November 3, 2009
Last Friday (October 30) CR and I spent a portion of the day in Chicago, sharing the gospel on the streets. While the rain held off for quite a while, a drenching finally commenced and we were reduced to spreading the good news of eternal life through Jesus, beneath overhangs and wherever folks were gathered to escape the elements.  Despite the meteorlogical conditions of that day, my spirit was soaring. Such is always the case whenever an opportunity to get into the streets becomes manifest; rather it’s in a metropolis of millions or a smaller population center. And yet, every such venture offers one a needful, albeit disturbing, glimpse at the magnitude of the tragedy which is continuously playing out. The vast majority of those encountered do not have a relationship with the Lord Jesus and are steaming toward everlasting despair.
I pray that the Lord would awaken all of us to the seriousness of this. David Meyers once observed that “all salvation takes place in the realm of time; not eternity.”
While traversing the 122 miles between my driveway and Monroe street, CR and I were discussing a number of issues. The lateness of the hour, the perilous situation of so many souls, and the deliverance that the Lord has wrought in each of our lives. There was Reflection on the former days when our lives were consumed by vanities and how, through the precious blood of Jesus, we have been supernaturally delivered from the former conversations. Today our only desire is to be about our Fathers business; a longing so profound that even many of the saints in our respective venues don’t understand it. Whenever CR and I venture into the gallery of souls, there’s like “an abandonment” so to speak of everything temporal and distracting. It has been many years since I had fellowship of this level; wherein all of the focus was on the Lord Jesus and the task at hand.
We are, without a doubt, in the world, however, we are not a citizen of this world or its system. There’s an incredible sweetness and liberty in this. To divorce the world, along with the lusts thereof, and be completely sold out to the Lord Jesus. To labor, grow, and instruct; not to promote ourselves or heap to ourselves riches which remain for a moment, but as ambassadors for Christ.  Our Savior and Lord, who paid for our sins with his own innocent blood and has gone to prepare an “everlasting habitation” for all who receive him. To be a city set on a hill, that others may see the love of Christ through us and know that our testimony is authentic.
This is not to suggest that either of us have fully arrived at the principles being expounded upon here. Rather, this is a contemplation of truths that we strive for. Because when a person has their affections completely upon things above, two notable things will give evidence to this. First, there’s the incredible peace and liberty that one possesses when they have truly made Jesus the Lord of their lives. They become not fearful of those things which are coming upon the earth and they abandon all confidence in (and desire for) the weak and beggarly elements. Second is a sincere love for those in their ambience; both the saints and those who, as of yet, have not been born of the Spirit. A truly heavenly minded person will be the most dedicated of servants; consistantly utilizing their station in this world to gather unto the Lord Jesus. They will seek out and converse with those around them; always seeking to guide any conversation toward a discussion of eternal matters.
I Corinthians 3:13-15 “Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.
If any man’s work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward.
If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.”
Philippians 3:7-8 “But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ.
Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ,”
“Philippians chapter three is incredible!”
Subsequently, one whose affections are firmly set on things above will no longer desire to contend for the empty promises and vanities of this temporal “fallen” world. Their first and foremost desire will be unto the Lord Jesus, whose appearing they long for. They will see this worlds array of allurements and campaigns for what they really are: distractions that derail the saints and keep those outside the camp from considering the words of life. A heavenly minded person; one who walks close to the Lord, will be able to quickly discern between that which is of eternal significance and that which is diversionary in nature. CR mentioned hearing a preacher use the term B.U.S.Y. This stands for “BOUND UNDER SATANS YOKE.” Without a doubt, the enemy strives to keep folks busy. To keep those who are lost from taking time to consider where they are going to spend eternity and to get those who walk in truth so caught up in activities that they become sidelined.   
When we were lost and undone, each of us lived for the moment and consistantly pandered to the three lusts. (flesh, eyes, pride of life). All of our allegances and affections were rooted in this theater of atoms. This was our playground and the platform from which we set out to build a kingdom of “me.” After being born of the Spirit, this begins to change. As we draw closer to the Lord Jesus, and the realities of the age to come are increasingly manifest, we begin to see just how empty and lifeless the former affections were. We begin to see this realm for what it truly is: a valley of decisions where eternal destinies are forged. A temporary dimension of time where the issues of life and death are playing out 24/7. When this understanding reaches our heart, it will become manifest in our words and our actions.
Well I need to wrap this up shortly. I know that it’s a topic which has been covered extensively, but is needful of another visit. It’s so easy these days to get distracted and if diligence isn’t maintained, we may unwittingly find ourselves falling prey to the complex diversionary efforts of the enemy. Another pondering that we engaged in during last Fridays trip was the need to receive direction from on high concerning the days ahead. CR is currently employed; however, the work is of a seasonal nature. The Lord has sustained this family in various ways and CR is convinced that leaving AAM was the right thing to do. I’m still employed at AAM, but in need of direction on a number of fronts. Truly our lives are not our own and to be in the perfect will of God is imperative. Even if it makes no sense in the natural and all of our acquaintances think us to be nutty.
Oh; one more thing. CR is in business with a friend from his college days named Chris. Chris is currently unsaved and while CR has been keeping him in prayer, he has shown little outward interest in spiritual matters. Until last week when Chris called CR late at night and was almost in tears. He had been reading II Timothy chapter three, wherein we are told of conditions that would be present in the last days. It’s awesome that, in this season of separation, the Lord is doing a work that’s both short and wonderful. The final boarding call has gone out and the door is closing fast. May we lay aside all contrary frivilousities, and be about our Fathers business. There are multitudes like Chris who are ever so close. 
Daniel 12:3 “And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.” 
I found the following site a few moments ago and this post is awesome. PLease check it out when time permits.
LOVE IS A […] THING (Chrystal)
Blessings always in Jesus name.


