“You Take My Breath Away”

September 8, 2009
This is not a planned posting; rather a response to the sense of urgency that’s dominated the past few days. I’m asking myself and others “do we really understand what it means to be “a heartbeat away from eternity?” I mean, has it truly transcended beyond a theological understanding and into our heart of hearts that everyone we know; our neighbors, our friends, our co-workers, our relatives, and every person that we accidentally bump into while moving through the isles at Meijers, potentially could be in eternity before the sun rises tomorrow? There are souls in my household who are not ready to pass into eternity and I watch the battle play out daily. The enemy has my loved ones hooked on every form of distraction imaginable while the clock is ticking; not only on this present age but on each life as well.
This weekend saw a potential tragedy averted. It’s been mentioned previously that Dustin is back in the area. The whole relationship between Morgan and Dustin is like a hurricane that causes chaos and destruction wherever it lands. This weekend, they had a colossal arguement in our yard; an occurrance which has become “really old” and everyone is tired of it. Finally, Dustin took off into the corn field with a knife saying that he was tired of living and wanted to just end it all. In a moment; reality hit me. Suddenly the unfolding drama was replaced by the “real story.” Souls in the balance and one threatening to conclude his days because of a very unpleasent temporal situation. He disappeared into the corn surrounding our house and all I could do was pray. This corn isn’t like the genetically modified stuff that only grows four feet or so. It’s above ten feet and is only now starting to dry out. (Just a little) As he was heading out, Morgan was shouting words to the effect of “Go ahead; see if I even care!”
It’s both astonishing and tragic. When issues of eternal significance come forth and folks don’t even give it the time of day. They are so focused on this present world and satisfying the fallen nature that thoughts of the Creator; who loves them so much that he became flesh and paid for their sins with his own blood, don’t even cross their mind. And just as it required supernatural intervention to awaken everyone who is in Christ, it will require the working of the Holy Spirit to awaken those who are still held captive by the enemy. There really isn’t a moment to lose. All of the preceeding week, I had been impressed to pray fervently for Dustin. While I did keep him in prayer; it didn’t match up to the urgency that I was sensing. After a time, Dustin finally emerged from the field unharmed, however, this could have easily had a different outcome. (He told me later that he was afraid to go through with it. “Twas grace that taught my heart to fear”) When a person is at their wits end and feels as though they have nothing to lose, all speculation becomes a non-factor.
In short, on a beautiful, sunny, relaxing, late summer afternoon in Southwestern Michigan, a soul was but a single breath away from eternity. A soul with whom I’ve had much contact over the past two years; causing me to revisit my past actions. Have I caused scattering? Have I been as concerned about his soul as I should have been? Serious ponderings which, due to the eternal nature of the issue, demand answers and require us to make whatever adjustments are necessary. And while the situation with Dustin brought this issue “front and center,” the truth is that Saturday afternoon “was” the final moment for someone. Every moment of the day is someones last moment. Not a second goes by without an eternal soul, somewhere in the sea of humanity, sinking beneath the waves, never to be heard from again. I pray that all of us would be sober and understanding of just how late it is; not only prophetically, but also in terms of “tomorrow is not a promise to anyone.” May we strive to make every second count.
Well I have to be going for now. Lord willing, I’m endeavoring to hit the streets of Kalamazoo in a short while and Elkhart tomorrow. Over the past couple of weeks, an unusual thought has been in my heart concerning the tribulation saints; who they will be and where they will be gathered. This thing was dropped in my heart; that “those saints with whom I fellowship” during that time may not even be saved yet, but soon will be. A time when prophetic fulfilment in the physical realm is no longer deniable as everything is shaken. Then seed, which has been planted and watered for years, suddenly bears fruit. It’s a cogitation that’s not only intriguing, it encourages me to, all the more fervently, pray for those in my ambience. The Lord is truly doing a short work in these days. A few weeks ago, CRs brother, Paul, received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. He was quickly baptized and now has an incredible hunger for the things of God. One can only praise God for “doing a thing suddenly” and makeing him a new creature. Well I have to run.
Blessings always in Jesus name.


  1. Timbob your heart for the Lord is amazing! I cannnot agree with you more about the lateness of the hour. I was googling about the one nation under obama and noticed that in Florida and other places it has happened too! The blasphemy of this character is disgusting! God is in control and his justice is righteous. You cannot expect to abort babies for almost forty years and think there is no consequences! I am praying for your family daily. God will open there eyes in his perfect timing. It may take a tragedy, but that may be his means to the greater good of salvation to their souls! God Bless you brother in Christ and be ready to stand for Jesus no matter the cost!

  2. Timbob – what a powerful message – and a similar realization hit me the other day – how people are so consumed with the earthly things of the moment -which most don’t matter and neglecting the thing that matters most – God. There is no strong hunger or desire to cultivate an intimate relationship with God that is the foundation to everything – including everlasting life. The enemy is doing a great job at keep many souls distracted from seeking the truth in their lives.


