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I’m beginning this page on October, 19, 2007.  This is a place where links to posts which are very timely and needful will be housed.  They may also be listed in posts, but this is a way to keep them in the forefront instead of becoming buried in the archives.  This first one, which will be followed by others as time passes, is very timely and a wake up call to us all.

Will We Stand  (The Age to Come)

A Good Question to Ask Them   (The Word on the Street)  This also is a wake up call from Richard who ministers on the streets of Portland OR.

Dream  (Mike Boldea) This entails a dream that the Lord gave Michael on Oct 29, 2007.  One is reminded of the four horsemen of Revelation. 

Regarding the Occult  (Odale) This is a great insight as to the mechanics and dangers of dabbling with the supernatural. 

The spirit of the age  (The Age to Come) This is a message found on Peters site but should be read by all who have ears to hear. 

Preparing for the Underground Church  (The Age to Come) This is a must read as we may well have to face the unthinkable.  But as was the case for all who have gone before us, Jesus will be with us and his grace will be sufficient for any situation.  It is “imperative that we love not our lives in this world.

Who Is This Jesus  (Scottish Warriors for Christ) To be mindful of our great salvation and the price that Jesus paid to redeem us is imperative.  This post should cause everyone who is born of the Spirit to rejoice with thanksgiving because Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, paid for our sins with his own blood.  May we all grasp the magnitude of our redemption and how blessed we are to have our names written in heaven.  (Luke 10:20)

General Booths Vision  (Brendan Witton) This vision highlights the seriousness of evangelism and the need to reach the lost with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sanctuary (Michael Boldea) This post covers understanding the times in which we’re living in and seeking the Lords will as to where we should be and what we should be doing. He has a custom plan for each of us.

Artificial rain or the Real Thing? This is an age in which showmanship seems to be favored by many over an authentic move of God. This post offers good insight insofar as distinguishing the real from the superficial.

The Kingdom of God is Here  (Scottish Warrior) Anyone seeking a deeper grasping of our great salvation through Jesus Christ should stop by and read this post. It’s awesome.

Calvary The Lost Message (Scottish Warrior) “Cross-less preachers” and an “entitlement-minded church.” These two descriptions are found in this post and reveal the dangers of those who have replaced the message of the cross with a fleshy gospel of “supposing that gain is godliness.”

The Salvation Deception (A Revolutionary Gospel) This is a admonition for each of us to make our calling and election sure. To continually examine ourselves and ensure that we are walking in truth.

Cathedral Builders (Write at Home) This post encourages all of us to remain faithful to the Lord Jesus who sees everything done in secret; even when those around us appear to not notice. Gods record books are up-to-date, and 100% accurate. “Thanks Carol.”

Begging for a Stranger (Jesus is Calling, Tenderly Calling)  (Scottish warrior) In this post, Frank introduces us to Mrs. mapes, a dear sister in Christ who was instrumental in his mom coming to Jesus. The ways that our Lord works are beyond incredible and his love is everlasting. Thanks frank for sharing this.

Laws of Thermodynamics Confirms the Scriptures (Ye Are Gods) This post discusses the laws of entropy in relation to Psalm 102:26. In those days, the heavens were considered to be unchanging, however, Gods word is always far more accurate than the perceived wisdom of this world.

6 Signs You Are In a Dark and Holy Night (Girl Apprehended) This is a very good read for any who is going through a valley and nothing seems to bring them out of it. We all have them but when we emerge on the other side, spiritual growth will have taken place. (Note: this is actually the fifth installment in a series of posts that talk about the night seasons that one may go through.)

Treason (Mike Boldea) This offers a great analogy of how half-truths and another gospel enters the church and leads away many. This is a good post to take heed to.

Is Gods Love Greater than Gods Judgment (GCM Watch) Gods love is beyond our greatest comprehension and while he is not willing that any should perish, multitudes do so because they love their sin more than God. This post offers a great explanation of Gods love and judgment.

