November 26, 2009
This post will be troubling to some due to its apocalyptic thrust. (The title will be explained later) There are three reasons for delving into such a topic. First: it’s been laid on my heart to do so. Second: it’s a warning to all that “change is coming.” Third: it’s done so with a fervent desire that the saints will draw close to Jesus and set their affections on things which shall endure forever. First, however, it’s necessary to link to a writing which will seem to contradict the above title. It involves ones telling of a dream. Since accounts of this nature cannot be verified by physical means, prayerful discernment is a must. Does it fit within the confines of scripture? Does the Spirit bear witness? Is there an agenda or an ego attached to it? We’re in an age of unimaginable confusion and we cannot rely upon our own reasoning or understanding. (Hebrews 5:14) Here’s the link:
This is also a good time to link to the December issue of the Last trumpet newsletter which has just been posted:
A few days ago, I picked up a copy of a book by Cormac McCarthy, entitled “The Road” It involves the travelings of a man and his son in an apocalyptic setting. A physical world that has undergone a catastrophic event; leaving a grey and dead landscape that’s covered in ash. At the time of the account, one is given the impression that, while initially there were many survivors of the anonymous calamity, now only a precious few remain. The landscape routinely offers up reminders of the former times such as pieces of infrastructure, empty buildings in various stages of decay, miscellaneous items such as tools, cans of food, blankets etc, faded signs that continue to broadcast images of sunnier days, and what have you. The man and his son are heading southward to escape the cold (even the snowflakes are grey from the ash in the atmosphere) and toward the sea; not knowing if anything will await them.
I apolagize for the depressing theme. Please read Revelation chapters 21 and 22.  
The reason for picking up a copy of this book was for the purpose of pondering. It entails circumstances not unlike those which may soon be upon us, however, it does so through the eyes of folks who do not profess to know the Lord. (The story is written from a predominantly secular angle) We strive for understanding of the times at hand and the events soon to unfold; all the while wondering “do we really grasp the seriousness of this season?” We read the scriptural references concerning the end of the age, but do we really understand even a fraction of it?  How will folks react when the true nature of everything that they had attached their security and happiness to is made manifest? What does a panoramic unfolding of “mens hearts failing them for fear” look like in real time? Even though “The Road” is a work of fiction, the following  paragraph from the book speaks volumes:
“In those first years the roads were peopled with refugees shrouded up in their clothing. Wearing masks and goggles, sitting in their rags by the side of the road like ruined aviators. Their barrows heaped with shoddy. Towering wagons or carts. Their eyes bright in their skulls. Creedless shells of men tottering down the causeways like migrants in a feverland. The frailty of everything revealed at last. Old and troubling issues resolved into nothingness and night. The last instance of a thing takes the class with it. Turns out the light and is gone. Look around you. Ever is a long time. But the boy knew what he knew. That ever is no time at all.”
There is a forth reason as to why I ponder such things. I know so many people in my ambiance, whom I love dearly, that currently know not the Lord. I know of many professing saints who are thoroughly loving their lives in this world. Many are in church every time that the doors are open, and yet the thrust of the conversation concerns earthly things as opposed to heavenly things. The situation is dire. We watch the play-by-play of this world and interract as though this present reality is going to go on forever. But the time comes when everything that is wood, hay, and stubble ceases to be and “everyone has a specific checkout time.” One of the most painful of things for any saint to endure is to see eternity bearing down, and all the while, folks around us remain oblivious. “They don’t want to hear it.” The dream in the first link mentions a tidal wave that’s in plain view, and yet many cannot see it.
The morning of November 16, was interesting. Steve Quayle  had been on Coast to Coast  the night before and I stayed up for the whole broadcast. Such conversation always enhances my soberness and desire to be closer to the Lord Jesus. The following morning, I was pondering a plethura of the topics covered and going over various scriptures. My wife, on the other hand, (I love her dearly) was intently focused on planning for the hoilidays. Do we have everything for Thursday? What time do we head out to distribute tracts… oops… I mean “shop” on Friday? What about this and what about those? We were both at the kitchen table and yet we were worlds apart. And so it is wherever there are those who acknowledge the times in which we live. The separation is well underway and we frantically call out to those who are gravitating toward calamity.
By this time, one may be wondering why a posting of this nature would have such an uplifting title. It’s simply to demonstrate a truth that all of us should already be adhering to. For those who know the Lord Jesus, there is a peace and joy that transcends all of the elements. The world cannot add to it and the world cannot steal it. There is a contentment that will remain, in the darkest hour, and on the coldest night. (Even if the snowflakes are grey) If our affections are as they should be, we’ll have such a love for Jesus that unthinkable circumstances will be viewed as opportunities to share the gospel with those who have been awakened from their slumber. When our complete desire is unto the Lord Jesus and our affections are in heavenly places, natural goings on will not move us and the peace of God will reign in our hearts.
Matthew 5:14-15 “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.
Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.”
“A city that’s set on a hill” is what Jesus called us to be. The darkest hour is when such a city is the most noticable. This has been appearing much in prayer time; a crying out to be in a proper place spiritually as to be a city that’s set on a hill. That folks in the vicinity would see Jesus and not timbob. Because when the bottom falls out of the commonly held illusions, we need to be positioned to call out to those around us “Come over here; this is the way.” In that time, a few will “finally listen.” According to scripture, most will not, (Revelation 9:20-21 and Revelation 13:3) however, we must be ready for the stragglers. Those who believe on the Lord Jesus in that time, and every day beforehand.
Well it’s time to wrap this up for now. Thank you very much to all who have kept us in prayer. Although things have become more complicated, our immediate family situation has stablized for the moment. Beneath the surface, intense spiritual battles are ongoing. Earlier tonight while pondering the complexities in this family, Matthew 10:34-39 came to mind. As events accelerate toward scriptural fulfilment, there will, at some point, be an abrupt end of any “peaceful coexistance” between those who love the Lord Jesus and those who love their lives in this world. We can all expect the line of demarcation to fall in places that we never would have imagined. Such cogitations should cause us to pray fervently for the oblivious ones and be ever so diligent about sharing the good news of new life in Jesus.
Blessings always in Jesus name.
Hebrews 3:13 “But exhort one another daily, while it is called Today; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.”