  3. Hi CR.Great to hear from you in this forum. Thanks for your prayers over this family as you are aware of the volatility present here. As for the land of our pilgrimage, there is indeed judgment as sin is a reproach to any people. To reach the lost and be about our Fathers business; not focusing on the distractions of the day, is imperative.

    Great to hear from you. Blessings always in Jesus name

  4. Hi Rachel. It’s heartbreaking to see so many priceless souls have no fear of God and no concern for their eternal destination. Heartbreaking because the enemy has so effectively blinded them to the truth whereby they can be made free. May we all be about the Fathers business in whatever capacity he would have us be in.

    Thanks so much for your observations. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  5. ….praying….

  6. Greetings timbob. The chaotic spirit we find in Morgan and Dustin is not all that uncommon in this day we are living. This spirit of destruction seems to find a place of prevalence not only in the hearts of the minions that are lost, but seems to find a stronghold in the hearts of many that profess Christ.

    This all consuming desire to satisfy the flesh (self) has left America a nation that is vulnerable to the Devil and his wiles. The only hope is a serious intake of God’s word; even when it is not palatable to the flesh. Prayer. Repentance. Prayer. Prayer….

    I praise the Lord for Paul’s conversion and his hunger for the word of God. Pray that desire will only wax stronger with each passing day.

    Thank the Lord that you are a resource for Morgan and Dustin and that grounded in spiritual truth.

    Peace in Yeshua

  7. Hi, Timbob

    If you would like, I bet a lot of us would be willing and eager to join you in a time of prayer and fasting concerning this situation. Your spirit is an inspiration to me and I thank God for your faithfulness and will continue to pray for you and your family.

    Love, Cindy

  8. Hi Timbob,

    The words to a song I haven’t thought about in quite a while came to me as I read your post. Hope you don’t mind if I share them here.

    I get so disheartened
    every time I see
    the anguish in the faces
    of people that I meet.
    They’re caught up in their struggles,
    somehow marking time.
    In searching for their answers,
    You never cross their mind.
    Lord, how can I reach them
    just to make them see
    how on a sea of trouble
    You reached and rescued me?
    You took this broken vessel.
    You found the missing part.
    With hands that were so gentle,
    You healed this broken heart.

    Let me be a flame in the night.
    Let me be a light shattering the darkness.
    Let me be a fire burning bright.
    Until the night is through,
    Lord, shine through me until I burn out for you.

    I know one thing I don’t want to do is to get so caught up in my own struggles that God can’t use me to help someone else that is lost in sin and struggling. This post was a reminder to keep in the forefront of my mind what Jesus came to do and wants to do through me – “to seek and save the lost”.

    praying for you and your family,


  9. There seems to be a common thread being woven by God to get our eyes off self and begin praying for those around us. A few weeks ago I could have cared less for Burkina Faso, Africa. Today, I pray earnestly for the lost there. The only thing that changed was me. God bless Tim!

  10. Good morning. Yesterday I attempted to reply to everyone who has taken time to respond, but the computer was going nutty. I’m not sure it it will work this morning, but here it goes:

    Hi Cindy. Thanks so much for your prayers. The situation seems to have become even more chaotic than when this post was written, but fervent prayer always avails much. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    Hi Bro Malachi. It’s astonishing how many priceless souls are in a state of complete chaos these days. This household has been turned upside down over the continuing saga between Morgan and Dustin. And the bottom line is that the enemy is trying to push souls past a point of no return. Both of these souls are in need of Jesus. Two nights ago,it seemed that Dustin was really close to salvation, and now everything that seemed to be heading in a positive direction seems to have been scattered. What a strange time we live in. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    Hi Cindy in SD. Indeed Jesus talked about those which would only come out by prayer and fasting. The situation seems more confusing by the day as the powers of darkness are striving to hold on to these captives. He also strives to get me into a mode of reacting to the surface picture instead of engagin in the spiritual battle. It’s in the spiritual realm that victory will be won in the name of Jesus. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    Hi Carol. Thanks so much for taking time to stop by. I know that a lot is going on in your neck of the woods right now. I don’t know the melody, but the lyrics that you share are very true. So many priceless souls all around us looking for something substantive. An emptiness that only Jesus can fill.

    I remember hearing about a dream that a man had sevberal years ago (as in the 1980s) In the dream, he was standing in a wheat field. The wheat streatched clear to the horizon in every direction. Toward the west, there were two combines; working feverishly to harvest the wheat. They barely made a dent in such a vast field. Behind the combines, there was a severe storm moving in rapiodly and about to overtake the combines. Indeed the harvest is great but the laborers are so very few. Thanks so much for taking time to comment.

    Hi Archie. It’s great to hear from you. The situation in Burkina Faso reminds us all the more of just how vast the harvest is. I knew of a lady who was a missionary just southwest of there; in Ivory Coast back in the early nineties. I was good friends with her sister who lived just down the road. I will keep you in prayer. Thanks for taking time to stop by.

    Well, now to see if the computer will let me submit this comment. Thanks again to all. Blessings always in Jesus name.

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