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February 28, 2010
Colossians 3:17 “And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.”
Last Wednesday, February 24, was the first time in two weeks that an opportunity to get into the streets was manifest. It wasn’t for a lack of desire or trying; rather it was the result of one distraction after another. Things to do and obligations which cannot be neglected, but are of no ” apparent” eternal significance. (The word “apparent” is used because from our limited viewpoint, we cannot possibly see how a circumstance will play out.) It continues to amaze me as to how “tied to this present world” most of us are; despite our fervent desire for this to not be the case. The temporal nature of this present world is at complete odds with those who are born of the Spirit, who remember the former conversation but now have their affections on things above. Even the necessary attributes of this life are….lifeless….and soon to be irrelevant. And yet, here we are, working, paying taxes, taking the van to the shop when extensive brake work is required, cleaning the garage, and jumping through all of the hoops that life in 2010 throws at us.
The past two weeks have been a real challenge and I had to be reminded of two things. The first was while driving home from work. It was another night that seemed to have been consumed by the continuing saga of life at AAM north America; (American Axles new corporate title) even to the point that my office of being a city set on a hill was completely ineffective. This observation made its way into prayer; “Lord I’m completely innefective and irrelevant at work.” The ensuing moment of reflective silence was interrupted by the words “YOU DON’T KNOW THAT.” Without a doubt, appearances can be the most deceptive of things. We never know when we’ll disperse a piece of scriptural truth without even being aware of it, and that truth will produce fruit. Every so often, someone will say to me “I was thinking about what you said a couple of weeks ago.” It oftentimes seems as though the statements which I think will have an impact end up accomplishing nothing, while things that “just come out” during the course of conversation foster a running cogitation on the part of the hearers that would have never been expected. In short; were much better off when we:
Matthew 10:19-20 “But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak.
For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you.”
Interesting; while typing out that passage, the words “WHEN they deliver you up” had emphasis. Verse 21 reveals how relevant this will be.
The other reminder was in response to the two weeks of downtime, insofar as street evangelism. My goal has been to double the amount of outings this year. I’m convinced that the first half of this year is critical and I’ve been minded to match the number of 2009 outings by the end of June 2010. I had to be reminded that we’re not to operate by “quotas of our own establishing.” Whenever ventures are thwarted by circumstances, (especially the ones that seem to pop up out of nowhere) I tend to become frustrated and even somewhat depressed. It defies explaining, however, being in the streets as a proclaimer of the gospel is like nothing else. It’s the single arena in my life in which a total sense of “this is what I’m supposed to be doing” is present. From a standpoint of “hours allocated” it seems insignificant and one could question its effectiveness. One could bring forth a thousand reasons why I should not be doing this; everything from family obligations to the fact that I’m normally not a very good speaker in person. Yet I cannot let it go; nor do I have any desire to find an exit from this.
One colossal hurdle has been cleared in recent months. Mrs timbob has become much more understanding, while I’ve learned how to conduct myself in a way that minimizes conflict on the home front. The situation at home is far more stable than it was last summer; despite my many blunders.
It doesn’t happen every time, however, many outings seem to follow a pattern. There’s a continual steady flow amongst the eternal ones; seeking opportunities to share Jesus, or at least offer a tract in the course of the passive encounters. These days, the majority of encounters are comprised of little more than a couple of seconds to offer a tract to one who is clearly occupied by other matters. Cell phones are a huge distraction; however, even folks who are engaged in a heated discussion by this means will usually take a tract that’s silently offered to them. This has caused me to become very selective of the tracts that are utilized. These are truly “one-shot-deals” from my vantage point and truth “must be presented” that will quickly resonate. (We know that Gods word will not return void) Consequently, I have a lot of tracts that are no longer distributed on a regular basis. These go into a single box which sits in our bedroom and has been labeled “The Tract graveyard.” We’re at a point on the prophetic timeline, where every word presented; either vocally or via printed material, must get to the point as quickly as possible.
Last Wednesday, while heading toward Elkhart, thoughts of what would transpire ran their course. It was almost as though I needed this outing even more than anyone that I may talk to. The peace and contentment that accompanies these moments is indescribable; even in  areas where many would strive to stay clear of. The majority of outings seem to have a particular encounter which “defines the venture.” A single soul or group of people that was of divine appointment. Last Wednesday, that defining person was a man named Bobby. His words suggested that he had been truly born again at some point in his past, but that he is now struggling with temptation; coupled with lack of employment. It wasn’t long before he went into a discussion about “Donna.” This is an acquaintance of his who professes to know Jesus, however, Bobbys mind, she is arrogant and continually talks down to him. His thoughts about Donna, the other issues that he talked about, along with the topics that he seemed to avoid, offered a glimpse into a very complicated situation.
