January 3, 2010
Psalm 84:10 “For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.”
It’s after 3:00 am and I “really” should be sleeping. The temperature outside has dipped into the single digits. The sky is crystal clear and the stars are brilliant; giving testimony of a God who inhabits eterntiy and changes not.  The waning moon is bathing the snow-covered landscape with an almost surreal glow. There is “absolutely no wind” coming across the fields and the only sounds are the occasional howls of the coyotes which inhabit this portion of all that is. Other than that…..silence. A short while ago, I was out there; walking by the road and considering the ambience. So cold…..so serene….so…..out of this world. It’s one of those nights that carries ones thoughts deep into the realms of eternity. Spontaneous meditations are placed into words and offered unto the Lord. In the silent venues; undisturbed by the affairs of vanity, one can focus entirely upon heavenly things. Feelings of indescribable gratitude as we think upon Jesus; our Savior with whom we shall be with forever and ever.
“And so shall we ever be with the Lord.Forever and ever. Despite how breathtaking the scene is just beyond the walls of this dwelling, it’s but a temporary thing. Tomorrow morning, the sun will most likely rise and this picturesque moment will be only a memory.  I have to rise earlier than normal, run to Joe’s house, pick up hay for the goats, run home, put the hay in the barn, clean up, run to church, run back home, and tend to a myriad of other tasks which have no eternal significance. (None of these tasks are “bad;” they’re simply things which bcome irrelevant at the point of ones departure) At some point, the strong-but-erroneous sensation of “this crazy cycle is never going to end” will call upon me; suggesting that I surrender to the agents of discouragement. Too many times, I’ve given in to this temptation. And yet this too is but for a moment. This crazy cycle of “to-dos” will eventually run its course and be gone. Eventually, we will be absent from the body and present with the Lord.
The year before us is shrouded in mystery, however, we know that the acceleration will continue. The shortening of days, the separating between the sheep and the goats, and the continued implementation of a global governing entity. There are things coming upon the earth that will turn everything familiar into a memory. At some point, a brave new world will emerge and it will appear that all of the age-old problems have been solved. With smooth words, it will call out to us and ask “why are you still hanging on to those outlandish ideas?” It will be an hour of temptation such as we have never seen before. And yet, just as all the hours previous, this one too will surely pass. At the appointed moment, the trumpet shall sound and Jesus will return. He will send his angels into the four corners of the earth to gather his elect. Those who know him will put on immortality. Those who know him not will cry out to the rocks “Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth upon the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb.”
“And so shall we ever be with the Lord.” Forever and ever. If there’s one admonition that’s needful as we head toward the moment of Jesus’ return, it’s to hold fast the profession of our faith. No matter what befalls us in this world, we know that it’s but a temporary situation. We must remain mindful of the eternal picture and not be overcharged by those things which are but for a moment. Earlier, while walking along the road, I was thinking about how this serenity is soon to be swept away by the agents of chaos. Not only this beautiful January night, but the status quo as we have come to know it. We must ensure that our heart is in heavenly places and that we are not harboring any thoughts of unbelief. We read about the great falling away in II Thessalonians and understand that these are folks who once walked with the Lord Jesus but stopped doing so. They bought into a lie.
II Thessalonians 2:3 “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;”
And now I REALLY MUST GET TO BED! As we head into 2010, I pray that we’ll not only keep our hearts with all diligence, but that we’ll also be about the Fathers business with all diligence. Earlier I was thinking about how the enemy is fully aware that he has but a short time left and is diligently seeking to destroy all that he can. The devil places a lot of effort into running out the clock on the lost. How much effort are we putting into reaching them? I’m asking this of myself and I don’t like the answer. I have squandered an astonishing amount of time over the years. We must strive to make the most of each day that the Lord has made. Because every morning, when we wake up, hell is larger than it was when we went to bed. May we all be faithful ambassadors for Christ in the days before us.
Blessings always in Jesus name.


  1. I want to let you know that I really appreciate your perspective on what’s going on. The pressure on Christians to compromise is already here and it will intensify. In the liberal mainline denominations hundreds [maybe thousands] of churches have left due to heresy and false teaching, espeically in regard to sexuality and the definition of marriage. Speaking from experience, pastors and congregations are pressured by bishops etc.. to compromise, to go along to get along. It’s a real temptation to simply give in. But I know that is simply not an option. Many Biblically faithful pastors and churches are being attacked by others who are supposed to be in the body of Christ. As many have told me in the past, persecution and demands to compromise come from the rotten structure of the institutional church, where Scripture is degraded and Christ is just a nice guy who would never hold anyone accountable. The sense that things will intensify is palpable. It’s crucial to remember that our weaknesses allows God’s power to be made manifest in our lives. That our spiritual poverty is the road to Christ. As Jesus said blessed are those who are poor in spirit- those who are aware of their spiritual emptiness, and this drives them to seek God all the more. This will be a great necessity in the days ahead.

    God Bless, Dan

  2. And yet . . . that serene sky, the beauty of His creation . . . these tell us of the glory and power and greatness of our Lord. Whatever we may face in the days to come, we will face it while He holds us in His hand. Let us put first above all our relationship with Him; second our relationship with the brethren. Everything else grows out of that–every good work, every good word, every good thing. He is Lord.

