IDOLS and SPIES (links)

November 20, 2009
As I link to the following stories from “News With Views” it should be noted that, because of time constraints, I’ve not read either one. (I do, however, plan to copy  both and take them to work tonight.) The first involves the proponents of a global spy agency. Anyone with even a scant understanding of bible prophecy can see where this is headed. The other involves the idolatry of worshipping other people. (Kind of like the Corinthians; some of whom proclaimed “I am of Paul” while others replied “I am of Apollos”.) I link to these because they point to the seriousness of the times.
In an unrelated matter, I ask that prayer be offered up for this family as a major battle is raging in the spiritual realm and manifesting in the physical. It could potentially result in this family being dissolved. It is so imperative to ensure that the Lord Jesus is our first love in everything; regardless of what the fallout may be in the natural. Lately I’ve seen incredible strides forward, but all of that seemed to unravel this morning. I apolagize for speaking in such ambiguous terms, but it’s imperative to not go into detail. “SOULS ARE IN THE BALANCE!”
My thanks to all of the saints in this venue whose fellowship is most needful in these times. In the previous post, a mention was made of the early church in Jerusalem and how the intense fellowship in the early days was a needful time of growth as they would soon be scattered. The same is true for us in this venue. I find a lot of encouragement and exhortation here that would come from no other place. The time will come, however, when this forum will cease and we may eventually find ourselves without any fellowship in a world that has wandered after the beast. Without a doubt, the Lord is preparing each of us for the times ahead and the age to come. The age to come wherein we shall be forever in the presence of the Lord. WOO HOO.
Blessings always in Jesus name.


  1. I will be praying for you. I also cannot wait for the age to come wherein we shall be forever in his presence.

  2. Praying for you and your dear ones, Timbob.

  3. I read the articles that you linked, and what is interesting about the celebrity one is that I experienced a similar situation.

    Last weekend, a friend came to visit. We went to a Broadway play as I have never gone to one since I moved here. Two movie actors appeared in this play. Afterward, the actors asked the audience for donations to a specific charity. The highest bidder would receive an autographed shirt.

    I understand it was for a charity and this is NYC, but was absolutely stunned at the amount of money that people were willing to give without any hesitation at all. The first bid was $2K and the final bid was $7K – and two people paid that amount out.

    The air was filled with the feelings of “obsession and stupidity” when one gets around “famous” people that they mentioned in the article. My friend was willing to pay $1K just to meet these actors had they allowed her.

    I was also offended by the amount of cussing that went on through the show. It was a waste of money, but a huge eye-opener for me. I’ve also started to notice (as I don’t have a television and never was a fan of sports) how caught up people are with sports. It’s a bit alarming.

  4. Hi Code. Thanks so much for keeping us in prayer. The last three days have been…interesting. As for the way that people behave around celebrities, it’s completely astonishing and sad. I often pick up portions of conversations going on around me. It blows ones mind; the amount of time that folks will spend discussing rock stars, movies, something that they saw on television, last nights football game, and what have you. I remember being caught up by such things in past years. There’s no life in that convrsation.

    When it spills over into the church, it’s beyond sad because we are supposed to have our affections firmly upon Jesus and the age to come. The article by Paul Proctor was hard hitting and touched on an all too common occurrance. I was really touched by the story of Evan Roberts, who, during the Welsh revival, would not go to a meeting if he discerned that folks had come primarily to hear him preach. (It’s in the previous post.)

    Thanks so much for taking time to stop by. It sounds like the Broadway play was quite an eye-opening experience.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

  5. Hi Cindy. Thanks so much for keeping us in prayer. Several times things have become so intense that I’ve had to get away and ask the Lord for clarity in what’s transpiring in this family and in our extended circle of relatives and acquaintances. To put it bluntly,it seems as though a lot of folks are going completely nutty. The enemy is working to hold on to the captives and prevent truth from going forth.

    Earlier tonight (and this will shed light on some of the problem) my wife was discussing our neice who is living in compound adultery, but is going to be with us next Friday when we are shopping. (I have tons of tracts for that day) I made a reference to “adulterors having a place in a lake of fire” and my wife became furious. (She’s been mad at me for three days now) She doesn’t want me “forcing religion” on our relatives because it will ruin their holidays.

    To this I replied “if a person dies in their sins, they’ll have a whole lot more than their holidays ruined” Perhaps it doesn’t seem like the best way to approach it, but the phrase was out before I could think about it. I don’t understand the whole picture in this family. My wife loves this new church, even with the seriousness of the preaching, and I know that the Lord is working on her heart. But she simply doesn’t grasp how serious this is.

    And such is the case with so many others. I have another neice who teaches sunday school at a large church in three Rivers, but is living with a guy to whom she is not married. To compound it even further, this guy routinely cheats on her, but she stays with him for financial reasons. And this kind of behavior seems to be becomming the norm. THE WHOLE FAMILY IS LIKE A SOAP OPERA! All of these little dramas, all of these attitudes, all of the squabbling, all of the backbiting, and strife. And all the while, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, and day-by-day, time is running out.

    The problems in our household are mild compared to other households in our family. Yet the bigger picture is the same. The devil is keeping folks tied up with pursuing the desires of the fallen nature; lest they should listen to, and consider the words of life. This twisting and turning soap opera that’s playing out, can become a senseless and irreversable tragedy in a moment.

    It’s truly painful to watch. To see so many folks go about their days with no concern for their soul. These past three days have been very trying and I have to just be in prayer and be obediant to the Lord. Thanks again for keeping us in prayer. I’m certain that this reply falls into the “oversharing” catagory, and yet this doesn’t even begin to describe the complexity of the situation before us.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

  6. I’m sorry to hear this is going on in your family, and I completely agree with you that people, including those who claim to know Christ, are going about their days with no concern for their souls or that we are in the end times.

    When I recently mentioned that we were in the end times to one of my christian friends, he told me my findings were only based on feelings. It was also alarming.

    And like you, I have family members engaged in similar activities. Recently, I was disgusted with my mom when she told me that her housewarming gift to my brother (who is living with his girlfriend and is not a believer) was a plaque with the verse, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

    I have been very burdened over my family too and have openly said so, but they too refuse to understand the seriousness of it all. And if I harp on the situation, it creates more division. God gave me a verse awhile ago.

    Proverbs 9:8 – Do not rebuke a mocker or he will hate you; rebuke a wise man and he will love you.

    For me, I had (and still do) to put them in God’s hands b/c I did everything that I could. I can’t change them and it’s not my job, but God’s. We can pray that their hearts will change.

    As the Bishop recently said in his message, “This is not the goodship lollipop nor a cruise ship, but it’s a battleship. We’re in a warfare.”

  7. Timbob – I’m keeping your family in my prayers.


  8. last trumpet is out

  9. Hi Timbob,

    I will keep your family in my prayers too.

  10. Hi Code. The bishop makes a very good observation. We are indeed on a battleship and the enemy is approaching from every angle. Also very notable is your statement about placing family members in Gods hands. Keeping them in prayer and trusting him.Yhis is where the true victory lies.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and also for the Last Trumpet alert. I wasn’t expecting it to be updated until next week. I just made some copies, and will read it shortly.

    Blessings always in Jesus name

  11. Hi Rachel. Thank you very much. There are some goings on that are beyond complicated and one concerning my neice which is so bizarre that it defies explaining.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

  12. Hi Carol. Thank you for also keeping us in prayer. I strive to keep all who are in the blogging venue in prayer also. I look forward to the time when we are no longer blogging, but are forever in the presence of the Lord.

    WOO HOO! Blessings always in Jesus name.

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