October 25, 2010

The last few days have been awash with drama on a number of fronts; both physically and in the spiritual realm.  In the physical realm, there’s much uncertainty as to our future circumstances in the physical realm; although for God it’s no mystery at all. Beyond this immediate household, we’re watching as people in our ambience make very destructive decisions; thereby securing heartache in the years ahead; both for themselves and for those in their wake. Others are so distracted and obsessed with the goings on of this world that eternal issues rarely enter into their mind. Sadly, this includes people in their sunset years who, despite knowing that their remaining time is short, continue to be unconcerned about their eternal faring. The chains are secure; the blindness is complete and, unless the Holy Spirit brings true conviction, there is no remedy. The tragedy playing out before us is unfathomable.

Before going farther, I must relay a testimony that Steve Quayle shared, late Friday night on Omega Man radio.  It transpired in the 1970s as he was on a plane headed for Tahiti. Upon taking inventory of the cabin and its occupants, he noticed that Marlin Brando was on board. He was preparing to go over and share Jesus with Mr. Brando, when the Lord suffered him to not go forward. Upon inquiry as to why, the Lord revealed that “he has had multiple opportunities to believe. There’s nothing in him that can respond to the words of life.” It was remeniscent of something that transpired in Elkhart on the morning of October 21. I approached an elderly man along Main street and, before I could get two words out, he gave a forceful “NO!” He didn’t even offer up so much as a feeble “oh I’m good.” It was a flat out “I want nothing to do with that!”

In considering this over the past two days, the words from Genesis 6:3, “my spirit shall not always strive with man,” have been coming to mind. After years of rejection, a person can become so hardened that the Spirit will no longer strive with them.

When we take note of these conditions, we are brought into direct contact with the spiritual battle that’s playing out beyond our line of sight. An added sense of urgency is made  manifest as we “know beyond a doubt” that this age is nearing its conclusion. We see it in scripture and we have the inner witness that time is running out.  A hardness is setting in, and a universal lie is being rolled out that will ensnare multitudes; even to the point of orchestrating a great falling away from the faith of Jesus. Yet most of our contemporaries (even many who profess faith in Jesus) are oblivious to it. Despite the undeniable truth that “there is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit;” most go about their day fully expecting to be on the scene for the next sunrise. When considering the number of folks whom I know who fall into the camp of the unaware and/or unconcerned, it’s heartbreaking. The words of Jesus are playing out before us:

Luke 17:26-27 “And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.
They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.”

“There is a point of no return.” When a person leaves this physical world, their final answer forges their situation in the hereafter. I’ve heard testimonies concerning visions; both of the gateway to heaven and the dropoff into hell. While souls trickle past the gateway into heaven, souls are pouring into hell like a like a flood. One cannot verify that another did, or did not, have such a vision, however, the scriptural accuracy of the report warrants a retelling. The enemy doesn’t get sidetracked from his objective the way that we do. He continually seeks to devour the eternal ones while sidetracking the saints with an array of irrelevant issues. Incidentally, one of the tracts that I use is entitled “I Have Seen Hell.” It relays the testimony of one who had such a vision.

I Peter 4:7 ” But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.”  

 This brings us to the title of this posting. When one attempts to grasp the whole of what’s taking place before our eyes, it’s overwhelming.  The prophetic events unfolding before us, the unfathomable loss taking place as multitudes slip into eternity, every minute of every day, without Jesus, and the profound bondage of darkness that grips the lives of so many in the valley of decisions. We begin to realize how inadequate we are in our own strength or wisdom to properly respond to the need. We see our own shortcomings and realize the need to be “in close to Jesus in every moment of every day. Praying without ceasing; always abiding in a place spiritually where we are hearing the gentle promptings of the Holy Spirit. Staying in his word as to discern between truth and error; understanding that, if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived. Being instant in season and ready at the drop of a hat to share the gospel with anyone who asks of the hope that is in us.