  3. tim, the poetry of your first two paragraphs transported me into what you were seeing–beautiful!

    and yes, the hour in which we live is urgent. just this past week i learned that president obama’s regulatory czar, cass sunstein, is urging the u.s. government to abolish all sanctioning of marriage in favor of civil unions; he is placing the institution of marriage on the same level as country club memberships. 1 timothy 4:3 already warned us that in the end times “they” would forbid people to marry. we’re hearing of wars and rumors of wars, strange natural phenomena, changing seasons, the bottoming out of the economy….yes, the darkest hour of the night is upon us. i pray we all keep an end-times perspective and remember our priorities before the Lord who is established in righteousness and justice.


  4. “hell is larger than when we went to bed” a terrifying thought…

    Timbob, I get through my blogroll less and less these days, but when I do, and I get to yours I always get a fresh, full cup of coffee before I start reading. I always, think, what thoughts will he provoke today???

    Well, today, I’m thinking that heaven grows in leaps and bounds as I see hope and grace here.

  5. A tremendously beautiful scene you painted . . . and the contrast of it to the spiritual state of the world draws a deep breath . . . it reminds me of Psalm 91 – we are going to see much happen around us, but if God truly is our refudge and not man or the church, we will be protected. vs. 9-10

    I see so many afflicted souls around me. The warefare is strong. The separation is happening. God chose us to be here for a reason. May we seek His will and not push forward with what we think is best. We need His wisdom and discernment which is very different from ours in these days.

    Stirring the Deep

  6. “The shortening of days, the separating between the sheep and the goats…”

    As I see God drastically cry out and move in the lives of those saints who He wishes to usher back under His wings, I truly rejoice in tribulation. I see that these things (though difficult and painful in the moment) are the mercy of God in the lives of His sheep who have wandered, or been led astray by wolves in sheep’s clothing. We must be ready as these saints “hit the wall” so to speak, to step in and lead them into ALL Truth. I have just been faced with this scenario and I see it totally as God’s mercy and love drawing those fallen away back to Him. I think this is a move we will see increasing in these coming days.

    “Because every morning, when we wake up, hell is larger than it was when we went to bed.”

    What a statement! Truly heart-stopping. Another reason to rejoice when one is faced with stern chastisement from the Lord successfully saving them from “the smoke of their torment ascending forever and ever” Revelation 14:11 *shudder*

    May we all be about the Father’s business in 2010. A verse spoke to me recently, perhaps timely as the bridegroom cometh – as the bride of Christ, we are to “be married to another – to Him who was raised from the dead, that we should bear fruit to God.” Romans 7:4 Just as all creation cries out to Him, giving him glory and bearing the fruit of His handiwork, so too those who are the bride of Christ will bear His fruit.

    Blessings Timbob, and thanks for such a thought-provoking post.

  7. Hi Dan. Thanks so much for taking time to drop by. This is certainly an age of compromise and smooth sayings that don’t ruffle the feathers of the ungodly. Here’s a link to a local situation where three churches pulled out of a ministry to those in need because the ministry embraced sodomy.


    It’s simply beyond astonishing when something so unscriptural as sodomy is not only embraced by supposedly Christian churches, anyone who takes a biblical strand is mean-spirited, and in this particular case, uncaring for those in need. Strange times in which we live.

    Thanks again for your encouraging thoughts. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  8. Hi Cindy. Indeed it is imperative to remember that the Lord has us in his hand. A short while ago, I was getting around for bed (I’ll ge there eventually) when the words from Matthew 10:27 were dropped into my spirit. The emphasis, however, was on the “what ye hear in the ear” portion. In order to be effective ambassadors we must be hearing from the Lord during the quiet times. Then the words that we speak will be the right ones.

    Thanks so much for taking time to stop by. Blessingsalways in Jesus name.

  9. Hi Chrystal. This is a truly astonishing development; and yet, as you mention, scripture warns us of these things. The enemy is attempting to tear apart anything and everything that the Lord has ordained. Treating mariage like a subscription instead of “until death do us part” is another attack against that which is holy.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  10. Hi Cindy. “Heaven grows in leaps and bounds.” Thanks for pointing this out. Each time a name is written in glory, the angels rejoice as a soul is pulled from the fires. It would certainly be proper to say that heaven is also larger each morning than when we went to bed. This also fosters an enhanced desire to reach out to those around us.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  11. Hi Rachel. One thing that wasn’t mentioned in the post is that, while walking out by the road that night, there was a sense that this incredible serinity is very temporal. Kind of like the calm before a storm; wherein one may hear instructions on how to prepare.

    Psalm 91 is incredible. To trust the Lord completely and not be fearful of the terror by night or the arrow that flies by day. As you mention, we are present at this time for a reason and the Lord is a very present help in time of trouble.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  12. Hi Five Peas. It’s an interesting truth that’s hard to explain; as to rejoicing in tribulations. It may sound hard, but it’s times of tribulation there is a special closeness to the Lord. When I read of things coming to pass, it doesn’t instil panic as it once did; it fosters a desire to just get in close to Jesus, keep my words to a minimum, and “abide.” To just spend time with the Lord and listen to what the Spirit is saying.

    As these things come to pass, may we hold fast our testimony of Jesus and bear much fruit indeed, as you mention in the last paragraph.

    Thanks so much for taking time to stop by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  13. It is thought provoking that God has us up in the middle of the night, so we can think about him.

    For me, tonight, I also woke up at 3 am. It is 4:30 now.

    Our mind is more clear, and receptive now.

    I need to go pray now.

    May God bless you.

  14. Hi Marianne. This is one thing that I like about second shift. I’m awake late in the evening when others are slumbering. The cares of the day are brushed aside and one fully meditate upon the deep things of God. He becomes more awesome by the day.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I must strive to get around the blogosphere this coming week. Things have been hectic lately.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

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