December 13, 2009
Isaiah 57:15 “For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and lofty place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.”
Colossians 1:16-17 “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in the earth, visible and invisible,whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him and for him:
And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.”
My thoughts wander toward things which are not, but someday will be. Places like a new heavens and a new earth wherein a New Jerusalem will be established forever. A creation that has never been contaminated by thoughts of iniquity or ill-will toward another. An everlasting kingdom where God himself will be the light that permeatres every portion of space and the saints will forever abide in his presence. Many would classify this as either an imagination run amock or the cogitations of one who seeks an escape from the real world. Perhaps there’s an element of truth in both of these. I do have an imagination that requires containment (I die daily) and I openly confess a desire to be absent from this world and present with the Lord. When the scriptural references concerning the age to come begin to resonate within us, it becomes increasingly difficult to find satisfaction in the superfluity of vanities that dominate this fallen world.
Last thursday, on a blustery and cold afternoon, I was laying across our bed as I still had an hour or so before having to head off to work. Looking up at the ceiling, my thoughts shifted to the deep things of God. Things that, try as we may, we cannot even begin to understand, and they, subsequently, leave us with overwhelming sensation of “My God; How Great Thou Art!”  I wandered to the farthest reaches of the universe; seeking a place from which to measure, but found none. I travelled back through eons past; searching for the beginning of his way, and discovered it not. I ventured hundreds of millions of earth years into the future and yet failed to locate a diagram that explains “timelessness.” Without a doubt, Our God fills the heavens and the earth. He inhabits eternity past and will remain, without varience or shadow of turning throughout the eons yet to be. He is, without a doubt, the same yesterday to day and forever.
The concepts of space, time, past, present, future, and the loving Creator of it all, cause one to become all but speechless. We see God, who is omnipotent and eternal, perfect in every way, and is the embodiment of truth and righteousness. We enter into his presence and suddenly, “all-that-is” seems to merge toward a center and then vanish, as it were, into the fabric of the everlasting. Time and all that it entails, is eclipsed by the realities of the everlasting and we begin to understand that “our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh in us a far more exceeding, and eternal weight of glory.” The peace and absolute contentment that one finds here is beyond description and we desire that all of the brethren would find this place. To let go of the earthbound ways and begin to embrace the eternal. An eternal perspective, granted by the Lord, will overhaul our perceptions of this temporal residence.
It’s in moments such as this, when the eternal eclipses the physical, that something else begins to manifest. Something so heartbreaking that it’s almost too much to bear. One begins to fathom the unspeakable tragedy of countless souls heading down the road to a much different end. Priceless souls, created in the image of God, who continue to walk in darkness. Beautiful, eternal, chaotic souls who, at this very moment, are being held captive by the devices and lies of the wicked one. Suddenly, for a brief moment, the clouds are parted and we are allowed an increased clarity of the whole. The everlasting joy and peace, enjoyed by those who know the Lord, and the everlasting lament of those who neglected the great salvation. The revelation makes all of the little campaigns of this life, into which we tend to sink so much time and resources, seem as nothing. This realm shall remain, only for a short time, before taking flight from the presence of the one who sits upon the throne. (Rev. 20:11)
We return to ourselves; still in the same physical posture, but forever changed. The love for the Lord Jesus is enhanced. The bond with likeminded saints is strengthened. Our compassion for the lost is amplified and the only thing that we desire is to be about our Fathers business. We are “betwixt” in every sense of the word; desiring to be with the Lord, but desiring to reach out to those still walking in darkness. Earlier tonight (Dec 12) I was thinking of places that I would like to be and things that I would like to be doing. For example, if it were possible, I would love to sell everything, move to Chicago, (or any major metropolis) and share the gospel in the streets every day.  I’m not a city person, but I desire nothing else but to further the gospel. I was then reminded that, if I were there, this household, along with many souls in my ambience, would not have an ambassador for Christ in their midst.
It’s kind of hypocritical on our part. We will often say to those without, that Jesus would have gone to the cross to save a single soul from hell. But when it comes to our going forth in his name, we look at numbers. A soul in Chicago or Kalamazoo is of equal importance to the soul of a person who’se fishing off the bridge in Mottville. (population: around 200…..kinda) A few weeks ago, I was thinking about Philip the evangelist. A great revival was taking place throughout Samaria, when he was prompted by the Spirit to head out into the desert. From a natural standpoint, it may have seemed much more needful to remain in Samaria where many were being added to the church. But for the sake of the souls in Ethiopia, it was imperative for him to go and join himself to a certain chariot where a man was struggling to understand the words of Isaiah. The bigger picture is usually far more profound than we can envision.
Ephesians 5:17 “Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.”
Well I have to close for now. The following link is to a blog site that I came across recently through a link on STEVE QUAYLES site. In fact, they seem to cover similar types of information. It’s been added to the blogroll, however, here’s a link to the December 10, 2009 posting:
THE PROPHETIC VIEW NEWS DECEMBER 10, 2009 (Narrow Way Ministries)
This post links to a numbr of articles; including video footage of the bluish glowing object that appeared over Norway hours before Mr. Obama arrived in the country to receive his “peace prize.” The media quickly attributed this anomalie to a failed Russian rocket launch , but it looked much more like some kind of….portal….opening. It was completely uniform with spiral-like arms, somewhat resembling a galaxy. (Why does Daniel 11:21 and Luke 21:25 come to mind?) I’m certain that, in the January issue of the Last Trumpet Newsletter, more information will be offered up.  
At the top of the post, there’s a picture of giant remnants. Biblical type giants, such as:
Deuteronomy 3:11 “For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of the giants; behold, his bedstead was a bedstead of iron; is it not in Rabbath of the children of Ammon? nine cubits was the length thereof, and four cubits the breadth of it, after the cubit of a man.”
Og, the king of Bashan was about fourteen ft. tall. It’s an interesting site; not only for one who is curious about such things, but also for any who strive to be watching in these final hours. Indeed, the bigger picture is far more profound than we can envision.
Numbers 13:33 “And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.”
I wonder if, upon seeing such occupants in the land, many of us would have likewise feared to enter in. How imperative it is to trust in the Lord and not be dismayed by physical manifestations. The ensuing disobediance resulted in forty years of wandering in a wilderness.
Blessings always in Jesus name.
Revelation 4:11 “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”