  1. “As we draw closer to the Lord Jesus, and the realities of the age to come are increasingly manifest, we begin to see just how empty and lifeless the former affections were.”

    absolutely. it is only when we set ourselves to look at life through the lens of eternity that we realize just how small and petty the “huge things” in our life really are. the time we have left is really short, and it takes effort to remind ourselves of that on a daily basis and go back to the truth of what is really important.

  2. Hi Chrystal. Thanks for stopping by. I really like your blog. Your comment touches on something that we all have to be aware of. It’s so easy to become overcharged by the goings on in this present world. These things are before our eyes every day. We must step back and understand the eternal significance of these things. We can then discern between what’s really important and what’s merely drama for the moment.

    One of the most sobering events in my life took place when my Dad was in a nursing home. I would visit as often as possible, but the scene was a disturbing one. The residents came from a diversity of backgrounds; teachers, engineers, farmers, merchants, what have you. Most of them had spent their days securing an earthly kingdom. But here, at the end of their respective journeys, none of their acquisitions or accomplishments were relevant to their present situation. Eternity was straight ahead, their acquisitions would be distributed to others, and eventually, all of their contemporaries will likewise be staring into the fabric of the everlasting.

    They had all gone through the seasons of life. They grew to adulthood, set out to make their mark on the world, married, raised children, and along the way, made decisions concerning their soul. But now, they were no longer able to move about unassisted and many were no longer in control of their mental facilities. In observing this scene, I couldn’t help but wonder how many had met the Savior while he could be found.

    Thanks again for taking time to visit and causing reflection. We can never be overly careful in this area. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  3. Hi Timbob,

    I like the acronym for BUSY that you mentioned. Truly this is one of satan’s greatest tactics in these last days: to get sinners caught up in earthly pursuits as to not have time to think about God and to get saints distracted with things that aren’t necessarily bad but take up time that we could be spending on things that will make a difference in eternity. My husband began teaching on the book of Acts a couple of weeks ago. One of the things he challenged us to do this week is to read the book of Acts in one sitting. He said it would help us to see the bigger picture, and for me it did. One thing that really stood out to me is how the lives of those you read about in the early church revovled around preaching the gospel. Everywhere they went, they preached the gospel. It wasn’t something that was just reserved or thought about on “Saturday morning outreach.” Preaching the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus was an ongoing thing. I feel convicted and challenged by the early church, and I pray that God will truly help me to be about His business. Thanks for the admonition to focus on what really matters.

    Blessings to you and your family,

  4. Good morning. Thanks so much for taking time to stop by. I tend to make frequent trips into the book of Acts, but not read all the way through in one setting. (At least not in a long time) I’m planning to make a time in which to do this. You are so right; that maintaining the testimony of Jesus is a 24/7 thing. Through our words and our actions, we say to the world that we serve the Lord Jesus; our risen Savior who is not far from any of us.

    Thanks again for stopping by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  5. Hi Timbob,

    Your posts continue to encourage me and I often bring some of your words to our “church” meetings on Sunday nights. This post, and particulartly:

    the term B.U.S.Y. This stands for “BOUND UNDER SATANS YOKE.” Without a doubt, the enemy strives to keep folks busy. To keep those who are lost from taking time to consider where they are going to spend eternity and to get those who walk in truth so caught up in activities that they become sidelined.

    spoke loudly to all the group. My younger sister-in-law quickly came to the conclusion that she was to “let her farm die” (I don’t know if you’re familiar with facebook, but there are more distractions on there than can be counted, the one referred to here being Farmville!)

    Once again thank you for bringing to the forefront the urgency of the time and the cry of God’s heart that He is to have a people totally sold out only to Him.

    Bless you, Timbob – you encourage the brothers and sister in Christ, here in Australia, more than you know.

  6. Hi Five Peas. Actually CR had heard a preacher on the radio describe B.U.S.Y and he relayed it to me while we were heading into Chicago. The more that I thought on it the more profound it became. I see it in my own life. There are days where so much is going on that it’s like juggling a dozen eggs while walking on a tightrope that’s over a pit filled with rattlesnakes and the rope is on fire. I have to confess that it drives me nutty; especially when none of the events seem to have any eternal significance.

    And yet there is a significance to it. It comes in the form of those who know not the Lord and are observing how I handle such things. Looking to see if my God is real or I’m just a practicioner of words. Many times I have to just step back and ask the Lord to grant me a glimpse at the bigger picture that’s in play. And then it all comes down to a single thing. There are souls who need Jesus and the enemy is using everything at his disposal to keep them in darkness.

    Sorry for rambling. I just arrived home from work and shouldn’t be replying at 3:00am. Thanks so much for stopping by. Thanks also for the post on your site “A Hebrew Revelation.” We must be ever so diligent in keeping our hearts with all diligence.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

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