Something Wiccan That Way Goes

July 22, 2008

It began with a dream and it involves a situation to which the conclusion is currently uncertain. For these two reasons I wrestled with putting together this post; wondering if it would have any relevance. Yet there are three notable things that can be gleaned from the account:

( 1 ) We are engaged in spiritual warfare 24/7 whether we are mindful of it or not. The enemy has but a short time and he’s going all out to destroy as many as he possibly can. We must be aware of the devils tactics and always be mindful that “Greater is he (Jesus) that is in us than he that is in the world.” 

( 2 ) We must always be mindful of the souls who pass through our lives and as I Peter 3:15 states “be ready always to give answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you.”

( 3 ) Pray for those who are outside of the household of faith; regardless of how far removed from the truth they may appear. “God gives the increase.”

In the summer of 2002, the company that I currently work for went through a hiring phase and I was one of the new employees. After spending fourteen years in the HVAC industry, it was quite a change and while the work was (and is) monotonous, it was (and is) interesting to work with folks from a host of different backgrounds. One such person was a girl who I’ll refer to as Cindy. Although she tended to let things at work “get to her” more than was necessary, she was a pleasent person to be around and it was really easy to crack her up. (a vent for my clowning around problem.) Normally it takes me a while to get to know a person, however, if one has a healthy sense of humor, the process is much quicker and such was the case with Cindy.

From a spiritual standpoint, however, the situation was, to put it mildly, perilous. At the time, I was profoundly backslidden and consumed by the cares of this life. When I think of all the souls who passed in and out of my circle during those years who should have been reached with the gospel, but weren’t, it’s nearly too much to bear. Cindy was a practicing Wiccan; heading down a path which appeared enlightening, compassionate, and a way to find spiritual fulfilment, but ultimately leads to destruction. Words cannot adequately express how important it is for us to be walking in the Spirit, praying fervently for, and reaching out to those around us for whom Jesus shed his blood. I wasted a lot of years and while I praise God for waking me up, I wish that I had never drifted so far off course.

In March of 2004, the Lord Jesus “did a work suddenly” in my life. It began one night, while sitting right where I am now. I came across my old church in Virginia while surfing around the internet. Memories were stirred and over the next day or so, I began remembering from whence I had fallen. One night in bed, I uttered the words from Jeremiah 8:6 “What have I done” and the following day, while driving to work on Millers Mill road, I repented of the wasted years along with the wickedness that I had engaged in. The Lord Jesus was faithful and began a restoration work that is still ongoing and continues to astonish me. Jesus Christ; our Savior and High Priest who ever lives to make intercession for us. WOO HOO!  

Shortly thereafter, I was compelled to begin praying for Cindy who had left the company a few months prior. I had no idea as to where she was or how things were transpiring in her life, but I was minded nonetherless to begin praying for her upon every rememberance. As I began to routinely lift her up in prayer, there was an opposition. It was almost a resistance that could be felt whenever prayer was made for her. Thoughts would come to mind suggesting that she wasn’t to be prayed for. Sometimes, it was almost as though a “praying through” had to take place. At the time, I wasn’t certain if I was up against a spiritual entity or if my imagination was just working overtime. (I have an overactive imagination that requires continuous casting down.) Although the enemy always works to keep us from prayer; along with everything else that furthers the kingdom of God, praying for Cindy was more intense than average.

Time marches on and memories slowly reduce down to more abstract images. Praying for someone “upon every rememberance” may gradually diminish from a few times daily to maybe once a week or so as other issues become pressing. So the dream that transpired about five weeks ago really caught me off guard. (I rarely have dreams, but the ones that I do have usually involve some form of spiritual warfare) As it began, I was having a casual conversation with Cindy; just as would have taken place when we worked together. Only it wasn’t at work. In fact the background was obscure and displayed no details that would indicate where this conversation was taking place. Nonetheless, it was as though the clock had been turned back about six years-minus the rebellious state that I was in at the time.

Then, without warning, Cindy was far removed, way off in the distance. Suddenly there was, in front of me, what looked like a very young man with somewhat unmanaged hair an expression of quiet confidence on his face. In my spirit, I knew that he was an opposer of truth and was routinely sent to neutralize anyone who was a threat to that way. I understood that he was routinely successful and that in his eyes, I was simply the next one to be rendered “no longer a threat.” This is where it gets strange.  His demeanor of total confidence caused me to be somewhat fearful of him. I knew that this shouldn’t happen, but happening it was. I cannot overemphasize just how confident he appeared to be; as though he was going to take me down without breaking a sweat. (Oddly enough, he looked like one of Morgans old boyfriends)

I then began praying and talking with the Lord Jesus. Two things are notable about this prayer which took place as the opposer of truth was readying himself to make me as all of the others that he had defeated. First, it was in a casual tone. Unlike most stressful situations where we feel compelled to pray louder as though it will help to move the prayer along faster. The prayer was non hurried and relaxed. Just talking to the Lord Jesus. Second, the opposer of truth wasn’t the topic of discussion. I cannot remember exactly what I was talking to the Lord about, but it wasn’t really about the situation at hand; even when the opposer unleashed his salvos.

