November 22, 2010
The following links will be added to the spiritual warfare page when time permits, however, I wanted to make them known here as to maximize awareness of them.
OMEGAMAN RADIO I don’t know the full identity of the host, however, this is where the previous three interviews with Steve Quayle were conducted. This broadcast features a number of guests who offer instruction concerning deliverance, spiritual warfare, prophecy, and what have you. As I write this, I’m listening to a teaching on intercession and “going the distance; even when there seems to be no movement.”
PAT HOLLIDAY This is one who engages in deliverance ministry and instruction of others in this realm. Miracle Church is located in Jacksonville Florida. Lord willing, I would really like to visit this church; even though I have yet to visit Truth Tabernacle (Last Trumpet Ministries) which is only five hours away. Nonetheless, it’s important to ensure that we’re seeking the Lord and not following a crowd.
DEREK PRINCE Until recently, I had heard the name, but knew nothing of the teaching. Steve quayle sat under this ministry for several years. Derek Prince taught that “all healing begins with deliverance.” The final link is to a post by Michael Boldea entitled:
WHY I WEEP (Homeward Bound) This is a tragically accurate description of what the church has been reduced to in these final moments of the age. This is a serious “wake-up” to all who have ears to hear.
II timothy 2:4 “No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.”
When we consider the battle before us and the array of devices used by the enemy, we see the need for this aspect of ministry. As we scan the ambience and take inventory of all that passes for Christianity, we see how little is being done in this realm. The form of godliness is rampant while the numbers of those who are actively working to pull down strongholds inb Jesus name are few. May we all let go of that which is lacking in substance and seriously engaged in the battle which we are called to join.
The desperation in the land is astonishing and it manifests in the physical realm in the form of bondage and lack. Saturday evening, while working at the plant when I came across a Detroit newspaper from November 18. The following article caught my attention as it sheds light on the dynamics of the bigger picture. The article is entitled “FOOD PANTRIES STRUGGLE TO KEEP UP WITH GROWING NEED.” It was written by Catherine Juin and reads as follows:
Lisa Cain has watched some of metro detroits hungriest and most desperate people faint in line as they wait up to an hour for the limited amount of food her Rochester hills pantry can provide them. “There will literally be people who are starving,”said Cain, founder of Gods helping hands. “There are days that are that bad.” Her staff now keeps at the ready juice, peanut butter and cheese crackers to serve the recipients – seniors with medical conditions and self-sacrificing parents, some of whom have missed meals for days. Lingering double-digit unemployment is projected to fuel a hunger crisis in Metro Detroit over the next three years. By 2013, one out of four people in the region won’t know where two of their daily meals will come from, according to the united way of southeastern michigan. In 2009, there were 706,ooo people hungry in Metro Detroit; by 2013 962,000 people could be in need.
This is hard to wrap ones mind around, and yet it’s playing out. This isn’t a faraway land on a distant shore; for me it’s two hours to the east. And one cannot begin to fathom the impact of the coming hyper-inflation. The article continues:
“The biggest challenge is how much free and low-cost food is available,” said Gerry Brisson, senior vice president of Gleaners Community food bank of Southeast michigan, the largest provider of emergency food in the state.
Gleaners will increase its food distribution – last year at 37 million pounds – by 10 percent each year for the next three years, joining other agencies in Metro Detroit looking to dramatically ramp up food distribution – some by as much as double – in the next three years.
“we consider that to be an absolute minimum to get more and more food out, because our partners are so pressed to get more and more food,” Brisson said.
Many Metro Detroit families already are feeling the strains of a food shortage – the long waits at the pantries, rationing at soup kitchens, and agencies resorting to cheaper “filler foods” – pasta, breads, canned goods – to fill more stomachs. The agencies also are turning to unprecidented solutions by offering food-budgeting classes and tapping new sources to rescue discarded food: farms, hydrophonic growers and food manufacturers.
But food agencies are split on whether emergency food alone can meet Metro Detroits needs. Some say the volume of food is there – estimating that 1 billion pounds a year is wasted in Metro Detroit – while others believe that emergency food alone cannot fill the monumental gap that is projected to come.
Two things come to mind here. The first is that, while statistics can be debated, we do waste a lot of food in this land. Speaking for my household, it blows my mind at how much we sometimes throw out. Seriously; we have some chunky coyotes around here who thrive on what we dispose of. Secondly, these estimates are on a supply basis; that being what is available and what is not. When we consider the prophetic significance; the consequences of sin in the land and a global agenda coming to fruition, a tragedy of “biblical proportions” appears to be unfolding.
At Gods helping hands, drops in food supply mean sending families home with less: two cans of fruit instead of four; one box of cereal, not two.“Sometimes it breaks your heart, but there’s nothiong we can do,” said Cain, who founded the pantry 12 years ago with her husband Brian Cain. “We have never turned anybody away…We don’t want to start now.”
The article continues on, however, this opeing portion provides a solid picture. And while Detroit has been hit harder than most regions, these problems aren’t exclusive to Detroit. There is despair and desperation in every community; oftentimes hidden in plain sight. We can be sure, however, that all is recorded in heaven and one cannot help but remember the words of Jesus “Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.”
This seems like a split posting, but it really isn’t. If one takes up a position outside the bus station in Kalamazoo, they will witness all of these aspects working in unison. The rescue mission across the street on the east side of the station, the addiction recovery center at the corner of Burdick st and Kalamazoo Ave, folks being dropped off at the bus station to get away from something, folks arriving at the bus station to get away from something in another venue, and just to the south, a campus filled with students; many of whom seem oblivious to what’s transpiring  all around them. 
Well I must be going for now. Just an update on Matthew, he’s had a very good weekend. I don’t believe that possession is an issue here, however, I know that this situation has a spiritual side to it. As in all situations, I pray; knowing that God understands the whole of what’s taking place, what’s soon to take place, and what he’s accomplishing in the lives of all who are associated with the situation. My sincere thanks to all who keep Matthew in prayer.
Blessings always in Jesus name.