I don’t know how accurate Bobbys story was as folks will tend to present information in a way that justifies self. One thing is for certain; the few minutes that we talked offered a glimpse into a hotbed of spiritual battling, resulting in these two names being added to the prayer list. Bobby truly seems to have a desire to be close to the Lord, but is struggling, battling dioscouragement, and seemed to be in need of someone to talk to. I have never met Donna and have no way of knowing if Bobbys description of her is accurate. She may be as Bobby described her, or she may be a genuine Saint whose concern for another soul is being misunderstood. Three things are for certain. First, the Lord knows the “whole” of the situation. His desire is for both of these folks to have an intimate relationship with him; regardless of what the present senario may be. Second, the enemy is striving to destroy both of these souls; regardless of what the present senario may be. And third, fervent prayer avails much; even when the particulars of a given situation are a mystery.
I may never run into Bobby again and I’ll probably never meet Donna, but I can intercede for them; along with the many other one-time encounters whose names fill up the prayer list. (It’s a small black book with laminating on the cover that I carry with me always) Only the Lord knows what will transpire as a result of the brief conversation that transpired last Wednesday in central Elkhart, near the corner of Benham and Indiana Avenues.
Well it’s time to go for now. I apolagize for the stir on the previous posting. It was partially out of frustration over being so hemmed in by circumstances. Lord willing, I’m desireing to remain active here as long as possible; and yet we never know what a day may present. As Ecclesiastes 8:8 points out, “there is no discharge in that war.” (I love the wording of the King James bible!) I also plan to get around to everyones site as this is much more encouraging than just staying at home. I often think about the many saints that I’ve encountered and wonder how much different my life would be, had I never entered this venue. This was placed on my heart from the Lord Jesus back in the summer of 2006 and has been a place of much spiritual growth. (even though the global governing entitiy has access to everything ever placed into the cyber-universe. There really is nowhere to hide; except in the strong tower that is the Lord Jesus Christ)
My thanks to Code for alerting me to the posting of the March edition of the Last Trumpet newsletter. Here’s the link:
AMERICA – INFESTED WITH SPIRITUAL BACTERIA (Now that’s a revealing title!)
Blessings always in Jesus name.


February 22, 2010
It’s been a hectic few days and this week shows no sign of being any different. In fact I’m seriously wondering how much longer activity in this venue can continue. It’s not the first time that such thoughts have been considered and providing there is continuance in the physical realm, it probably won’t be the last. Each time in the past, whenever this would be considered, the consideration would always be squelched by a plethura of topics coming to the forefront and crying out for input. Even now, there are things in the works as the urgency concerning the issues of life continues to mount. In addition to this, my personal desire is to continue for as long as possible. I sometimes become agitated over the hecicity in my life, however, perhaps it’s a necessity thing, to keep me from being consumed by this venue. Every segment of our individual haunts have eternal souls passing through them who will one day be here no longer. To allow ourselves to be consumed by this electronic realm, seems sinister. (There was a time when I was “consumed by this”)
The laborers are so few, in comparison to the need. It’s been several years…I mean SEVERAL YEARS, since someone in a public venue approached me with concern for my eternal destination. When one considers how many churches are in this area, it would seem that there should be someone an almost every corner, in every parking lot, and in every place of business, proclaiming “all the words of this life.” (Acts 5:20) A while back, Richard posted a picture of a street preacher that was taken over a hundred years ago. A crowd was gathered around and one guy had even brought out a chair to sit and listen. Today, despite the latest technological offerings that facilitate lightning-speed communication, there is a profound famine in the land while many professors of Christ are busy with their own programs.
In times past, I’ve petitioned the Lord in prayer, that, when it’s time to let this electronic trail run cold, that he would remove the desire to be here. He may grant this request, or this may become a trial; to see if I’m willing to lay aside something that’s certain to have a concluding moment in exchange for being where the Lord desires me to be in the times ahead. One thing is for certain; a changing of the seasons, when ordered by the Lord Jesus, is exciting beyond words. Almost like an adventure. During the season at hand, we labor diligently with the knowledge that tomorrow is not a promise. We may regularly visit memorials of the past seasons; not to dwell in a place where the Lord is no longer working, but to remember lessons learned and give glory to the one who has never left our side. For example, I have fond memories of my church in Virginia, but I do not desire to go back. That season is long past.
John 12:26 “If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour.”
