September 23, 2009
Yesterday was typical of most other days; insofar as a venture into the streets of Kalamazoo. All of us have a position to occupy in this world; one that the Lord has customized specifically to each of us, and this is a small portion of mine. After saturating the area around the bus station, I headed into the northside neighborhood on the bike that I normally reserve for Elkhart where folks tend to be more sparcely gathered. This is the more stressed area of the city, however, the citizens in these neighborhoods are generally more receptive to the gospel than those found in the regions that appear on postcards. (The same seems to hold true for other cities as well) Heading north and flying across the tracks a very strange sensation came over me. It was like a very warm embrace that permeated my entire being; almost like a spiritual “hug.” (I can hear the “Twilight Zone music” playing) It was like a confirmation that this is indeed what I’m to be doing; and all the more so as the end of the age approaches.
It’s also the reason for this blog being less active than in times past and why this post is going to be short as I’m endeavoring to head to Elkhart in a half hour. I’m endaevoring to spend every possible moment in the streets. We are at a time when every action must count. When every word spoken must be relevant to the truth. When we must put aside our agenda; even if our “agenda” seems the right thing to do, and truly seek the will of the Lord. There was a time when an urgent posting would take priority over a trip into Elkhart. Today, this is in complete reverse. I desire to keep the blog relevant and I “love” the fellowship with like-minded saints. (in my neck of the woods, I feel truly isolated insofar as authentic fellowship; even in my church) For this reason, I’m seeking to resort to shorter postings in between the more drawn out ones.  I’m also endeavoring to get around to everyone as time permits. The exhortation found in this venue is priceless; although I’m certain that the time here is nearing its conclusion.
Our time in this theater is so short. From a natural perspective a lifetime seems a lengthy thing. We are born into a wilderness of sin, pass through the turbulent years of adolescence, reach adulthood, set about to establish an earthly kingdom, marry, raise children, spoil the grandchildren, and finally travel the country in an RV.  Yet a lifetime is not even a single drop in the ocean of the everlasting. Two hundred years from now, “all of us” will be standing in our everlasting abode with our embodiment of works, done in Jesus name, completed. My prayer is that we would all seek to be in the Lords perfect will as the day approaches. Regardless of where we are on the prophetic timeline (although I’m sure that it’s later than most of us think) none of us have a promise of being here tomorrow. On a recent (and rare) sleepless night, I grabbed for my bible which sits on the night stand, and opened indiscriminately. Turning on a flashlight, as to not disturb Mrs timbob, the light fell on the following passage:
Psalm 116:13-15 “I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the LORD.
I will pay my vows unto the LORD now in the presence of all his people
Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.”
This passage could be the focus of an entire posting, but it brings forth the issues that really matter. To love the Lord Jesus who is our redeemer; by whose blood we have been cleansed. To serve him; regardless of the fallout in the physical realm; knowing that everyone will stand before him.  And with this “woefully inadequate expounding” I have to run. I’ll strive to make the rounds over the course of the next few days. Blessings always in Jesus name.
SEPT 24, 2009 Update: Good morning. This is just to make known a relatively new web site. Here it is:
THE COMING CHRIST (Gospel Tract Society)
This is a new site set up by GTS, where prophetic issues will be discussed. Recently, their president, Tom Buttram, reversed his stand concerning the timing of the return of Jesus, from pre-tribulation to….”no longer pre-tribulation.” It’s a shift that has probably resulted in a lot of “disgruntled brethren” but one that I’m certain is ordered of the Lord. It was in the spring of 2004 that I came to my present understanding of this issue. It’s not a pleasent thought insofar as the flesh is concerned, but I can say, without a doubt, that the peace of God reigns in my heart far more than it ever did during my pre-trib days. The reason it’s so important is that understanding on this issue will determine how the saints prepare for the times ahead. We must have scriptural clarity in these final moments of the age. This clarity must rise above indoctrinations and personal preferences; that we truly are hearing what the Spirit is saying unto the churches.
Blessings always in Jesus name.


  1. Good thoughts. Perhaps even a smile “dropped” in the right location can change everything.

  2. Hi Marianne. This is so true. Our demeanor will often speak volumes; even when a door of utterance has not been forthcoming.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

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