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Checking In 6-26-08 (1342 EDT)

June 26, 2008

Greetings. Over the past week or so, I’ve wanted to post on a number of things, however, time was a factor. In the summer, blogging seems to be almost impossible as we have so many things going on, and yet the urgency of the times and lateness of the hour compells me to remain active as long as possible. We never know when we will post for the final time and therefore, anything submitted should be of a nature that will exhort the saints to draw closer to Jesus and compel the lost to PLEASE come into the ark of safety before it is too late.

“Too Late.” I’m reminded of a tract that Gospel Tract Society puts out entitled “Too.” It features a series of nine sketches which depict reasons that people put off issues of eternal significance such as:

Much too young to think about God.

Much too smart to think about God

Much to busy to think about God.

Much too tired to think about God.

The final scene depicts a cemetary and has the caption “much too late to think about God.” Most people live their lives as though this present situation in the theater of atoms is all that matters. Yet whatever season we are currently in, it will pass and none of us are promised a walk under tomorrows sunshine.  At the moment a person leaves this world, it doesn’t matter how many toys they had, how admired they were by their contemporaries, or how impressive their legacy is. The “only thing” that matters is whether or not their name is in the book of life. A few nights ago, I caught a glimpse of a program discussing the brilliance of comedian George Carlin who passed away from a heart attack. If he died without Christ, the talent and admiration amounted to absolutely nothing. (I sincerely hope that, in his later years he came to know Jesus as Savior and Lord.)

Christians tend to fall into the same trap of being overcharged by the things of this “very temporal world.” The enemy is working overtime to keep the ambassadors of Christ diverted with a host of issues as he prepares the unsuspecting masses to embrace a lie. A lie that will stand up to scientific scrutiny and appeal to the desire of folks to sustain their lives in this present world. This is a hard thought, but I’m compelled to mention it. There are people who would refuse the mark if they had only themselves to worry about. But because they have children whom they can no longer care for, they will end up taking this mark in order to meet the needs of their household. I can almost see professing christians resorting to I Timothy 5:8 in order to justify an act that the bible states will forever separate a person from the presence of God. As stated before, I fear that “none of us” truly grasp the treachery of this hour as the final campaigns of this age unfold. We must get closer to Jesus and be more atuned to the Holy Spirit than we have ever been before.

Well, I’ll be going for now. A lot of things are on my heart and, when (if) time permits, I’ll get to them. A few nights ago, I tried to post, but so many things were on my heart at the same time that I was unable to latch on to any particular one. Until the next time, I wish to all a blessed day in Jesus. 

Ecclesiastes 8:8 “There is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit; neither hath he power in the day of death: and there is no discharge in that war; neither shall wickedness deliver those that are given to it.”




Blogger Interrupted:

June 15, 2008

Greetings in Jesus name. We were without internet service for over two weeks and, as a result, I was unable to interract here. During that time, I pondered and prayed repeatedly on whether or not to leave this venue or to continue on. The answer that continuously surfaces is to continue on, but to focus more on encouraging the saints to get close to the Lord Jesus.  I mean REALLY close; so close that all of the sideshows with which we tend to occupy our time fade away.  We need an understanding of just how temporal this present world is and how “permanent” the age to come is.  II Corinthians 4:18 has been referred to many times because it highlights this truth perfectly.  This world and all that we see, will pass away, but Jesus is alive for ever more. When this understanding is etched into our heart of hearts, the idols of this world will simply dissolve into nothing.

From this point on, I’m desiring to focus much more on the God who created all that is, has no beginning, has no ending, and changes not. I want to strive to encourage the saints to let go of everything that separates them from Christ and to get as close to him as they can get. We will need this vibrant relationship with him if were to not be overwhelmed by the events taking place on the earth. Not only do we need it, those around us who are still in the valley of decision need for us to be faithful and grounded in truth. When the world around us is falling apart and we remain steadfast, they will know of a truth that Christ is in us and that our God is real. Some will have their spiritual eyes opened and will come to Jesus during these times.  

Each of us have been chosen for this hour. None of us came on the scene too early or too late.  May we all be prepared to let go of our best laid plans, come before the Lord and in all sincerety say “Behold I am here. Your will be done.”  To love him wholeheartedly, trust him completely, and follow him unconditionally.  Well, I’ll close for now. Until next time, I wish to all a blessed day in Jesus.