But the most fascinating of all is the looking to what’s coming for those who hold fast the testimony of Jesus Christ steadfast until the end. We are indeed in this present season, where many sorrows are to soon to be unleashed, but our heart is seated in heavenly places. “Even so, come, Lord Jesus” should be the heartfelt cry of every saint as this present world no longer operates a branch office in our heart. As for now, I must be going. (not for good; I just have to get ready for work) I apolagize for the chopiness of this posting. I’ll clean it up when time permits. The link below was found on Steve Quayles site and is worth checking into.
Blessings always in Jesus name.

VOICES in the CORRIDOR (supplemental)

February 15, 2010
Revelation 21:7 “He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.”
The topic discussed in the post prior to this one has the potential to “drive a person nutty” if they are not grounded in the truth. It discusses a phenomenon that, if accurately portrayed, would certainly be a major component in the last days deception. I debated on wheter or not to even write about it, and yet it wouldn’t go away. We are in a time like no other time in the history of the world. Technology has brought about much good, but has also facilitated the implementation of incredible evil. This world is being prepared to follow after a son of perdition who will present himself as the one who can “resolve all of the longstanding contentions.” Those who refuse to follow the consensus will be singled out as being “mean spirited, backwards, out-moded, and worthy of death.” It’s a danger that none of us know the full extent of, and it’s a routine topic in this venue. One may wonder why this topic receives so much attention. Without a doubt, it’s much more encouraging to write about the great salvation that we have in Jesus and the neverending age to come, when we shall be forever in his presence.
There are some important reasons for discussing the time of the end. After engaging in the topic of the previous post, it seemed necessary to discuss these reasons with a “supplemental.” Here are a few things that result from the consideration of prophetic events.
1. SITUATIONAL AWARENESS. Simply put, this means understanding what we’re facing; kind of like when foul weather is heading in our direction. A hurricane can be a horiffic event, however, the those who are in its path are forewarned, they can prepare accordingly. As the year 2010 unfolds, we must be alert to the times in which we live. It’s tragic to witness so many saints going about their religion oblivious to the signs of the times. We love them dearly and pray for them fervently; that the Lord would grant understanding and a heart that’s set on things above. We must be aware, however, that a number of these may eventually turn on the remnant; thinking that they do God service.
2. WE DRAW CLOSER TO JESUS. After listening to Dr. Halls report, I found myself in a place of prayer before the Lord. This is always the result whenever such considerations are brought forth. They do not cause fear, but they do cause one to be sober and understanding of what’s in play. One realizes the lateness of the hour, our inability to stand on our own or understand through logic, and our dependance upon the Lord Jesus who has promised to be with us until the end of the world. (no matter what we may face) It’s interesting that, after such cogitations, there’s a special closeness to the Lord Jesus.
3. REDEEMING THE TIME We begin to realize that “hey; this stuff is really happening!” As such we will (or we should) strive to make the most of all remaining time in this present situation. (Actually this should always be the case as we never know when our final moment will arrive.) The things that most place such confidence in or value upon; even the wrestlings that the majority of Saints engage in, will seem to become irrelevant to the bigger picture. I once heard of a saint who worked for a brokerage firm. He had been granted a dream that revealed the eventual fate of the United States and, to say the least, it was a disturbing revelation. (We do not desire the woeful day but we know that it’s coming) The following morning, his colleagues were asking questions like “do we sell these stocks? How do we proceed with these pressing issues?” and “What about this other situation?” The man kind of just stared toward them and replied “You might want to sell EVERYTHING!”
Understanding the times will cause us to properly arrangs our priorities and to not be overly charged by issues that lose their relevance upon the completion of our days under the sun.
4. SELF EXAMINATION This one is huge and necessary. This is what John the Baptist did when he sent dieciples to ask Jesus “art thou he that should come, or look we for another?” Each of the disciples (except for one) did this when Jesus stated “One of you shall betray me.” And each of us should be continuously doing this; lest a seed of doubt or ill-timed lightness slip in beneath our spiritual radar.
Another form of examination is “how do we react to discussions of an apocalyptic nature?” If these topics make us uneasy or fearful, how will respond to the actual events? If fear takes a hold of us whenever such topics are brought up, it’s a sure indicator that we need to draw closer to Jesus and adjust our priorities. It’s important to not confuse fear with sorrow. The events coming upon the earth are very sorrowful. Souls going into eternity; most without being washed in the blood of Jesus, is VERY VERY SORROWFUL! Sorrow is a byproduct of compassion as we don’t want to see anyone perish. Fear, on the other hand, rises out of a mindset of self-preservation. When a person is fearful, they can be manipulated into making very bad decisions.
