October 17, 2010
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DISTRACTED WITH STUFF This post is an honest discussion that seeks to distinguish between that which is truly relevant and that which serves only to occupy moments. It demands a visiting of priorities as we consider how much of our time and energy is devoted to issues of little or no eternal significance. The next post will challenge everyone who professes Jesus as Savior.
IT WILL COST YOU EVERYTHING How often do we actually “consider the cost” of being a disciple of Jesus. Of serving him completely and not entangling ourselves with the cares of this temporal world? Too often we desire to serve God, but on our terms. We set up a perimeter of desired circumstances and pray “Lord bless this.” We go through all the motions and use all of the proper phraseology, however, our lives oftentimes reflect an agenda that’s rooted in this present realm. TIME IS RUNNING OUT! We must get in close to Jesus now and forsake everything that’s contrary.  If he says “go here” we must go; doubting nothing. If he says “stand in this place” we must trust that he sees the end from the beginning.
Luke 21:18 “But there shall not an hair of your head perish”
I don’t quite know how to describe the past few days in this venue. Life-changing events lie in our immediate future and much uncertainty is in the forecast. (at least in the short term) While the bulk of our present situation can be traced to past goings on, there’s a bigger picture in play. One that carries with it a call to abandon the safety net and follow Jesus without apprehension. As a result of this upheaval, I’m finding my attachment to this world diminishing, while the desire to serve and to be with the Lord intensifies. The ensuing peace and liberty is incredible and has fostered deeper cogitation in relation to events unfolding. The time will come when our faith in Christ will cost us everything in this world. If we have, from our heart, relinquished these things beforehand, the manifesting of such will be nothing more than a formality. In the midst of the present turmoil, my hearts prayer has not been that the Lord would remedy the situation in a way that that pleases the flesh, but rather that the Lords will be done and souls come to Jesus.
Psalm 42:2 “My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God?”
Psalm 42 has been a place of much pondering coupled with examination. The question posed in verse two reflects a heart that has counted the cost and properly identified all of the worlds treasures as wood hay and stubble. As we consider the temporality of all that is here, the enduring nature of the hereafter, and the indescribable greatness of a holy God who inhabits eternity, does our heart cry out “when shall I appear before thee?” Or does our heart embrace elements of a world which is in complete opposition to the God whom we profess to love wholeheartedly? With the world growing darker by the hour it’s imperative that we seek the answer to this question and remedy any drifting that has set in. The warning from the book of Hebrews is direct: “Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God.”
Hebrews 3:13 “But exhort one another daily, while it is called to day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.”
While verse 12 outlines the danger of being lured away, verse 13 encourages us to seek the company of likeminded saints.  Last week I was blessed to talk with two saints from vastly different venues whose hearts are completely in heavenly places. It was very encouraging to discuss the deep things of God and to ponder the moment when we are no longer scattered across the four corners of the earth, but are in the presence of Jesus. There is a sweetness in the fellowship with those whose hearts have left this world. It further enhances the desire to forsake all vanity and be about the Fathers business. To dwell in that place of being “a straight betwixt two” which Paul wrote about. His desire was to be with Jesus and he knew that the moment of entering his presence forever would soon arrive. His only reason for desiring a continuation of days here, was to address the needs of a young church that was facing incredible opposition. A church that, after his departing, would see wolves entering in and not sparing the flock. Pauls entire thrust was toward that which is eternal, as should ours be.
Well I’ve rambled long enough. Please check out the two sites at the beginning of this post as they address this topic more effectively. On Wednesday, October 20, Stan Deyo will be on Coast to Coast AM discussing earth changes and new sciences from a prophetic standpoint. Here’s a link to his  website which is entitled MILLENIUM ARK which offers up a vast array of information. The following site, I discovered last week while sifting through Steve Quayle You Tube presentations:
SHATTER THE DARKNESS Of course prayerful discernment and searching of the scriptures is a must with anything that we see or hear. This is the web site of Russ Dizdar. It covers the operating of spiritual wickedness in high places and related topics from a scriptural perspective. These are topics that many will shy away from, but for me they have a different effect. After listening to Steve Quayle and/or Russ, there’s an enhanced soberness and desire to just find a quiet place and be with the Lord Jesus. To not get rattled by things soon to come to the surface (getting rattled plays right into the hand of the destroyer) but to be in the place of Gods protection and anointing. To maintain the testimony of Jesus Christ in the face of seemingly universal deception. One final link:
PEERING INTO THE DARKNESS  This is Sue Bradleys site which follows current events and their significance  in relation to the time of the end. One of the astonishing things is just how dark oursociety is becomming. last week CR was discussing the recent sales position that he held for a few weeks. He observed that dishonesty is rampant; in every aspect of every venue. The whole head is sick and its days are numbered.  There’s a lot of information on this, and the other sites mentioned. Nonetheless, the most important thing at the moment is to be close to the Lord in prayer.
Until next time, blessings always in Jesus name. 


  1. If you do get a chance, watch the vid on, “It will cost you everything.” It is a very powerful, life changing video. It hits so close to home and resonates deep inside me. Will we be able to stand for Christ in that last day? Remember Peter, he said he would not deny Christ…. I pray that we do not fall to that…

  2. Hi Code. The portion that I did watch had the same effect on me. I’ll have to watch it all the way through. We can never be too careful in examining ourselves on this issue. It’s all the more important for those of us who have yet to face the loss of all things in this world for the cause of Christ as we are still, “unproven” so to speak. I think that it’s the reason for so many of the posts here sounding an ominous chord. The desire is to encourage the saints to let go of the here and prepare for the times that are before us.

    That we would all stand in the times of trying and be joined with the Lord Jesus at his appearing.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  3. some good thoughts in here. Lately God has been reinforcing the importance of focusing on things of the spirit and not the flesh. It’s a discipline of our minds to submit our mind to the will and thoughts of God. It takes awareness of our minds and of course an understanding of the truth, which we get from God’s Word. I’m finding it is an amazing freedom.

    Further, it is in the spiritual realm where the true battle is. The spirit is what affects the flesh.


  4. Hi Rachel. It’s definately and area in which diligence is needed. With all of the wares of this life at arms length and an old nature dwelling in this flesh that desires those things, we find ourselves having to die daily to self. But what an awesome place to be; when we pray through temptation and abide in the presence of the Lord.

    Thanks for stopping by. As you mention, it is an amazing freedom.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

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