Testimonies (Rev.12:11)

Nov 6, 2008 “This will take some time to organize.” It’s been on my heart to open a page for links to the testimonies of others who have come to Jesus from diverse backgrounds. As I read through some of these a few days ago, I was thinking to myself “wow; my testimony is boring.” This I had to repent over. There is nothing boring about a person who awakens one morning, lost and on their way to hell, and goes to bed that evening a new creature in Christ.  Everyone who is in Christ has a testimony; from the child who grows up in a christian family and is born again at the tender age of five, to the heroin addict who was at his wits end until that moment when he came to calvary.  Well, here goes another page full of links:

DONALYN VAUGHN This is the one that started the ball rolling concerning this page. One morning I stumbled across this testimony of a former wiccan. Later, after reading several accounts similar to Donalyns, I became minded to put together this page.

ANNIE FINTON Another testimony of a former wiccan. This site has a plethura of information concerning the occult and deliverance.

BEN ALEXANDER At the time of this writing, this saint had reached the age of 80. He is a former spiritualist, set free by the blood of Jesus. This testimony is actually in the form of a letter addressed to any who are currently involved with that world.

FORMER JEHOVAHS WITNESSES TESTIMONIES. Since they have been visiting CR, only to leave frustrated, I thought to share this link containing the testimonies of saints who were once a part of the Watchtower organization.

TESTIMONY SHARE This features a number of testimonies from divers backgrounds.

JACKI  She was brought up in a dominant catholic background and was born of the Spirit as a young adult. This testimony is very sensitive to those who are in the catholic church, however, it doesn’t compromise scripture. 

TRUTH LOVE and NEWNESS OF LIFE  This site features the testimonies of former muslims from around the world. Without a doubt, the Lord is doing a short work in these final moments of the age and despite the cultural leanings against christianity in many of these countries, souls are being saved. These stories will never make the headlines in this world, but their names appear in the book of life.

RETURN to your FATHERS HOUSE This WordPress blog contains several testimonies, but also contains other pieces of insight.

JAMES SPENCER Former Mormon elder. This online book details his journey from Mormonism to faith in Jesus Christ.

There’s a lot to do to this page insofar as organizing, but at least it’s underway.






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  1. Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to reading the testimonies you have collected. God bless you!

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