February 22, 2010
It’s been a hectic few days and this week shows no sign of being any different. In fact I’m seriously wondering how much longer activity in this venue can continue. It’s not the first time that such thoughts have been considered and providing there is continuance in the physical realm, it probably won’t be the last. Each time in the past, whenever this would be considered, the consideration would always be squelched by a plethura of topics coming to the forefront and crying out for input. Even now, there are things in the works as the urgency concerning the issues of life continues to mount. In addition to this, my personal desire is to continue for as long as possible. I sometimes become agitated over the hecicity in my life, however, perhaps it’s a necessity thing, to keep me from being consumed by this venue. Every segment of our individual haunts have eternal souls passing through them who will one day be here no longer. To allow ourselves to be consumed by this electronic realm, seems sinister. (There was a time when I was “consumed by this”)
The laborers are so few, in comparison to the need. It’s been several years…I mean SEVERAL YEARS, since someone in a public venue approached me with concern for my eternal destination. When one considers how many churches are in this area, it would seem that there should be someone an almost every corner, in every parking lot, and in every place of business, proclaiming “all the words of this life.” (Acts 5:20) A while back, Richard posted a picture of a street preacher that was taken over a hundred years ago. A crowd was gathered around and one guy had even brought out a chair to sit and listen. Today, despite the latest technological offerings that facilitate lightning-speed communication, there is a profound famine in the land while many professors of Christ are busy with their own programs.
In times past, I’ve petitioned the Lord in prayer, that, when it’s time to let this electronic trail run cold, that he would remove the desire to be here. He may grant this request, or this may become a trial; to see if I’m willing to lay aside something that’s certain to have a concluding moment in exchange for being where the Lord desires me to be in the times ahead. One thing is for certain; a changing of the seasons, when ordered by the Lord Jesus, is exciting beyond words. Almost like an adventure. During the season at hand, we labor diligently with the knowledge that tomorrow is not a promise. We may regularly visit memorials of the past seasons; not to dwell in a place where the Lord is no longer working, but to remember lessons learned and give glory to the one who has never left our side. For example, I have fond memories of my church in Virginia, but I do not desire to go back. That season is long past.
John 12:26 “If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour.”
But the most fascinating of all is the looking to what’s coming for those who hold fast the testimony of Jesus Christ steadfast until the end. We are indeed in this present season, where many sorrows are to soon to be unleashed, but our heart is seated in heavenly places. “Even so, come, Lord Jesus” should be the heartfelt cry of every saint as this present world no longer operates a branch office in our heart. As for now, I must be going. (not for good; I just have to get ready for work) I apolagize for the chopiness of this posting. I’ll clean it up when time permits. The link below was found on Steve Quayles site and is worth checking into.
Blessings always in Jesus name.


  1. Selfishly, I hope that the time for your “electronic trail to run cold” is in the very distant future. I will miss your perspective greatly!

  2. Hi Chrystal. Thanbks so much for taking time to comment. As of now, I’m not seeing any indicators that it’s time to conclude here; it’s just that things sometimes become so hectic that finding time can be a real struggle. The fascinating thing about this venue is that we can write whatever the Lord places on our heart; resulting in a unique fellowship with saints in other places that we would have never known about otherwise. I’ve grown much because of the writings of others in this venue and I plan to stay involved for as long as possible. The hecticity can be worked through.

    Thanks again for stopping by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  3. I, too, would miss you, Timbob. You contribute a unique perspective that would be difficult to replace. Only you do need to do the tasks that Jesus gives you to do. It’s no good doing anything else. Unless He’s told you to do them, the best things become dead works.

    Love you,


  4. Timbob, I too struggle with this, and know how you feel. However, I am also learning that the discipline of trying despite setbacks opens doors to the heart for God to enter… chin up! I would miss you!

  5. Hi timbob, hope that you will hang in there. You are a messenger of God’s truth and we all need that.
    Keeping a balance is a struggle for me also, but it is one that I must endure. You are very much appreciated for your words of inspiration!

  6. Hi Timbob,

    I too, have been wondering recently if I should continue blogging. I posted today after not posting for 8 days which is probably a record for me. I’ve been extremely busy with work, homeschool and a lot going on with church, so I really did not have time to blog, and I was kind of surprised to find that I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would. You would no doubt be missed if you were to leave the blogworld. While I don’t agree with you on all points of doctrine, I do appreciate your desire to draw closer to God and your exhortations to others to do the same. That’s certainly something we all can use. May God guide and direct your steps.

    Blessings always,


  7. last trumpet is out

  8. Good morning Cindy, Cindy, Marianne, Carol, and Code. Thanks so much for taking time to offer encouragement. It’s interesting that this is an issue with which many of us have wrestled. It’s always been a challenge to keep going; despite the intense desire to do so. As such, I’ll continue as long as possible and as often as possible. Words cannot explain how much I value the fellowship and exchange of exhortation that takes place in this venue and I truly believe that each of us are being strengthened for the times ahead.

    Thanks again to all who have stopped by. Lord willing, I’ll be able to make the rounds this coming week as the hecticity level has diminished somewhat. (at least until the baby goats are born in a couple of weeks.)

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

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