The opposer was standing about twelve feet in front of me and he launched what looked like hundreds upon hundreds of tiny comets; each with a softball sized nucleus and a tail about three feet long. They flew at me and each one; as it got to within a couple of feet of where I was, fizzled. The barage continued on, I kept talking to the Lord Jesus, and every comet-looking salvo vanished at is drew close. I was still in prayer but the initial fear was gone and I noticed the expression on the opposers face. It still looked just as it did in the beginning; confident and unwavering, but I could sense that he was baffled at the complete ineffectiveness of the ongoing assault. This sense of bafflement began to give way to frustration and finally anger as the opposer began to realize that he was unable to accomplish his assignment. (Somehow, failure seemed to be completely unexpected)

James 4:7 “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

I finally awakened from this dream and was, needless to say, perplexed. I’m certain that something in the spiritual realm came down that night, but I have no idea of what’s transpiring now. I’ve not heard from Cindy in five years. Sometimes when a person has been out of contact for so long, it becomes harder to keep them in prayer. New situations come up, new battles emerge, and our circle of contacts gradually shifts as we move through the various seasons of life.  Nonetheless, I’m determined to keep Cindy in prayer; knowing that Jesus paid for the sins of all and that when God does a thing suddenly, there’s salvation and true deliverance.  Every soul is eternal and priceless.

We really need to be atuned to the seriousness of souls hanging in the balance and the spiritual battles taking place all around us. Without a doubt, the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. We never know when a brief prayer unto the Lord Jesus while walking out to the barn may result in the bringing down of a stronghold somewhere that we didn’t even know about. The Lord used an elderly lady who prayed for David Meyers a long time to bring him out of darkness. His testimony can be read HERE. Well, I’m still hesitant about posting this, but here it goes.

Have a blessed day in Jesus.





  1. Sorry I have nothing substantial to say about the post. I hadn’t seen you around in a while so I figured I would check in and see how you were/are.

  2. Greetings J Kaiser! It’s been quite a while as time is in short supply these days and getting around the blogospher as I once did is almost impossible. (Although I was at your site yesterday.) All is well here and I pray that all is going well with your household. Thanks for taking time to stop by.

    have a blessed evening in Jesus.

  3. sorry timbob.. i haven’t been around much either — i was out of the country and will soon leave again next week. how are things with u? hope they are well.

    my heart longs to be with jesus.

  4. Greetings Code. Hope all is well with you. I’m keeping you in prayer as you head out of the country and look forward to hearing from you when it’s possible. Our God fills heaven and earth and is greater than any trial that we may face.

    Blessings always in Jesus.

  5. Brother Wiggleworth once awoke to an entity at the bottom of his bed. He said, “oh , its you,” and then went back to sleep. How safe to be on the Lord’s side. What can the enemy do to us when we walk with Him? We stand in the shadow of the wings of Jesus, and like a mother hen, He looks out for us.

    May Cindy, wherever she is, be touched right now in the mighty name of Jesus. Perhaps the Lord will give us the priveledge of hearing how he touched Cindy?…………..Frank

  6. What an incredible rest we have in the Lord Jesus and Smith Wigglesworth exemplifies a trust in him that all of us should be at. To simply trust his word; regardless of the ambient situation.

    In the dream, I was astonished to find a certain level of fear when confronted by the entity who had been sent to neutralize me. I think that particular element was a warning to me that I have growing to do. We’re living in times when we can expect supernatural manifestations which are not of God to become increasingly commonplace.

    Thanks for praying for Cindy. The Lord knows where she is, what she’s up against, and her entire situation. In all of the time since we worked together, I’ve been compelled to keep her in prayer; knowing that with God all things are possible. A soul is priceless.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus.

  7. All Christians in the reasonably near future will have to come to terms with their fears. To fear is not wrong or sinful, to be live in it or be overcome by it is. We share a Gospel that may have to be lived out fully in our lifetimes. Many times down through the centuries our brothers and sisters have been called to put it all on the line, and praise God, He was and is faithful, even in the midst of the fiery furnace………..Frank

  8. hi Timbob

    It is amazing how much effort witches put into their “prayers” against us.

    Cases like this remind us that we should be as energetic and devoted in what we do as well.

    The spiritual realm is more real than what we see.

    Keep prayer support around you.

    God bless you and keep you safe.

  9. Hi Marianne. I still keep cindy in prayer; even though I’ve not seen her since the end of 2003. Her dad still works at the plant and run into him occasionally. There are others of that way who are likewise on my prayer list.

    There’s something about witches that they can almost be picked out in a crowd. It’s like there are certain “ever so subtle” mannerisms that announce their involvement in such. I know that it sounds nutty and I cannot explain it even to myself, but I picked up on this when working with Cindy on a daily basis.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

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