  1. What amazes me, Timbob, is how even dedicated, serious Christ followers are often amongst those who fail to see the signs of the times. Is it because they don’t follow the news? Is it because they haven’t studied prophecies? Looking around, I don’t know how anyone could miss what’s going on, but they do.

  2. Glad to see your post and that you are okay and saw the new trumpet. Read the dream – and it’s very real. Wow. Still praying for you. Will update you on other happenings once things pan out more with my prayer request.

  3. Great message. For some reason, I never thought I would be living in a time to watch as evil darkens this country and the name of Jesus Christ is utterly
    blasphemed! The end of days is growing near but we must remember that God has positioned believers here and now for such a time as this!

  4. Hi Cindy. It’s indeed a troubling situation to observe so many saints remain oblivious to the times. I think that several factors are at work. First; there’s a profound attachment to the “here” which is why the prosperity gospel always draws such a following. (Seriously; one hears about the amount of money some of these minister bring in and the first thought is always “surely that many people cannot be buying into this”)

    Secondly, it’s not being taught much. It will not draw a crowd, however the ones that do come will be much better prepared for the times ahead. A few years ago, I had a dream where a spirit of antichrist was spreading very quickly across the globe. It looked kind of like a “shock wave.” At one point, it came to this large church that seemed to sit in the center of a town. It penetrated the building. passed through everyone inside, and went on its way. Afterwords, a couple of people in the congregation looked around briefly; like when you think you hear something, and then went back to their program. Nobody else even flinched as this wave swept through them.

    May the Lord open our eyes to the needed understandings as we witness these coming events.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  5. Hi Code. Thanks so much for topping by and for keeping us in prayer. I’m keeping you and everyone in your vicinity in prayer. The dream really hit me because of how accurately it describes the present situation. We see the manifesting of the end times senario at every corner. It’s in plain view; and yet so many simply don’t see it. Lately I’ve been praying to be a faiothful ambassador; both now and when these events ramp up and catch so many off guard.

    I remember hearing about one of Richard and Susans daughters having a dream where this giant wall of water hit Portland Oregon. Afterwards there was devastation everywhere, when she saw Richard. He was standing with his back to the river and preaching the gospel to a “very shaken population.” It was something like that anyways. I was told this dream over the phone and that was over a year ago.

    May we all be in our proper place physically and in a proper place spiritually when these things come to pass. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  6. Hi Marianne. Thanks so much for stopping by. You touched on one of the most important things. To be properly positioned when all of these things come to pass. The Lords grace will be sufficient for any situation. Even if we currently ask ourselves “am I truly prepared for such a thing?” if we’re abiding close to Jesus, he’ll carry us through whatever we must face.

    Thanks again. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  7. A very good post, I have to say the scenario is one I honestly pray does not come to pass, but I also recognize it may. On a positive note, both the first and second great awakenings as well as Azuza St. and the pentecostal revival came at such times. I pray that the Lord move again, and that the flood of biblical proportion would be turned to a flood of His Spirit. I will continue to pray, prepare, and call the church to awaken and take its rightful place.

    This is not the first time I have heard this, nor I suspect, the last. Still, I will continue to pray for mercy as David did when the son born him of Bathsheba became ill. In David’s words: While the child was alive, I fasted and wept; for I said, “Who can tell whether the Lord will be gracious to me, that the child may live?”

    Thank you again for giving me a lot to think and pray about.

  8. Hi Watcher on the Wall. A great revival would be an incredible thing as it would mean souls being birthed into the kingdom of God. The real tragic part of the time of the end is that when time runs out, there will be souls who were not prepared. As such we rejoice in everyone that believes on the Lord Jesus and a revival would mean “lots of them.”

    Regardless of what transpires in the days ahead, you hit on something really important; that being to pray, prepare, and call the church to its rightful place. May we all be at our posts during these important times. Thanks somuch for stopping by.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

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