5. AFFECTIONS ON THINGS ABOVE AND THE AGE TO COME Whenever considerations of the end are in the forefront, I find my thoughts gravitating toward the everlasting. An age so incredible that words cnnot define it. A time when we shall be forever in the presence of the Lord Jesus and the Saints who held fast the profession of their faith. When ones thougts are in this place, it fosters victory and indescribable peace. When our affections are truly on the Lord Jesus and on the age to come, this world has no countemeasure.
Well it’s about time to go. My prayer is that we would strive, all the more, to let go of every hindrance and draw really close to the Lord. Dr. Hall talked of his investigations into satellite based electronic harassment, however, there are less exotic elements that are every bit as dangerous. In fact, all of us would be wise to take the television and toss it out the window. Not because of a legalistic laundry-list, but because the ways that it can be used to manipulate people are dangerous. I cannot watch it too long because this weird feeling of…..”blaaaaaaaaaaaaah”…..sets in until one is almost in a state of hypnosis. Even broadcasts which seem to have worthwhile content foster this sensation and it’s “eerie-to-be-sure!” A recent e-mail made mention of the dangers associated with this and it has fostered much consideration. 
The issue of television reveals just how complicated my home situation is as my family is tragically hooked to a variety of its offerings. Nonetheless, the Lord is doing an incredible work and I have to be extremely careful as to not cause scattering. The ambience in this household is much different than it was only a few months ago and I praise God for this. Sadly, however, a Television sits in almost every home and is probably far more dangerous than voices being beamed into ones head because of its subtle nature. More thoughts on this later. As for now I have to be going. I should have a copy of Dr. Halls book later this week. I’ll report further on this topic if it should appear relevant. The link below is an article written by Chuck baldwin:
Blessings always in Jesus name.
I Peter 4:7-8 “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.
And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.”


February 15, 2010
Ezekiel 38:10 “Thus saith the LORD GOD; It shall come to pass, that at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought.”
If there has ever been a topic that had the ability to land me on the “nuttier-than-a-fruitcake” roster, this could possibly be the one. It would be much easier to just let this one alone and focus on soaring exhortations, such as a deep pondering of the age to come. (It would definately be preferrable) And yet, if this situation is truly playing out; if this is something that has leaped from the pages of science fiction and is being employed at this moment, the danger is so immensely great that one cannot fathom the whole of it. When considering conditions that will prevail in the time of the end, we (or at least I) tend to unwittingly place perimeters around a form that we believe these events will take. In other words, we may unwittingly construct a mental picture idea of what “deceiving if it were possible even the very elect” will look like; based upon our limited theological understandings coupled with imaginations. But then, something comes along that introduces a whole new realm of considerations. Things that we never before thought of as being possible.
While considering the information that makes up the bulk of this post, the following passage came to mind. In fact, the importance of this truth was elevated to an entirely new level of urgency as I began to fathom just how perilous these times are: 
John 10:27-28 “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.”
It goes without saying that it’s imperative for each of us to be hearing from on high.  This truth was made all the more obvious after listening the interview with Dr. John Hall on the February 8 broadcast of Coast to Coast AM. For a number of years, Dr. Hall has investigated the increasing number of reports by otherwise stable people who claim to be “hearing voices.” We know that there is such a thing; brought on by a certain mental condition and/or spiritual dabblings. (I have a close relative who used to play with a ouija board and now “hears things” that should never have been issued an invitation) However, the phenomenon that Dr. Hall is investigating appears to be artificially manufactured by those seated in high places who have a sinister motive. These voices carry well-defined messages and/or instructions. There is evidence that the technology is at hand, which allows the literal “transmitting of voices” from military satellites (commercial satellites aren’t powerful enough) directly into the mind of a select individual, or group of individuals.
The victims of this “electronic harassment” are unable to escape these vocal intrusions; not even with the proverbial “aluminum foil” placed on the head. Careers have been derailed, reputations compromised, and lives destroyed because of these attacks. These cases are incredibly hard to detect for two reasons. First, the symptoms closely resemble a well-known (and very often spoofed) mental condition. Secondly, the technology required to engage in this seems “so far out there” that one is tempted to doubt if such a thing is possible. These two elements, coupled with the anonymity of the perpetrators, make this phenomenon incredibly hard to detect. Dr. hall stated that many folks who suffer from this are committed by well-meaning family members who react to the initial symptoms. Most of these people have no history of previous mental problems, have not engaged in any occult practices, and have no family history of either. Many are ordinary citizens who have been singled out; suggesting that this technology is still in the “testing” phase. (What are they planning to do when “testing” is completed?) Here’s a link to Dr. Halls book, which I should have a copy of later this week.