Supernatural Stories First Encounter With A Demon (Bajan Poet)
Supernatural Stories Alexs Deliverance (Bajan Poet) In these two posts, we are introduced to Alex who was set free from demonic influence in the name of Jesus. This is a blog that I recently learned of. It’s a good place to visit regularly.

Dwindling Hope (Mike Boldea) In this post, Mike shares a thought that I have often considered. As things in the natural unravel, we would see preachers who have succumbed to the prosperity gospel finally get back to preaching Jesus. This just isn’t happening; nor do we see widespread sincere repentance in this land.

Prophetic Untimeliness Chapter 6 (Joseph McBee) This post is more complex than a paragraph can tell. Two things that I came away with after reading were 1: we’re not nearly as perceptive as we may like to think, and 2: we must get close to the Lord and maintain an eternal perspective. This blog has been added to the blogroll.

An Unsung Hero Of The Faith (Scottish Warrior) PLEASE READ THIS! It’s quite long but very needful. In this post we read the account of a saint named Algerius who became a martyr for christ in 1557. We must get close to Jesus. We absolutely must let go of this temporal world from our heart and set our affections on things above.

Metamorphosis and Syncretism (nonqueroterraqueous) This post talks about complete transformation and the dangers associated with allowing parts of the past to remain dominant. This is atheme that’s been on my heart much lately; especially with the lateness of the hour.

It’s Time to Shake The Dust Off  (dontbefooled666) This post discusses a number of pitfalls; namely those involving unbelieving loved ones and friends. It admonishes us to be sober minded be atuned to what the Holy Spirit is telling us. I fear that very few of us really grasp the magnitude of what’s soon to break forth upon the earth.

Watchmans Cry. Why the Forumm was Shut Down After spending over a year on facebook (I’m no longer on facebook) this article by Nathan Leal corresponds with much that I witnessed going on over there. It’s sad and my prayer is that others who are involved in such venues will examine how that involvement is effecting them. For me, it was consuming.  When I pulled out, it was almost like….”a spell was broken.”

Is Staying Away from Facebook a Sign You’re a Psychopath? (august 2012) One can only imagine where this is headed. At the very least, it’s evidence that they are suspicious of anyone who doesn’t “go with the flow” and place their personal information in an easily observable format.

All of the above links come from blogs which are good to visit on a regular basis as the authors continuously present posts which are needful, encouraging, and informative. 



  1. Looking forward to some of the great links you are going to post here. Great Idea

    God Bless

  2. timbob, thanks for this list!

  3. There are quite a few that should be on this list, but time slips away. Thanks for stopping by.

    Blesings always in Jesus.

  4. It is not out-of-date information? Because I have other data on this theme. http://video-online-go.ru/map.html

  5. Timbob,

    Thanks for putting my site ‘girl,apprehended’ in your blogroll and for including my post on ‘6 Signs You Are in a Dark and Holy Night’ in your list here. I hope it ministers to someone and possibly quells their fears or brings them some peace with understanding.

    I’ve poked around some of your other recommendations and posts and appreciate what you’ve shared. I’ll be stopping back in again.


  6. Hi DJ. This post is so important that I also made a link to it on a comment elsewhere. It’s an issue that very few in the christian ranks can address appropriately, and yet it’s a very common thing. The seasons when we get “pruned” can be undescribable.

    I can’t really call it a holy night, but I was backslidden for thirteen years. It FELT like a dark season as I was a complete mess. In hindsight, however, that season of rebellion had some real positives. Befortehand, I was on a path toward becoming religious; much like the ephesians and this season ended that. I also have a much greater undrstanding concerning the divers pitfalls that the enemy will place before us.

    One statement that you made in the post will forever be in my memory: “Religion cannot live through this.”

    Someday, if I ever get around to finishing my testimony, I’ll go into more detail as it’s quite complicated. Thanks for stopping by.

    Have a blesed weekend in Jesus.

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