Spiritual Warfare

This page will be a continual work in progress. It’s being initiated on December 5, 2009 and, Lord willing, shall be expanded over time as I become aware of more sources of information. The plan is to place here links to various web sites, and in many cases, specific articles that deal with this greatly misunderstood topic. I fear that most of us have a “Hollywood-esque” image of spiritual warfare that’s less than accurate. It’s important to have a solid understanding of this because everyone who is born of the Spirit is engaged in spiritual warfare to one degree or another. Well here it goes:
CHRISTIAN PARANORMAL ANSWERS My first introduction to this site was an article about the fascination with romanticized demonic entities such as vampires. This site covers a plethura of issues which fall under the “paranormal” heading.
SPIRITWATCH This is the site from which I first came across the testimony of former wiccan Donylyn Vaughn. The site covers an array of issues involving the occult, apostasy, and what have you.
SPIRITUAL WARFARE and DELIVERANCE This site has volumes of information concerning spiritual warfare, possession, occultism, and related topics.
RAIDERS NEWS NETWORK Tom Horns site. Covers a number of topics, including the UFO pehenoenon as it ties in with the deceptions of the last days.
LAST TRUMPET MINISTRIES David Meyers site. This monthly newsletter covers extensively, the times in which we live and the occultic connections to the timings of many goings on in the world today.
LAST TRUMPET ON TWITTER This site features audio sermons and other information.
L. A. MARZULLI This site features extensive coverage of the UFO phenomenon, and related topics, from a Chritian perspective. This is one to keep an eye on.
JEFF HARSHBARGER A former Satanist who brings forth a unique perspective to the topic of spiritual warfare. I’ve noticed a profound balance in his postings as he addresses topics objectively, without catering to the emotional. This is a much-needed asset.
 SPECIFIC ARTICLES:________________________
UFO-ALIEN ABDUCTION SLEUTH SPOTS CHRISTIAN “SMOKING GUN” Basically, this article ia about alien abduction cases which are thwarted by the would-be abductee calling upon the name of Jesus. We can be sure that the phenomenon which most attribute to “extraterrestrials” is actually caused by fallen entities.
Well, this is a start. More will be added when time permits, however, the above links contain enough information to keep one occupied for months. (And yet there’s much more that I want to incorporate into this page.)
Blessings always in Jesus name.

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