During the interview, Dr. Hall stated some differences between electronic harassment and the mental condition that it resembles. The most noticable one is that these “voices” carry well-defined messages, whereas those suffering from mental/spiritual complexities tend to hear incoherant “bits and pieces” of messages. (although an imagination can certainly assemble these “bits and pieces” into things) Dr. Hall has also made a list of demographics; revealing “where” and to “whom” this is hapening. Here are some of the perimeters:
1. This is happening on a global scale; suggesting that this technology may not be confined to a single nation. Many cases are being reported in the United States, Canada, China, and others.
2. In the U.S. the majority of cases are in California, Texas, Florida, and New York. In an unrelated observation, these are the same states in which the known cases of Morgellans are concentrated. During the interview, the mention of this parallel cause a “hmm” moment.
3. In the U.S. a notable percentage of the victims are single ladies between the age of 30 and 45. Other groups include people who have found themselves in the crosshairs of large corporations, people who have been at odds with a major law firm, and select individuals with no ties to anything of this nature. These “ordinary victims” are the most difficult to distinguish. When seeking consolation from others, friends and family will disbelievingly ask them “why would they want you?”  
4. In Canada, the list of victims includes (but is not limited to) people who have been in opposition to the government. (Dr Hall suggested that the CIA could be behind this as they have a shadowy history of conducting experiments north of the border. Much of the technological information that Dr Hall has assembled, has come from former CIA agents and informants who disclosed both the existance and the implementation of this technology)
5. Many of these victims also report being routinely “stalked” and having their residences broken into. (Again, the perpetrators are relatively safe because people who “hear voices in their head” tend to not be taken seriously)
As if this isn’t ominous enough, there is a side to this that’s far more sinister and fits into the catagory of last days deception:
6. There have been reports of people hearing voices claiming to be God.
I don’t even know where to begin tackling the danger of this; not only to those who know not the Lord, but undiscerning Christians who go with the flow of mainstream evangelicalism. We’re in an age where much focus is on relationships and getting along; not contending for the truth (which will make a person free) and discernment (which will keep a person free) Other dangers include a love for the world, seeking after signs (signs should follow the saints; not the other way around) and a general contentment with their “religionus routine” I fear that many have abandoned their first love in favor of a religious lifestyly; complete with just enough good works and warm fuzzy feelings, to conceil a heart that no longer follows hard after the Lord Jesus. (Psalm 63:8) All of these things will leave a saint woefully unprepared for the hour of temptation; even if the technology being considered in this post is not a factor.
Seeking after signs is in need of expounding. Signs and miraculous happenings have an important place. They bring deliverance (as in a healing or a victory that’s not possible in the physical realm) they confirm the word of God before non-believers. They will “always” result in the name of Jesus being glorified. There is, however, a very real danger when saints go running to and fro in search of signs because there are things which are deceitful in nature. We must be in a place spiritually where we can “try the spirits to see if they be of God.” And if one throws mechanical manipulation into the mix of end times deception, the ambience becomes so toxic that, unless a person is truly grounded in the word of God and atuned to the Holy Spirit, they “will” be led astray. The warning that Jesus issued concerning the level of deception in the time of the end should be considered by us all:
Matthew 24:24-25 “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders: insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
Behold, I have told you before.”
The following link is to a report that appeared on Steve Quayles site In August of 2006. It talks of a false, “staged rapture.” Upon first reading this, my hair stood on end as I considered how many saints would be in danger of falling for such a thing:
When the consensus in many fellowships is an unconcerned “oh don’t worry; we’re going to be raptured out of here before any of those things happen” one can see how incredibly perilous these times are. This is no time for lightness as the groundwork for a great falling away has already been laid. I’m not one given to visions, however, one day while shoveling snow (about 5 years ago) I was pondering what the great falling away would look like. For a brief moment (as in “it was over before it hit me that it had transpired”) I saw a battlefield littered with fallen soldiers in every direction. Their uniforms resembled those that would have been worn in the eighteenth century. This portion escaped me for a long time, until several months later. This was an army that was ill-equipped for the battle at hand; just as an eighteenth century army would be no match for a twenty first century army. Many Saints are unprepared for what’s coming. It’s interesting that, in discussing the time of the end, Jesus begins with the statement “Take heed that no man deceive you.” 
