May 1, 2009

This is an unusual time to be posting as I just arrived home from work and it’s approaching 4:30am. Throughout the evening, the peace of God was incredibly profound and was like a gentle reminder that, regardless of the events taking place in the ambience or the events soon to break forth upon the earth, the Lord is our refuge. He inhabits eternity, sees the end from the beginning, and is a very present help in trouble. We know that Jesus has promised to be with us always; even unto the end of the world, and that we should not be fearful of the events that have so many on edge these days. Uncertainty fills the air, but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. While this truth is understood by nearly all who are born of the Spirit, it seemed needful to bring it up again and ensure that it’s not just theological understanding but is firmly planted in our hearts.

While none of us enjoy circumsances that, in the natural seem to have no solution, the truth is that we occasionally need them. They reveal to us whether or not we are truly believing the word of God and they draw us closer to Jesus. Last week, while working, I was pondering the approaching layoff and the effect that it would have on this family. The Lord quietly dropped in my spirit that a new season was at hand; one that would bring me closer to him and less trusting in the things of this world. It’s like an understanding granted that’s without definable words.

On the way home, a preacher on the radio was discussing a number of issues such as the swine flu outbreak, the recent situation of Air force One (or an alternate Air Force One; whichever) flying over ground zero, and the fact that today is mayday; a prominent day in the occult realm. These are indeed strange times and for some reason, the incident with Air Force One strikes me as being really bizarre; almost surreal. While it’s certain to quickly pass from the collective memory, it remains an occurance that simply seems void of any logical reasoning. It could well be that there’s nothing to the story, but in these times of accelerating prophetic fulfilment, one can only wonder “is there something significant here?” It’s not that we expect a conspiracy unfolding behind every tree; it’s just that a number of events lately have had a very strange sensation to them (for lack of a better way to explain it)

Next week will be our last week before the extended layoff. In another strange story, it was announced this week that the American Axle plant in Detroit  is being shut down and the work is going to mexico. This following the employees agreeing to what amounts to a 50% wage reduction last year. The Detroit facility is AAMs largest plant and with it’s closing, the plant in Three Rivers will be the only one of the original five plants still in operation. When I began working at the Three Rivers plant in 2002, we had a solid 1000 employees and there was continuous activity on all shifts. Now our numbers are below 400. Although more work is scheculed to be brought in, this hinges directly on the prospects of General motors. ( Psalm 37:25 remains true)  I’m looking forward to the layoff as it will allow for more time to get into the streets with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well I must go for now. We all need to get REALLY CLOSE TO THE LORD JESUS AND HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT SAITH UNTO THE CHURCHES as events are moving at an incredible pace. We need to be in our place of refuge; that being the Lords perfect will. I pray that we all would seek out extended periods of quiet time before the Lord and be atuned to his leading. In the past, Code has mentioned the bishop who would rent a hotel room for a few days, close the door and spend the time in prayer and fasting. Away from the noise, apart from the ideas of others, just alone with Jesus. We all must be in a place where we can hear his voice or we’ll be woefully unprepared when chaos stretches to the horizon in every direction. I guess this is why I was compelled to post this morning; to encourage every saint to fervently seek the Lord Jesus.

Blessings in Jesus name.



  1. “We need to be in our place of refuge; that being the Lords perfect will.” Hi TimBob….it’s been a bit, hope all is well with you. More than ever before the Lord is showing me how His good can conquer evil, how our fight is to be spiritual, not in the flesh, how to walk in His Spirit, in truth and love, and all that that holds with it. It all is dependent on constant communication with Him, and time, alot of time in His presence, hearing His voice and being obedient to it. Thank you for this, I praise Him that I am not of this world, and even tho for a time I have to be in it, He has overcome it…that alone brings me a great deal of peace. Blessing to you,

  2. As Debs said, we (the collective we of the church) are citizens of another realm. I pray that you can have some of that “time away” to spend seeking the Lord’s will and favor.
    It can also be used to strengthen us for what may be coming to the body of Christ. We (there’s that collective again) need to hear from folks like you, Timbob. So, when you come up for air, write about what you heard. I know that I need to know what it will be.


  3. Time is valuable. Being unemployed is a unique opportunity to make an investment in the value of time. A couple years ago, I was unemployed and took the opportunity to consume the Bible from cover to cover. I have been a believer for 50 years. Never have I been as close to God as I am now after the nonstop marathon of reading His Word. Hoping your freedom will be as life changing for you as it was for me. God bless. I will pray for you as God puts you on my mind.

  4. Hi Deb. I love the blog name “triednotfried.” Indeed the importance of continual time in the presence of the Lord will transform us. Increrasingly we’ll see the bigger picture that’s often obscured by the physical dramas and our outlook will be from more of an eternal perspective. Even though, as you mention, we must be a part of this world for a short season.

    Thanks for stopping by. It’s always a joy to hear from saints whoe affections are set on things above. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  5. Hi Jerald. I do look at things kind of in a contrary fashion from the worlds standpoint; especially when it comes to an interruption in the finaicial food chain so to speak. Time away from the plant offers more opportunity to be with the Lord and get into the streets. This will sound nutty, but I’m not fearful of the potential for physical catastrophe; in fact it would allow for an opportunity to uncomplicate our lives. When the things that we once loved, we now view as a hinderance, it gives us spiritual mile markers of the ongoing work that the Lord is doing in our hearts.

    Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be by when time permits. I wish that I had an entire weekend to just read your blog. You cover a plethura of important territory.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

  6. Hi 37 stories. Thanks for the encouraging report. Time away from the daily grind allows us great opportunities to tend to the things that really matter. Nothing could be more important than drawing in close to the Lord. A lot of problems and struggles that we have are resolved when we just get closer to Jesus. (Philippians 3:15 comes to mind.)

    Thanks for stopping by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

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