  1. Hi Timbob

    It’s been a while since I’ve left a reply here, but I have been keeping up (somewhat delayed) with the goings on here at Grace County.

    From “Saving Matthew” Nov 19:
    “Please understand that I fully embrace the deliverance ministry. There is a desperate need for those who are called to this area of ministry, however, I was reminded that the one who grants deliverance abides in everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

    You are right on track with your position on this one; not only do you have the power and authority granted in and by the Spirit, but your God-appointed position of head of your household, also declares your authority to deal with any spiritual issues touching your family.

    On another note, you recently read a book on prophecy… have you heard of Walid Shoebat? I am reading his book “God’s War on Terror” and am amazed at his interpretation (well really…he’s taking it as it is written!) of scripture and in particular end-times events. I would recommend it as it addresses many ideas which are taken for granted in the west, which may indeed prove to be a deceptive veil. It would be worth even just watching the introductory video here:


    Knowing our Lord and His voice is what will keep us in these last days, but recognising our enemy will not be a bad thing either. 🙂

    May you hear Him clearly as you seek the Lord at this time.


  2. hi Fivepeas. Thanks so much for stopping by. There is a tendance, whenever a situation such as matthews is present, to unwittingly place confidence in our contemporaries whom ewe can see. I know that the Lord ordains certain people to specific ministries, but I want to make sure that my confidence is completely in Jesus.

    I’ve heard of Wallid Shoebat; in fact he has been on Coast to Coast a few times. He had a solid understanding of what’s taking place. Recently a saint from another venue expressed astonishment at how many muslims are currently residing in the U.S.

    Another intersting situation involves a guy from work. His girlfriend is British, but is a convert to Islam. I know that this doctrine is making great strides in the U.K. as well.

    Strange times in which we live and we must be alert to the devices of the enemy. I’ll check out the link above when time permits. Thanks.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

  3. Here is a link to another ‘Omega Man’ interview (with Nathan Leal / The Watchman’s Cry):
    [audio src="http://www.watchmanscry.com/audio/omega_man_part1_sept8_2010.mp3" /]
    [audio src="http://www.watchmanscry.com/audio/omega_man_part2_sept8_2010.mp3" /]
    [audio src="http://www.watchmanscry.com/audio/omega_man_part3_sept8_2010.mp3" /]

  4. Hi Susan. Thanks for the links. I listened to the first one last night and plan on checking out parts 2 and 3 later today when time permits. (even if “when time permits” is around midnight) It’s imperative to have ears to hear, to be understanding of the times, and to ensure that our affections are set completely on things above. Anything less will lead one to shipwreck.

    Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been struggling to make rounds as of late, but will do so when time permits. Blessings always in Jesus name.

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