“Standing In The Loop”

December 31, 2008

I was almost expecting something to come up, but it never did. I was almost certain that I would have to explain why, after so much anticipation, the trip to Chicago had to be postponed. This fear never materialized and so CR and I spent a large portion of the day (Dec 30) in Chicago, handing out tracts and talking to any who would listen. While the general attitude wasn’t as hard as I had anticipated, (I think that Kalamazoo is spiritually colder) everyone was in such a hurry that even quick conversations were hard to strike up. (It seems that the devil is a master of distractions) Had we not been loaded down with tracts, little may have come from the visit. Nonetheless a lot of truth went out and the word of God will never-ever return void.

Generally I’m not a very outgoing person, but in the streets, there is so much joy in my heart that it’s like a hundred holidays rolled into one. I can say from the bottom of my heart that spending a week in the center of a metropolis sharing the gospel would be ten times more desirable than a dream vacation to some luxurious resort in the Carribean. I would rather dwell among the chaotic souls in need of Jesus than barracade myself in a lukewarm church that equates material gain with godliness. It’s a fervent desire that seems crazy to the world and even to many saints. And while I’m fully aware that a large city is a bad place to be when it all goes down, if  I could move to Chicago tomorrow, I would be there before noon for this very reason.

CR and I thought about this; almost simultaneously a few days ago. “What if it all goes down while we’re in the loop?” We know from scripture that unimaginable tribulation lies ahead and is already at the door. The economic turmoil of the past few months is nothing compared to what’s coming. So if suddenly a cataclysmic event transpires and we’re stranded in the windy city, “we’ll have a captive audience.”  By the grace of God, the trappings of this world no longer move me. The thoughts of those events coming to pass on the earth no longer rattle me; rather make manifest the need to get the gospel out “now.”  By the grace of God who, in his mercy called us out of darkness, my heart is not in this world. And when I’m in the streets with a backpack full of tracts, all that matters is compelling the eternal ones to come to Jesus while there’s still time.

Every venture seems to bring about an encounter with one particular person that puts an exclamation mark on the trip. Today it was a saint named Derek who we met him during a brief stop at Pacific Garden Mission.  He accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior about a year ago, while staying at the mission, and is now involved with a street ministry that goes out three; sometimes four times per week. Whenever we encounter someone like Derek who is completely sold out to Jesus, it’s a real blessing and encourages us to let go of everything that would come between us and Jesus.

Well I’ll be going for now. On previous post, in the comment section, Code alerted me to the January eddition of the Last Trumpet Newsletter being available. It’s entitled America A Nation Unprepared and alerts the reader to the lateness of the hour along with sharing insights into things that will never be covered on CNN.

I wish to all a blessed day and a blessed 2009 in Jesus.


Greetings again. The year to come promises be one of astonishing turmoil in the physical realm. Here are two links that sum up the coming turmoil. One may seemto be “out there” to any who follow along in the predictable patterns, but these are strange times and the old grammerically flawed saying of “you ain’t seen nothing yet” applies to the times in which we live. Please check these links out:



These are times when we simply must abide under the shadow of the almighty. There are events soon to break forth that will astonish even those who have been monitoring their rise insofar as the intensity. But if we are abiding in Jesus, our astonishment will not turn into fear or panic. Panic will cause people to make choices that they never dreamed they would ever consider. 



  1. Hey Timbob, I admire you so much for doing this, and with so much joy. Isn’t it unexplainable the great pleasure we experience while doing what we are created for? I know Rivers of Life flowed out into the streets of Chicago yesterday because you and your friend were obedient to the Master’s call.

    Thank you for sharing. Abundant blessings to you and yours.

  2. And, what is with that gastly picture that comes up with my comments?????? 🙂

  3. Hi Marie. Thanks for stoppping by. Lord willing I would like to get together with Dereks team in the future. It was an awesome time in the Lord. As for the pictures that pop up, I’m not sure who created them, but they had quite an imagination.

    May you and Jerald have a most blessed new year in Jesus.

  4. Hi Timbob,

    I was born and raised in Chicago, but it really hasn’t been “home” for me since I was 17. I couldn’t imagine living there again, but if the Lord told us to go there, we would go. For now, we are laboring for the Lord here in California. I hope you and your family will have a wonderful New Year in Jesus.

  5. Happy new year to you. Nice read here!

  6. Hi Carol. I’m not at all a city type person, but I like them from an evangelistic standpoint. A funny thing happened Tuesday as CR noticed a strange-looking statue atop the Chicago Board of trade (I think that was the building) There was a guy unloading some boxes nearby and so he asked the guy about the statue. The guy looked up and replied “Oh… I never noticed it.” He had worked there for years and never looked up. It was funny and yet very representative of how folks look at Jesus. He’s not far from any of us, yet most people are so busy with their lives here that they never look and live.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. May you and your household have a blessed new year in Jesus.

  7. Hi Paurong. Thanks for stopping by. May your new year be blessed and prosperous.

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