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February 12, 2008

John 12:26  “If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour.”

This is my fervent desire.  To be where the Lord desires me to be.  This morning, I was pondering a lot of things.  The lateness of the hour, the spirit of slumber that has overtaken the masses, the perpetual sideshows that keep everyone in suspense over divers frivilocities and the season that we’re entering into.  As I was in prayer this morning, one thing became clear.  The blogging season is over; at least for me.  (at least for now)  The time is short and there’s too much to be done in these final hours of the age. 

The final hours of the age.  This age is coming to its end.  Scripture is coming to pass before our eyes.  Were entering a time which will become so intense that “except those days be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elects sake those days shall be shortened.”  As such, it’s imperative to be about our Fathers business in whatever capacity he would have us be.  We must draw close to him and truly seek his will instead of our self-centered agendas.  Words cannot relay the seriousness of the hour.  Every hour, souls pass into eternity.  Every hour, the return of Jesus draws closer.  every hour that passes, is an hour that will never be again.  Please visit the following post on Peters site:


The post is long, but should be read by every saint who professes to be watching.  Peters site, www.theagetocome.wordpress.com  is one to keep track of.  I would also admonish all who remain in the blogosphere to keep track of Michael Boldeas site:  www.mikeboldea.blogspot.com  Most of all, I would admonish every saint to do what we know we should be doing.  Get close to the Lord Jesus in prayer, stay in his word, and work while time remains.  Let go of every idol and hinderance that would keep us from hearing what the Spirit saith unto the churches. 

Well, I’m signing off for now.  I may return to posting in the future and for this reason, I’m keeping the site up.  As for now, however, other priorities with eternal implications, must be addressed.  As Susan once told me “When the time comes to let go of the blog, we’ll be in such a place spiritually that we’ll have no trouble letting it go.”  (or words to that effect) 

Have a blessed day in Jesus.

Timothy Pelfrey (aka timbob)



  1. Timbob, I will miss reading your blog, but truly understand where you are coming from. It is harder to keep up and most of the time I read but don’t comment often.

    Thank you for keeping in touch ( even though we are so hard to get a hold of 😦 )and hopefully the time will come we meet face to face.

    It is an interesting season, and yes this Age is winding down and drawing to an end; as is the blog.
    May we all be found ready and waiting when the Lord of Glory, our precious Jesus returns should we still be alive at that Day and hour.

    Much love and grace to you in Jesus Tim, and thank you for sharing your life, heart, thoughts, wisdom and encouragement with the rest of us.

    May you be abundantly blessed and kept in the Hope and Faith and Love of the Lord; ever moving forward with a heart set upon the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ!

    Blessings, blessings, blessing to you!!! Walk in the Light as He is in the Light and share the good news boldly with all the Spirit brings across your path. Preach the Word, be instant in season and out, always trusting the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into all truth.
    His ways are just and right and they are life! Go forth with confidence in He who is you King, whose Spirit dwells within. Arise and do great exploits brother, for the glory and honor of the Lord Jesus!

    Your sister and friend in His love, grace and service,


  2. One more thing Tim, I would rather say let us be found ready and waiting, yet working in the Harvest fields, our hand to the plow, our hearts set in heavenly places in Christ Jesus!

    There’s too many sitting on the sidelines; I want to be where the action is; don’t you? 😀

    Bless you!

  3. Hi Timbob, it is with mixed feelings I reply to your post. It was great to be in touch with you in the blogosphere and I will miss your sincere and encouraging words. However if you are doing as The Lord leads that’s what matters and we will catch up one day when this mortal puts on immortality. God bless you and yours, and be about His business, Vince

  4. Hi Timbob,

    I will miss your words of encouragement and admonition. Thank you for your willingness and obedience to share the wisdom and insight God has poured into you.

    May the peace, love, joy and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you now and forever. Amen.


  5. I’ll admit it, I’m ready to cry. You have given so much encouragement and insight, Tim, and I am grateful for your love of the Lord and all of us who come to you for words He has laid on your heart.

    No doubt at all you are doing what the Spirit leads and will accomplish His will.

    I Love You, Brother, and will keep you in prayers.

    Hope you will find time to return soon and I will eventually get all of your posts read! 🙂

  6. Timothy, as the others who have written before me, I am saddened at the loss of your writings here, but I certainly understand.

    Your writing has blessed me, has inspired me, has encouraged me. Thank you.

    God’s peace and direction continue to possess you.

    Shirley Buxton

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