One may review such considerations and ask “why should such a topic should be tackled?” Considerations of the end cause many Saints to become uneasy and even fearful. This post is already running long, so the post right after this one will discuss the issue of “why.”
Blessings always in Jesus name.


February 8, 2010
Judges 13:18-20 “And the angel of the LORD said unto him, Why askest thou thus after my name, seeing it is secret?
So Manoah took a kid with a meat offering, and offered it unto the LORD: and the angel did wonderously; and Manoah and his wife looked on.
For it came to pass, when the flame went up toward heaven from off the altar, that the angel of the LORD ascended in the flame of the altar. And Manoah and his wife looked on it, and fell to the ground.”
It began and concluded as a very routine outing; like so many over the past three years. In fact, it often seems as though Kalamazoo has reached a saturation point. This is more perception than reality and Burdick street has a continual influx of souls. At the northern end of the downtown region, there’s a bus/Amtrack station on the west side and the homeless shelter on the east side of the street. Beyond this point, heading north across the tracks, it heads into the more economically troubled portions of the city. Heading south from the bus station, there’s a college campus with a student body of about 5000. Beyond that, shops and restaurants line both sides of the street. At this point, Burdick street transforms into what is actually more of an outside walking mall than a street; with wide heated sidewalks and a single narrow lane for southbound traffic. At the extreme southernmost portion of the street, one finds Bronson hospital. This coming together of worlds makes Burdick street a very rich area in terms of  reaching souls; even in the dead of winter when tendancies to remain inside limit the volume of traffic.
The outing of February 4th started out very average. Following a trip around the perimeter of the bus station, I headed down Burdick street; prayerfully pondering the scene playing out ahead. While on the west side of the street; after it reduces down to a single lane of traffic, I was watching oncoming pedestrians, but I noticed an older man waiting by the curb on the east side of the street. He wore glasses, a winter cap, and a somewhat long grey winter coat. He appeared to be somewhat shorter than me. I also noticed two college students approaching the man from the south. A guy walking his bike and a lady were proceeding at a casual pace toward the KVCC campus. I noticed this, however, I was still focused on the traffic on my side of the street. The students passed the man about the same time as I did; only I was across the street. I then heard the lady say the words “No way dude” and I perceived that he had asked for finaicial assistance. (At this point I figured that he was probably staying at the shelter; although outwardly he didn’t appear as being one in need)
It struck me as stange and the ladys tone of voice was almost rude. I stopped in my tracks and determined to go over and help the guy out with a $20 (it’s all going to burn anyways) It wasn’t so much that I felt led to do this, however, the ladys response really agitated me. In the few seconds that it took for me to swing around and head across the single lane for traffic, “the old man was gone.” At first, natural reasoning switches into high gear and I began trying to figure out where he could have possible taken off to. There was no crowd to mix with. No doors in the vicinity that would facilitate such a departure. NOTHING. I looked in every direction but the old man was simply gone. The only possible way to make such a departure…..was…..”up and out?” The two students were still strolling northward; oblivious to the bewildering tranpiration behind them. I remained in this spot for a moment; taking in the scene and trying to see if I was overlooking something. I’ve heard of things like this, and fully believe that the Lord intervenes in the world in such manner, however, this was completely unexpected.
The remainder of the day proceeeded in routine fashion, except for the occasional revisiting of this incident; wondering if perhaps I had simply overlooked something. In my spirit, it was like a reassuring gesture that, despite ambient appearances, be they routine or traumatic, the Lord is in complete control and can alter a situation in a moment. It was also a reminder of how little we understand about the situations at hand. For example, I know absolutely nothing about the two college students and therefore, I really have no idea as to what all was in play. They returned to the campus; never thinking for a moment that they may well have said “no way dude” to a messenger from heaven. It’s quite possible that each of us have entertained angels unawares on more occasions than we could ever imagine. The only difference between this incident and all of the other possiblilities is that my eye caught a glimpse of something that simply didn’t add up in the natural.
Many of us have a lingering contradiction in our lives. We proclaim a supernatural gospel. We see lives transformed by the precious blood of Jesus and remember the hour in which we first believed. We know full well that the Lord can heal all manner of illnesses and moves in ways that no one can anticipate. We know that if an undoubting person says to a mountain “be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.”  Jesus explained that all things are possible to those who believe. Yet despite this understanding, we somehow expect the ambience to function according to the laws of physics. “What goes up must come down” and “for every action, there is an equal reaction.” While indeed, the vast majority of what we see transpires within the perimeters of physics, the truth is that what we see is a very tiny sliver of all that’s transpiring around us. The ongoing battles between principalities and powers continue on as the enemy strives to hang on to his captives while luring the saints into one distraction after another.
