“You Say You Want a Revolution”

December 27, 2008

Actually I’m referring to Jeralds site A REVOLUTIONARY GOSPEL. To get the whole of it, one really should start from the beginning, but any reading is thought provoking and brings to light the sheer awesomeness of the Lord. This site is linked to on the blogroll, however, the blogroll is so long that, even perched atop the alphatetical listing, it becomes buried. Thanks Jerald for sharing your incredible insights in this venue.

CR has also started a blog and I’m looking forward to this also. It’s called PRAY IT 4 WORD and was started yestrday. Wow; a blogger whom I know in real life.

I also ask for prayer concerning Monday as CR and I are planning to head into Chicago to share the gospel. I’m concerned that something will come up and foil the trip, which has happened so often in the past. I had desired to go there on election night as it the crowd in Grant Park would have been a great place to pass out tracts; explaining to any who would listen that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and that we should NEVER place men in higher esteem than that which is written. (In hindsight, the crowd in Grant park was having such a love fest with the next president that I don’t know if anything would have come out of such a trip) We know that the whole world will, at some point, wander after a man and that the conditioning for such a following is well underway. Until the man of sin is “revealed” any speculation is merely that…speculation.

I’ll update later, concerning Monday; even if it gets foiled. I wish to all a blessed day in Jesus.



  1. Thanks for the plug, Timbob.

    Marie and I will pray for the trip and ask the Lord’s protection for you as you travel and while you are there. May you speak the very words of Christ to those who have been given the ears to hear.

  2. I pray the time there is a blessing to you, and you receive encouragement and success. Our nation faces many dark days ahead, especially for those that have lost jobs. A message of hope will help.

  3. Praying for you TimBob…hope you had a blessed Holiday, and that the Lord opens ears to hear the words which will be spoken through you…


  4. Hi Jerald. The added plug seemed appropriate as your postings are so thought provoking and enlightening. I only wish that i had more time to read as they should not be glanced over quickly.

    The trip to Chicago is now scheduled for Tuesday as CR had nobody to watch the kids on Monday. I could have gone alone as I usually do, but he really wants to get out there. He understands the lateness of the hour in a way that few seem to grasp. I’m really looking forward to Tuesday.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus.

  5. Hi Marianne. These are indeed troubling times. I’ve heard folks, even today, try to encourage themselves by telling me “Oh it’s going to turn around next year.” So many are pinning their hopes on the chariots of Egypt. Only Jesus can offer real peace and security. A real peace that’s not based on economic or political outcomes. Praise God for our great salvation and an eternity in the new Jerusalem. Thanks for stopping by.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus.

  6. Hi Godsgal. Thanks so much for keeping us in prayer. I likewise do the same for you upon every rememberance. We’re in very strange times and I Peter 4:7-8 is ever so true.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus.

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