Last Trumpet Update:

August 27, 2009

Good morning. It’s almost 5:30 am, I arrived home from work a short while ago and I should be sleeping by now. But I wanted to get these links up. The first is the monthly link to David Meyers newsletter. Thanks Code, for always alerting me to when this comes out:

AMERICA – A NATION DYING IN HER SLEEP To be honest, I just copied it off a few minutes ago and have only skimmed it thus far. Nonetheless, it covers some important issues that prove, all the more, the lateness of the hour. One observation that Pastor Meyers makes is how astonishing it is to witness the blatant indifference of so many. In additon to the newsletter along with a listing of past issues, an audio section has recently been added to the main web site and can be visited at the following link:

LTM STUDIOS It appears that it will feature the most recent messages from the church in Beaver Dam WI. And finally, a posting that I wanted to link to earlier, but was unable to due to time constraints. So I’ll place it here:

SIGNS OF JUDGEMENT ON BABYLON (Flee The Wrath) The reason that this caught my attention is because of an observation concerning the sin of sodomy. We know that this sin is like the proverbial “straw that breaks the camels back.” But in this post the author explains how the broad acceptance of this practice is a strong indicator that a nation has already been given over. In the United States (and also seemingly in Australia, where this blogger resides) it’s almost as though being gay is considered an honorable trait.

It’s so imperative to be close to the Lord Jesus. Abiding with him, seeking to be in his perfect will, always walking in the Spirit, and always compelling those around us to come into the ark of safety before the Lord closes the door. A strange thing happened at work tonight (well; yesterday; we have strange hours) and when I tell it, the most likely response will be “well DUH; timbob.” I arrived in my department (I’ve been in department 91 since July) and there were issues with some of the machining. Several engineers were hovering around; including a few from the Detroit plant. Suddenly it was like I could almost see the eternal souls while the bodies just seemed like a shell. In other words, for a moment, the eternal part was far more noticable than the flesh. There was no young, old, short, tall, blond, brunette, or any of the features that we routinely utilize to identify another. They were simply “eternal souls.” This stayed with me for the rest of the night.

Well I must get a shower and go to bed. Blessings always in Jesus name.


  1. Thanks for sharing these links – I didn’t know he did revamped the sermon website. I’m d/ling some now.

  2. still reading here Timbob… keep going…

  3. Thank you for the links. This was new information for me.

  4. Well duh TimBob….sorry, someone had to 🙂

    Actually when the Lord allows a glimpse of the supernatural, and eternal it is far from “well duh” it’s jaw dropping and consumes your entire being to say the least.

    Thank you for posting these links, they make for good Sunday reading…

    Til He Comes,

  5. Hello. Thanks to all for stopping by. I apolagize for the combined response, but things have been very hectic here over the past few days. I’ll try to place it in a post shortly.

    Blessings always, in Jesus name, to all.

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