Well I must be going for now. We’re supposed to be receiving several inches of snow this week and as such, I may have time to make the rounds in the blogosphere. The urgency for getting the gospel into the streets is still high and, the first half of this year is critical. I’ve been wondering how much longer this blog will remain active; however, every time such thoughts come to mind, a flurry of posts are presented that make putting forth a concluding entery impossible. Plus this is a place of contact with a lot of saints from other venues and I really want to keep this place of contact open. One thing is for certain; each of us will have a final blog entry at some point.
Tonight on Coast to coast AM (Monday Feb 8 broadcast) George Noory will be talking with Dr. John Hall about electronic harrassment, mind control, and how CIA/NSA technology is being used to track, intimidate, and even read the thoughts of people. It may sound crazy to some, but these are very strange times and I plan to stay up for this. Here’s Dr Halls site:
Here are links to three more sites that one may want to check out when time permits; all of which are on the blogroll:
END TIMES PASSOVER by JOE ORTIZ I learned of this site from a comment left at the post THE FREE RADICALS.
Blessings always in Jesus name.

E O N – O – S P H E R E

February 2, 2010
The afternoon of January 31 was typical of most Sunday afternoons in this venue. While the aroma from Mrs timbobs pot roast filled the kitchen, I was busy peeling potatos and listening to Alexander Scourbys reading of Proverbs. (of all the audio bible products available today, nothing compares to the voice of the late Alexander scourby) While this makes it possible for one to multitask, the bible in an audio format has one serious drawback. When listening ,instead of reading, it’s hard to “park and cogitate” on a single place and subsequently one has to continually stop multitasking for a moment, hit the “repeat” button, and wait until that passage is reached again. On this particular afternoon, the following passage became the point of reflection; thereby necessitating the need to continually hit repeat:
Proverbs 8:22 “The LORD possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old.”
This chapter speaks of the all-encompassing wisdom of God and compels the simple, who desire understanding, to partake of this wisdom. It should be noted that the phrase “in the beginning of his way” does not imply that there was ever a time in which God was not. It simply tells of a moment in eternity in which “time” became an aspect. The fabric of the everlasting is like an ocean; stretching in every direction forever, while the dimension of time is but a tiny bubble sitting in the middle of the infinite. Whenever one begins to consider the boundless attributes of our faithful Creator, a sensation of overwhelming awe will ensue. He inhabits eternity past and future, he is completely holy; without shadow or turning, and his love for us is beyond comprehension; a truth that was manifest when he took upon himself a body of flesh and paid for our sins with his own blood on an old rugged cross.
Proverbs 8:23-24 “I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was.
When there were no depths, I was brought forth; and there were no fountains abounding with water.”
As new creatures in Christ who are born of the Spirit, we often reflect on the age to come, when we shall be forever in the presence of the Lord Jesus and with each other. Joy fills our heart as we consider a “world without end” and without grief. As if trying to fathom everlasting future isn’t impossible enough for our finite understanding, when one considers “everlasting past” it just blows the lid off. I mean “everything that anything had a beginning…right?” Not according to scripture. When Jesus stated “Before Abraham was, I am” it revealed the truth that he is indeed God manifest in the flesh and that he has always been. “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him and for him.” Through the finished work of Calvary, we have forgiveness of sin and eternal life. 
When a person begins to grasp just how great our salvation is, it’s enough to leave one speechless. Proverbs continues:
Proverbs 8:25-26 “Before the mountains were settled, before the hills was I brought forth:
While as yet he had not made the earth, nor the fields, nor the highest part of the dust of the world.”