There is so much coming at us these days from every facet of the ambience. The enemy is in a full court press; seeking to counter the will of God. If we are walking in truth and bearing fruit, he has us in his crosshairs; seeking to sidetrack, and if possible, shipwreck us. He’ll seek to keep us tied up with a myriad of “obligations” in this world and thereby wear us out. He’ll attempt to get us drawn into endless debatings over issues that have no relevance while our neighbors are teetering on the edge of the abyss. For our sake, and the sake of those around us who know not the Lord Jesus, we must keep our hearts with all diligence. The primary ,motive behind this post is a prayer that all who stop by will be encouraged to fervently seek the Lod Jesus. Setting aside the words of contemporaries and taking everything to God in prayer. We have the promise outlined in Jeremiah 33:3 and James 1:5; that if we call on the Lord desiring understanding; not for selfish gain, but out of a pure heart, he will answer.

Well it’s about time to be going for now. Please keep this household in prayer as much is in transition. The Lord is working on the hearts of my son Ryan and my niece Jamie; two souls whom the enemy would love to devour. And also for wisdom on planting seeds of truth faithfully and always being in a place to share the words of life. That may sound like a strange request, but, there are times when I just don’t want to engage in dialogue. Be it from distraction, fatigue, much business, or what have you, I sometimes just don’t want to talk to anyone. It’s an area of my life in which a victory is needed. Because it could well be that, during one of those moments, when I’m in a state of weakness, that someone could call the cell phone number on the back of the tracts that are routinely distributed, and ask to know more about Jesus. Being always ready is a must and the best way to be always ready is to be always in prayer.

FAITH and DOUBT QUOTES  (Tentmaker) This is a link where one can read some incredible statements on faith.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Blessings always in Jesus name.



  1. Hi brother Timbob, I know exaclty what you are talking about. The present day blindness is hard to fathom. This Scripture about the Lord not always striving with man is a very scary Scripture. When the heart is so hard and has consistantly rejected the Lord then they are allowed to follow their free will. In the end, when we stand before the Lord, we will rejoice in His perfect judgement. Not long after coming to Christ I had a vision one morning before going off to lay bricks. I saw a great, winding procession of men that went back for miles and miles, as far as the eye could see and they were all moving slowly forward. Beside them was one like the pied piper, it was the evil one. He danced and sang and they danced and sang. Then I was drawn up further and I could see the bigger picture. They were all marching and dancing and singing towards an enormous pit and just falling in. There was an agony in my soul and I cried out to the Lord to stop the vision. I believed I felt a small part of the pain the Lord feels at a lost humanity dancing and singing their way into a lost eternity. I am also reminded by your post of my best freind Brian who almost lost his son this year to Luekemia. He said some people would come and visit and talk about the football game or the weather. There was an internal scream in his spirit that wanted to be reeased and say ” I care nothing about these things, dont you know that my son is dying?” And so it is when a tragedy or a crisis befalls us. What was important yeterday is not even given a thought today. What seemed important the day before has now been put in its proper perspective. When there is a matter of life and death, then all other issues are of little importance. And this is the times we find ourselves living in. The end of the age is upon us. Gods people know it in their spirit. There is no time for matters of no importance. And even if the end of ages was not upon us, what is a mans life? But a vapor, like the grass of the field, today its here and tomorrow its gone. Oh that God would remove the scales from the people eyes so that they could see the shortness of their time here on this earth and the eternity that stretches out before them. Yet, this is exactly what God is doing, He is shaking everything that can be shaken, and sadly, most will only become harder in heart. They will not run to the High tower, they will dance and sing their way to the pit……..brother Frank

  2. Hi Frank. Thanks so much for stopping by. Your words leave one with a lot to think about. The vision of the dropoff is hard to fathom, and yet we know that it’s ongoing. Every moment of every day souls are passing the point of no return. While we are working, traveling, and performing “the routine” souls are slipping away. And the hardest part of all is seeing those around us go about their day with no concern about their eternal destiny.

    One of the hardest times was while my dad was in a nursing home. Every visit brought me into contact with these eternal ones who were nearing the end of their stay in this world. Many had lost control of their mental facilities and one could not help but wonder if they had ever responded when, softly and tenderly, Jesus was calling. My dad passed away almost four years ago and as I was writing this, it dawned on me. It’s very likely that most of the souls who were in that place when I routinely visited are now departed.

