Weekend Reflections (links)

November 30, 2007

This is a very good piece from Dave Daubenmire, found at news with Views, although I found it on Steve Quayles site.  It exhorts us to ponder the ways that we utilize our time.  Here’s the link: (if it works)


Cool, it works.  Please take a moment to check it out.  Another good post is on Daniels site:


This post tells of an amazing incident that transpired in the Kansas statehouse recently.  Another post was done earlier, but neglected to link to it until now:


One more.  In an age when everyone is seeking numbers, authenticity is often overlooked.  A post which addresses the issue of sincere evangelism can be found at the following:


All of these links are well worth a visit.  More may be added this weekend if time permits.  Until next time, Have a blessed weekend in Jesus.


  1. Hi TImbob!
    Just dropping in with a little love to you and yours…
    I hope to be back soon to read some of your more recent stuff…
    I’ve been trying to cut back a bit on the virtual world!

    The Father sees completion in Christ!!

    The Father sees Christ in YOU!!!!

  2. No doubt Dave’s article spoke to your heart and thanks for sharing! I know how it affected me so you were probably thinking, “Yes!” Glad that you know it’s all about God’s Will, and would like to tell you that you do an Excellent and Powerful work here in both of your blogs.
    Yours and Daniel’s blogs have been an uplifting source and it was not by accident that I found y’all. Thank you for always helping, Brother, and many others surely agree.
    You’re in my prayers, as always.

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