Time Passage – John 4:18

May 4, 2010
“For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saist thou truly.
Well this was a surprise. I was just printing up copies of the Last Trumpet Newsletter for the increasing number of people who ask for it (which now includes people at our church) when I opened up the scriptures and just happened to fall on the one mentioned above. It touches on a subject that I would normaly not gravitate toward, but there are no coincidences and so here it goes. Two things are immediatly noticable in this passage. One is the depth of despair which this lady had fallen into. To have had five husbands suggests that every attempt to find happiness had failed; even to the point that she had abandoned all hope of entering into a storybook “and they lived happily ever after.” The other is the Lord Jesus who can deliver a person; regardless of how far they have fallen or how much has gone wrong in their life.  
We are in an age where a solid fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Each one is a legacy of things having not gone as had been hoped. Whatever the reason, the vow of “until death do us part” is broken and two souls left with the daunting task of trying to get on with their lives. I’ve never been through a divorce, however, I can’t imagine anyone going through such an ordeal without being forever changed in one way or another. And yet; regardless of how extensive the damage, regardless of how deep the heartache and bitterness, Jesus can completely deliver a person from the bondage of such. He bore our sins, our infirmaties, and our sorrows when he shed his blood on the old rugged cross. He can take a person from the depths of despair; regardless of the circumstances, and make them a new creature. It’s good to know that, in an age where heartache and disappointment have reached epidemic proportions, there’s still room at the cross for “whosoever will.”
While I’m here, the Last trumpet Newsletter is posted. Please keep David Meyer in prayer during this time of recovery. I’ve been asking that the Lord would grant him revelation, wisdom, and some much needed rest, which I think is the primary reason for this situation. He not only does extensive research in preparing the monthly newsletter, he’s also a full time pastor and must tend to the needs of the flock in Beaver Dam. A lot of responsibility for one person. Here’s the link to the May issue, which is entitled:
This issue provides insight to the sinister goings on at high levels of our nation and the world as we approach the time of the end. The next link addresses the various catagories of blissfull unawareness entitled:
Due to time constraints, I’ve not thoroughly read this as of yet, however, it aims to address this serious issue in detail. Well a lot has to be done today and so I’ll close for now.
Blessings always in Jesus name.


  1. And yet through all the heartache and bitterness (much of it caused by my own sin), I see myself as the person in the movie reappearing impossibly out of the smoke of a burning explosion in the background. Jesus pulls His own from the midst of the chaos and sets their feet on solid ground–however little they deserve it.

    That’s us, my brother–however little we deserve it. He is always good.

    Blessings and love, Cindy

  2. Hi Cindy. Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s beyond amazing how the Lord takes us just as we are and makes everything new. While we may remember the ordeals of our past, he casts them into the sea of forgetfulness.

    I tend to become depressed whenever memories of the backslidden season come up. To think that I could allow myself to slip into such a state is astonishing. And yet that experience had a positive outcome in many ways; one of which is an increased diligence in guarding my heart.

    Thanks again for stopping by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

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