    It’s been a question that has come up repeatedly in prayer over the past several months. “Lord; do we even have a clue as to the seriousness of this? We can clearly outline the devices that the enemy uses to keep the captives dancing toward the pit. We see fellow brethren who seem more concerned about the election than the unfolding tragedy before us. we are all in need of greater understanding.

    And then again, how much truth can we handle. If we saw the whole of of it, we all would cry out “Lord please stop the vision.” None of us could handle it in full, however, we can respond to the level of understanding that we have been given.

    The story about Brians son really caught my attention and reminded me of a recent situation. My sister passed away a few months ago. For about five weeks prior to this, she was largely unconscious and staying in a hospice home in Kalamazoo. I visited when i could and each visit took me past a certain room in the facility. There was an older patient in this room who never seemed to have company. But he did have a tv on and it was always turned to CNBC. A man staning at the edge of the abyss, feeding on a continuous stream of economic data.

    Thanks again for stopping by. I’ll do likewise when I can. It’s both important and very encouraging to stay in touch with others of like faith.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

  3. Hi Timbob

    I think it is really hard for anyone to focus on the eternal, when we are surrounded by the physical world. I am now more detached from the physical than I used to be, but I still get distracted by utility bills, other bills, a need to trim branches off trees in the yard, other people’s problems, my problems, the latest news, etc.

    The world really pulls us because we are right in the middle of it, over our heads.

    If it is hard for a believer to re-focus on the spiritual, then I don’t see how a non-believer can focus at all.

    We can talk about the Lord, but to them it is just talk, without relevance to their lives.

    Most people’s testimonies reflect some life event that caused them to seek God more intensely than they had before.

    I try to pray that those that need salvation experience a “relevant event” in their lives that turns them around, and makes them more pensive about their lives, and how their lives will fit into a more eternal picture. Unfortunately, the event is usually negative (like a loss or tragedy), not positive.

    We cannot really create this event for them. We just have to trust God that he will do this.

    As much as I am resistant to unhappy situations, I feel that God will create negative “events” in the future that will be a “last call” to many who are “not there yet.”

    I hope we are all prepared to help witness to those souls who will be searching at that time for a hope and explanation. When the door opens, we should go in and help them find what they are looking for.

  4. Hi Timbob,

    It’s really a terrible thing to see people that have become so hardened towards God and the things of God. Some get to the perilous point where they are actually fighting against God. I think about Pharoah in the O.T. and how the Bible states continually that he hardened his heart. It seems like the harder a person becomes, the more spiritually blind they become too. After all the miracles that Pharoah saw the Lord do for the Israelites, it seems unfathomable that he would actually come after them while they were crossing the Red Sea that God miraculously parted. While the hardness of people’s hearts is definitely increasing, there are still those out there with tender hearts that are truly searching and want a real relationship with God. I pray that God can use me to reach those kind of folk. Thanks for this thoughtful post.

    Blessings in the saving name of Jesus,


  5. Hi Marianne. Sorry for taking so long to reply. Last week was crazy. You touched on an important truth. It is the Lord who grants the increase. We plant and water the seed, but God makes it relevant to a person. It’s the reason that II Timothy 2:24-26 is often referred to. We lovingly offer instruction to those who oppose themselves; knowing that God is the granter of repentance.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

  6. Hi Carol. This touches on something that hit me earlier this week as I was reading Exodus chapter 14. We know that the Lord hardened pharaohs heart, however, this was invisible to pharaoh. The words in verse 5 are telling: “Why have we done this, that we have let israel go from serving us?” Suddenly, the daily tasks were not being performed and the egyptians lifestyle was altered. Scaffolding was empty and the construction sites void of activity.

    In the eyes of the Egyptians, they saw this and “just got angry” without realizing that it was intentionaly orchestrated from on high. It’s interesting how the Lord can work in a situation, but to those in that situation, it will appear as nothing more than the “cause-and-effect” of events.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Blessings always in Jesus name.

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