The Gales of November (2008)

November 10, 2008

There’s a tendancy, as we grow older, to become increasingly reflective. We incorporate knowledge, life experiences and spiritual understanding into our perceptions of all that is.  A reviewing of the journey thus far, ponderings of the future, and a prayerful seeking of our own direction. Are we seeking to be in the Lords perfect will or are we withholding certain areas of our lives for our own designs? Have we truly reached a place where we love not our lives in this world or are we serving two masters who are in complete opposition? In short, “are we where we need to be, and if not what must we do to correct the problem?” Today is November 10, 2008 and I have reached the ripe old age of 44. Compared to the unending vastness of the everlasting, 44 years is as nothing. In the natural world, however, it’s a reminder that time is slipping away and there will eventually come a day when our works, done in Jesus name, will have been completed. We will have finished off our allotment of opportunities to share the gospel on a street corner, at the workplace, or in a prison.

If there’s a single song that sums up my thoughts concerning the past, it’s “I Need Thee Every Hour.” I have blown countless opportunities and squandered several years in a state of stagnation. Exactly when the season of rebellion began isn’t clear cut, however, all of the red flags indicating trouble ahead were flying. Had I taken heed to them, a ton of grief could have been avoided. A little slacking in this or that, a few careless imaginations being allowed to linger, and a liberal dose of spiritual pride. Soon a state of rebellion that lasted roughly thirteen years was in full swing. It was in the early spring of 2004 when the Lord miraculously brought me out of it. This will all be covered in my testimony, when I get that far. (When I get that far? lol. So far the first page contains roughly 2000 words and I haven’t even gotten through my first year as a new creature in Christ.) As discouraging as the season of rebellion was though, many lessons have been gleaned from those dark days; namely an awareness of the pitfalls and flirtations with the world that can carry one off. Pitfalls that many christians fail to recognize as being such.  And spiritual pride is deadly to be sure. Yet I believe that the season of rebellion actually may have thwarted a much more dangerous situation down the road.

II Corinthians 7:11 “For behold this selfsame thing, that ye sorrowed after a godly sort, what carefulness it wrought in you, yea, what clearing of yourselves, yea, what indignation, yea, what fear, yea, what vehement desire, yea, what zeal, yea, what revenge! In all things ye have approved yourselves to be clear in this manner.”

Many wonder what the future will hold as we go from this day forth. We know that, regardless of events in the physical realm, we have an eternal habitation with the Lord Jesus Christ that shall never wax old. Last Tuesday, as we witnessed the outcome of the political cycle that most of us expected, I saw something very sinister in play. The march to a new world system has been accellerated and we will soon have a leader in this country who’se held in such high esteem that he’s seemingly beyond reproach. The time will come when anyone speaking out against his policies will seem to be against the common good of their fellow citizens. “Who can make war with this guy?” At the moment, I cannot quite put my finger on it, but there seems to be something very sinister brewing that will be unleashed suddenly. I believe that at some point in the near future, laws will be enacted that classify the bible as “hate speech” and contrary to the policies of “coexistance.” There will be a universally accepted “bible” but it won’t be the word of God. (Note: this is not a “thus saith the Lord.” It’s just that feeling of ominisity that one gets when things are not as they appear on the surface.)

This link is to a post at “Deliver Detroit” which is much less “seemingly apocalyptic” than my thoughts concerning Mr. Obama. The post is entitled Social Reform and Obama Nation I link to it, because the writer makes a point of the fact that any change coming from the Obama administration is very temporal with little effect on eternity. He concludes the post by stating “Barak is not the Messiah, stop believing the change he advocates is the change that will fix things.” Tragically, many are expecting such a “fix” of things and it reveals how quickly people will put their trust in a man. A tendancy that one day “will” have eternal implications.  

SUSANS DREAM  I’ve written about this before, but with events being as they are, it bears another visit.

The Susan that I’m referring to was, for the most part bedridden however, her sister attended a church in Three Rivers where I used to fellowship. While it’s been over three years since I heard the telling of this, it’s in my mind like yesterday. It begins with Susan walking through her neighborhood when she discovers a small church that she hadn’t noticed before. She visits and finds a body of saints who are somewhat mechanical and “just not quite with it” so to speak. After the service, Susan returns home, somewhat perplexed by the experience, but mindful to make a second visit in the evening.

The evening comes and Susan heads off to this newly discovered church. When she arrives, the building is completely boarded up. She is really perplexed by this and decides to walk farther. Soon comes upon another church that’s boarded up. She continues on until she sees up ahead, a flurry of activity. As she approaches, she finds a very new and very large church building where folks are pouring in as service appears to be about to start. As Susan approaches the door, she notices a large black box with a slit near the top. A sign reads “deposit all bibles here.” Needless to say, she elects not to do this and so begins to walk back to her house.

When she arrives home, she discovers that several saints are there. She knows that they all love the Lord Jesus, but has never met any of them before. It’s as though they come from several different places and have met in this single location. Time passes until there’s a knock at the door. There are heavily armed police at the door who are under orders to terminate anyone who refuses to deny Jesus Christ as savior and Lord. At this point, Susan politely tells the men, “I cannot do that. Jesus is my Savior and Lord.” The dream concludes as the police are preparing to carry out their orders.

It wasn’t long after hearing of this, that David Meyer wrote something that blew my mind. (If any could verify this information, I would be appreciative)  In a newsletter, he mentioned a trip to the United Nations bulding in new York. According to David, he discovered a “meditation room” that had, in the center of the room, a LARGE BLACK BOX. He went on to explain the significance of this black box, and I instantly remembered the black box in Susans dream. I truly believe that this is wrapping up fast. In fact the entire election cycle seemed as though it was being pulled along on a perdetermined path. The entire process appeared to be carefully scripted, and for me, it was “eerie.”

We’re at a point in time where we must simply proclaim truth while we can.  Some will hear, most will not. Many will try to sidetrack us into discussions that have no relevance. It’s time to just put it out there. He who has ears to hear will receive it. He who doesn’t have ears to hear will rationalize.  As for us, we must hold fast the testimony of our faith in Christ, regardless of threatenings or consequences in the flesh. Gods grace will be sufficient for anything that we face.

Well, I’ll be going for now. It was a hectic weekend and it looks to be a hectic week; unless General Motors runs out of money and we close down as a result. These are very strange times, but God is faithful and he knows them who place their trust in him. What peace awaits us when we can arrive at a place where we “take no thought for the morrow” but trust completely in the Lord Jesus; even when the chariots of Egypt fail and the flesh pots are empty. Until the next time, I wish to all a blessed day in Jesus.




  1. I promise to find out about the black box.

    You know who this is.

  2. Thanks. I have no way of knowing; only from what I read. It could be something that is no longer in place.

  3. Amen Bro!
    I like the finish at the second to the last paragraph.
    “We’re at a point in time……

    May you be blessed as you go out,


  5. Timbob,

    I will send you an email. I got her number.

  6. Thanbks code for the number and other information. I’ll take care of the comments as you requested. Thanks for everything.

    Have a blesed evening in Jesus.

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