God they’re asking for trouble and I think that Sally got into more than she bargained for somewhere.
    Definately prayer is needed as there are souls in the balance.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a most blessed day in Christ.

  5. hi timbob

    I am reading this in 2008. How is your sister doing now? I also have lost loved ones, and I understand your burden for her. I will pray for her too.


  6. Greetings Marianne. Sorry for taking so long to reply. Thanks so much for keeping this in prayer. Sally is really set in her ways and it will take a miraculous opening of the eyes for her to see the truth. But then, this is always the case as we know that wisdom and true undersdtanding come from God.

    I’m also remembering the boy that you mentioned who lives in a muslim country. I’m certain that revealing his name would be dangerous, but I’m keeping him in prayer as the Lord knows his name, the numbers of hairs on his head, and how to deliver all who trust in him.

    Have a blessed evening in Jesus.

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