June 21, 2010
Good afternoon in Jesus name. Things have been hectic, but I wanted to make known a couple of links. The first is to the June issue of the Last Trumpet Newsletter, which is entitled:
As is widely known by now, David Meyer passed into eternity on June 8. His insights will certainly be missed and even now, I’m still processing this incredible loss. I first learned of this from a comment left here. After the initial shock, I was promptly reminded that we need to be looking to Jesus completely. The title of the newsletter says it all. We are indeed approaching the twilight of this age and the level of deception is reaching a cresendo. We must rely completely upon the Lord; applying prayerful discernment and the word of God to all that we hear and see. The warning in Matthew 24:24 is of utmost importance. I am keeping in prayer, the family of Pastor Meyer and the saints in Beaver Dam Wisconsin. My understanding is that the work will continue, but it will undoubtedly be a different season. Most of us were surprised by this departure, but God is never surprised. He knows how many days have been alloted to each of us and he knows exactly when our final moment in this life will transpire.
Here’s another link that one may want to check out:
Ok, this goes to the site, but not to the exact place of inquiry. (hmm) The writing is in the”enter the forum” section. It’s in the second column and easy to find. One can easily dismiss such a thing as there’s no physical method to establish authenticity. We know that perilous times are at hand and that the time prior to Jesus return will exceed all previous seasons of sorrow. As such, I was minded to link to this and urge all to take it to the Lord in prayer. Again, we cannot simply follow the words of another. We are in need of clarity from on high as we navigate the road ahead. It’s imperative that we are each in close to the Lord Jesus; knowing that he will be with us until the end and that he hears our faintest cry. It’s also imperative to let go of this present world from our heart as any lingering attachment can sow the seeds of shipwreck. (The Watchmans Cry is a good site to visit periodically)
On Tuesday, June 22, Steve Quayle  will be the featured guest on Coast to Coast AM  which aires from 1:00AM till 5:00AM (eastern time) on AM stations nationwide. Steve always presents a plethura of information and its relevance to scriptural fulfilment. Some of the topics of discussion will be considered by many to be too far-fetched to believe, however, we are in times like none other. A time of tribulation that Jesus described as being more severe than any other, will probably not match the mental picture that most of us have concerning the time of the end. Add to the mix, supernatural deceptions so convincing that, if it were possible, the very elect would buy into them, and it becomes obvious that a spiritual “perfect storm” looms on the horizon. A storm that none of us have a complete picture of. All the more reason to forsake the unprofitable aspects of our lives and draw closer to Jesus. All the while compelling those in our ambience to know the Lord while there’s still time.
Well I have to be going for now. Much needs to be done and I’m already behind. I’m still minded to keep this site current, however, we also know that, at some point, the illusion of continuance will be dissolved. May we give all diligence to ensure that are affections are firmly upon the Lord Jesus.
Blessings always in Jesus name.


  1. I will miss David Meyer a lot. I listened to his sermons every Sunday and Wednesday. I even listened to them at night when I couldn’t sleep. I’m deeply saddened by it.

  2. Thanks for sharing those sites.

    I checked out the Watchman’s Cry – very interesting and encouraging to me. I have felt a certain “urgency” in warning people as well. But it is difficult because it goes against main stream and they don’t seem to want to listen – but I suppose that never stopped any of God’s people from sharing “the burning in their hearts”.

    I also have to face my fears of what others will think or losing certain relationships, as I have lost some. But that lost doesn’t compare to what is truly at stake.

    God has recenlty told me not to silence my passion because of opposition, which I realized to some extent I was doing. It isn’t easy to be a watchman, but I feel that call.

    I haven’t read the Last Trumpet Letter yet, but I’ll check that out as well.


  3. Hi Timbob

    I haven’t been able to steal much time for the blog realm lately but still stop by to catch up on the goings on in Grace County. Your posts are always affirming the Lord’s work here, half the world away and are always an encouragement. The longer you are able to keep your blog active, I will be greatful. 😀

    A thought came when I read Rachel’s comment.

    “But it is difficult because it goes against main stream and they don’t seem to want to listen”

    This statement reminded me of a sermon I heard which mentioned Jeremiah 16:16. The early church spread the gospel as fishermen but now, these times call for hunters. The pastor taked of how fishermen stay outside the environment of the fish and drop bait into it, while hunters must enter the environment of their target and seek it out. It was interesting and I could see the relevance and need to spread the gospel today.


  4. There is a July last trumpet newsletter – a tribute to David Meyer

  5. His wish is that his family continue the monthly newsletter.

  6. Hi Code. I apolagize for taking so long to reply. Things here have been crazy. The July newsletter is quite a tribute and reveals what I had long suspected; that Pastor Meyer was a tireless laborer for Christ. What a testimony and legacy as his works do follow him.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  7. Hi rachel. You have touched on something that I’ve noticed as well. While the urgency is increasingly great, few want to even consider it. Many, if not most, professing Christians seem equally uncomfortable with such considerations. And yet understanding the time of season, and being prepared spiritualy, is imperative.

    I truly believe that the final separating between the wheat and the tares is underway. May we all abide close to Jesus and ensure that we are following him with, as it were, reckless abandon.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

  8. Hi Five Peas. I really like the hunter analogy and it truly fits into todays environment. This world is growing increasingly dark. It’s as though hell is coming to the surface and the temptation to just go with the flow and not rock the boat can be intense. May we be wise as serpents and harmless as doves as we compel those around us to come into the ark.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

  9. Hello, just found your site! I see you are familiar with Steve Quayle. I would challenge both of us to test everything that comes out of his mouth. I’m just not all that sure about him, at the moment. He appears to be a sensationalist and maybe even an out n out liar. Only God knows. I know we are in some very strange and wicked times, but it does not mean everything this man says is the truth. When one sells their wares, that makes a red flag go off in me. What do you think? I would appreciate a response as I am findng it hard to know much about this Steve Quayle or/and find his sources. We are to test everything — even Steve Quayle. God bless you, friend.

  10. Hi Redeemed Hippie. (I love your screen name) We do certainly have prayerfully test everything that we hear in these times and Steve Quayle is no exception. It’s always refreshing to find someone who is alerted to the times in which we live, however, we see through a glass darkly and we know that people can unwittingly embrace error. Steves sources can be difficult to follow, making it all the more important to use discernment. We know that very strange times are at hand.

    Usually, after listening to Steve, it’s a sobering thing and I find myself just wanting to find a place to be alone with the Lord for a while. This isn’t from fear; it’s simply from the sober-mindedness that such conversation fosters. In fact, lately, I’ve been compelled to spend less time listening to the myriad of voices and fervently seek the Lord for understanding. In this place of sweet fellowship, mysteries are clarified, priorities are set in order, and a proper perspective is established.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. May we all be in close with the Lord Jesus who has promised to be with us, always.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

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