  1. I always enjoy your posts, and the treasure trove of new blogs you stumble upon. Bless you!

  2. Hi Chrystal. The Prophetic View News is a very interesting site as the author takes time to bring together much information; including some things that would seem “out there” to many. The incident over Norway was the reason for this particular link. I’m convinced that it was some kind of portal opening.

    Thanks for taking time to stop by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  3. Hi timbob, good post. Sometimes when the darkness of this world breaks me down, I close my eyes and go to that place where peace and joy shall reign as Christ lights up the day and tears are wiped away. It sure is not going to get any better here. The dismal news of each day just has me longing more for the return of my Lord and Savior!

  4. Hi – how are you? I’m finally catching up on your blog. I’ve been out of the country for a few weeks. I also long to be with Jesus almost every day.

    Am praying for you and your family.

    Merry Christmas. He is the only reason for the season.

  5. Timbob,
    I can relate brother! The good thing is that we are closer today then yesterday. Praise God!
    I can tell that “this world is not your home”. Neither is it mine.
    Bless you bro!

  6. Hi Marianne. Thanks so much for stopping by. Our light affliction is ever so brief in comparison to eternity. It’s important for us to abide in heavenly places and keep an eternal perspective as this world runs its course.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

  7. Hi Code. I pray that all went well during the weeks away. Thanks for keeping us in prayer. There have certainly been positive signs in this household as of late, but the spiritual turf battles are intense.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

  8. Hi Richard. Without a doubt, this world seems stranger by the day and we feel all the more “betwixt.” Desiring to leave and be with Christ, but loving the souls around us who are lost.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

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