Perhaps I’m just an eccentric dreamer, but it seems almost impossible to be out in creation without ones thoughts drifting toward the Lord. Whether it’s working in the yard on a warm sunny day, watching moonlight illuminate the snow that extends in all directions, or gazing into the vastness of the universe, the very creation testifies that “God is” and that he is a most incredible Creator. From the most far-flung galaxies down to the most seemingly insignificant sub-atomic particles, the complexity of all that we see is unfathomable. This is not simply the by-product of a big bang, followed by an inculculable number of “chance occurances.” It is the design of an eternal God who established it and “saw that it was good.” And this is merely the stuff that’s destined to melt with a fervent heat. We cannot even begin to fathom what the eternal will look like. A few years ago, I read the testimony of one who had been granted a visit to the heavenly throne room. This person described how, in that realm, aspects such as praise and singing were as a physical substance. (WOW)
Proverbs 8:27-28 “When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the depth:
When he established the clouds above: when he strengthened the fountains of the deep:”
This swerves into another thing that I like to ponder; that being the world previous to the flood. Without a doubt, the first earth was vastly different from the present; even to the point of the meteorological processes that were in play. There was no rain but “there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.” Instead of several rivers running into a single river and flowing to the sea, a single river ran out of Eden and became four. Likewise, the geography of that time seems to not coincide with the current; suggesting that the global flood was far more altering of the environment than we tend to consider. I wonder if perhaps when the fountains of the deep were broken up (Genesis 7:11) this gave rise to the earths present geological functionings. (Just a thought) Interestingly, two of the rivers that originated from the river out of Eden were the Euphrates and the Hiddekel; both of which are prophetically significant. The Euphrates is mentioned from Genesis to Revelation. The Hiddekel, which is the Tigris, is mentioned only one other time:
Daniel 10:4 “And in the four and twentieth day of the first month,was I by the side of the great river, which is Hiddekel;
This is where, after three weeks of mourning and eating no pleasant bread, Daniel had an encounter with the messenger who had been withstood by the prince of the kingdom of Persia. The significance of this is almost too deep to even begin to ponder, however, in verse 14, the messenger states “Now am I come to make thee understand what shall befall thy people in the latter days: for yet the vision is for many days.” The understanding that this messenger was bringing is so important that the enemy seemed to pull out all of the stops to prevent it from getting through. One can only imagine the confusion if we were to be facing the events of the end without the myriad of scriptural warnings on what to expect. I remember once hearing of a movement that transpired during the early centuries of this age. Some wanted to remove the book of Revelation from scripture because it was cosidered “too disturbing.” This would have been a catastrophe, however the Lord preserves his word. Oops; time to refocus.
Proverbs 8:29-31 “When he gave to the sea his decree, that the waters should not pass his commandment: when he appointed the foundations of the earth:
Then I was with him, as one brought up with him: and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him:
Rejoicing in the habitable part of the earth; and my delights were with the sons of men.”
It’s interesting; how political leaders and those with an agenda will hold conferences and set up treaties aimed at preventing what they are now calling “climate change;” thereby making one of my favorite t-shirts obsolete. (the one that reads “Glogal warming is nothing, compared to eternal burning”) Yet the Lord is ultimately in control and everything functions in accordance to his design. In Job 26:7, we read that he “hangeth the earth on nothing.” Everything in its place; everything working as the Lord has purposed, and everything proceeding according to his word. Again, if this is the complexity of the temporal, one cannot even begin to fathom what the everlasting will be like. For those who are in Christ, it’s an everlasting ambience that has never been defiled by rebellion and sorrow has no dominion. A realm without end where we shall be forever in the presence of Jesus and surrounded by the great cloud of witnesses.
I Corinthians 2:9-10 “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.
But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.”
Well this is only half of what was on my heart, so a follow-up post will be necessary.  Two things before going. First, there’s a new link on the blogroll, entitled LARRY WHO which offers up a lot of insight on a host of relevent issues. Secondly, I would ask that prayer be offered for our Pastor, Steve Miller, as he is leaving for Burkina Faso in about twelve days. I’m not sure as to how long he’ll be there, but the trip involves working with some orphanages in that country. Well I’ll close for now. The passage at the end of this post is well known, but it’s been dropped in my spirit a lot (I mean A LOT) over the past three weeks. Blessings always in Jesus name. 
Mark 13:10 “And this gospel must first be published among all nations.”
February 4, 2010 (0200) Hello again. The link that I’m about to disclose requires some explaining. Many who stop by here are familiar with Steve Quayle and the myriad of information found on his site. For several years, Steve hosted a shortwave radio program which I would listen to at every opportunity. He once mentioned how, for years, he had asked the Lord to grant him a two week warning before the bottom falls out of all that we have come to know. In conjunction with this request, he has set up a “bright red screen” that will appear on his website; should the Lord grant this insight. In other words, if a person goes to Steve’s site and sees a bright red screen, it’s quitepossible that “the world is about to be turned upside down.” (We know from I Thessalonians 5:3 that sudden and unexpected calamity is on the horizon) With this being understood, the following link is quite incredible:
While this may be something to be mindful of, it should not be a persons solitary indicator insofar as the timings that ae in play Nonetheless, I was impressed to share it. It is imperative for each of us to be in a place spiritually where we are hearing what the Spirit is saying. We cannot simply hold onto the coattails of another. It was in the summer of 2008 when I heard Steve talk about the red screen that’s set to appear on his site at the proper moment. I’ve not heard any mention of this since; until now.