Reflections as the Closing Moments of 2014 Play Out

December 26, 2014

Greetings in Jesus name. Happy 26th of December. In times past, whenever coming to this venue, there was usually a specific topic on my heart. A topic that had to be placed into writing at that time. Tonight….or “this morning” as it is after 5:00, I have no particular thing to delve into. It’s as though, everything that can be said…..has been said…..and it has been said in as many ways that it can be said. The urgency is greater than ever. Each of us have a specific amount of time to be in this world, during which, our eternal situation is forged. If we believe on Jesus  (I mean “really believe on him to genuine conversion” – not just say a prayer and sign a card) and maintain our testimony until the end, we shall have an inheritance incorruptible, eternal in the heavens.

But if we neglect so great a salvation – if we follow a false way, if we are deceived by the lies from the enemy……or……if we just do our own thing – lead a good life and don’t bother anyone……we will spend eternity in a lake of fire with absolutely no hope of any improvement in our situation…..a situation that we chose. And as I observe others; those that make no profession of faith, those that attend church every time that the doors are opened but have settled for a lifeless form of godliness, and as I consider my own behavior, the glaring question emerges. Do any of us truly grasp the seriousness of the situation? Even the most serious saints seem to allocate the vast majority of their assets (finance, time, talent, etc) to issues that have absolutely no eternal significance.

We are staring into the face of the beast system, and yet, many of us are still concerned about out retirement, our careers, our collection of wood hay and stubble, our favorite sports team, and a hundred thousand other sideshow issues that keep us in locked into a continuous cycle of carnality……except for Sunday. That’s when a few of us, put on our Christianity, and head to our favorite 501c3 church where we can sing a few songs; each of which are comprised of 5 words that are repeated thirty times, before we are treated to a watered down message with a few jokes mingles in to keep the undiscerning ones entertained. Then it’s back to our life in this world, after making a brief entry on facebook about “how great the service was this morning.”

The falling away – the apostasy that was foretold in II Thessalonians chapter two, continues to take on attributes that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago. And what was once a gradual slide into widespread error has turned into a runaway train. Chrislam, the embracing of unscriptural lifestyles, linking up with Roman Catholicism, the continual introduction of new (so-called) bible versions designed to lead the undiscerning away from truth while creating a maximum amount of confusion, and the majority of churches trying to “be like the world to win the world.” I don’t have a home church. The last place we visited, we did so two consecutive weeks. No preaching at all during our visits……but they are growing.

I listen to a lot of the old time preachers on youtube; two of my favorites being David Wilkerson and Leonard Ravenhill. Some of those messages, one can hear them a hundred times and each time will be profitable. This is what true preaching of the word of God does. It will bring us to repentance before God and determination to address those areas where we are not what we should be.

Well so much for just checking in. I have noticed a few changes on WordPress since my last visit; all of which seem designed to simplify the process. I have always liked this platform. Not only is it easy to navigate, it has also been a place of incredible fellowship with like-minded saints…..and some incredible times in the presence of the Lord. I want to return to a more consistent level of activity here, however, it’s imperative to first ensure that it’s the will of God…..and not just a scheme to facilitate nostalgic aspirations. We must not “look back” to the point that we try to recreate a past situation. God is not in such a thing. We must continuously look to Jesus – look toward eternity…..and if WordPress has a place in this looking forward, I shall embrace it with joy.

Well, it;s after 5:30 and I’v not been to bed yet. Until the next time, blessings in Jesus name.



  1. That’s very convicting, thank you Timbob. “our collection of wood hay and stubble” – we all do that, I know I do. Only by the Grace of God can we be rescued from our bedrock of carnality. And that’s all it can be – by the Grace of God. Maybe we can be persuaded to look up and love Him just a little bit more.

    I would encourage you to find a home church if you can – we’re all a bunch of ratbags and failures, but sometimes you will find a church where folks will admit it. Sometimes in the least likely places!

  2. Good morning Peter. It’s so good to hear from you. “Bedrock of carnality.” That is a term that I must remember. It seems like a continual struggle; especially today.

    When I first began blogging, there were fewer distractions. Now with the other social media (like facebook) scores of youtube presentations, and what have you, the distraction level is much higher. I’m battling it, and desiring to write on a more regular basis, I miss the close WordPress fellowship that our little group had back when we were more active here.

    But time continues on and, each season has its own perimeters. If I find a local church, I’ll mention it. I have been in prayer for local fellowship. Sadly, the last church we visited……two weeks in a row…..no preaching at all….either time. This was mind blowing. There was……talking sort of, but no preaching.

    thank you, very much for stopping by. I pray that all is well with your family. Blessings in Jesus name..

  3. Great article

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